FEVER RISES IN EL PAO (1959) [Eng subs]

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Ojeda, an island in the Atlantic.
8,000 square kilometers, two hours by plane from America.
Capital: El Pao.
The palace of the government, built by the Spanish, dates from the 16th century.
Resources: copra, bananas...
and fishing.
Another Spanish colonial vestige: an old monastery.
What does not appear in the guides,
is that long ago no tourist could disembark in El Pao.
Next to the hovels of the poor exploited by
landowners and official envoys from the continent,
The penitentiary is found, where there are two thousand prisoners,
Among them more than 500 political prisoners,
victims of the government of president Carlos Barreiro.
The relatives of these political prisoners cannot come to see them.
Until the day they will see them buried...
With the governor's permission,
whose luxurious villa hides in amongst the tropical vegetation.
It's Vázquez!
- Did he see us? - I think so.
The governor sent me to look for you.
Colonel Olivares will accompany me to El Pao.
- Forgive me, but his Excellency... - Didn't you hear her?
- Tell my husband that I am coming. - Yes, madam.
- Why did you treat him that way? - He is an informer.
- He will tell your husband about us. - I don't think so.
He is an idealist.
- Believes in honour. - And I don't?
Not really.
Bad luck that they send me to the continent - this is insufferable.
Everybody finds out about everything.
Will we meet next week?
- No. - Then when?
Do you love your husband?
I don't think so.
You are both equal. It seems I can't decide.
I love you, my darling!
You should not call me darling.
My love!
You kiss well, but I do not want to have any regrets.
- Look at that bandit hung up there! - His time has already come.
A drink?
- Has the meat arrived yet? - I don't know.
- They are waiting for it. - If we're going away, throw it to them,
as if they were dogs, so that they do not bite us.
You are crazy, García, shut up!
I follow your orders.
Are you afraid that Vargas will hear us?
That was my idea.
Yes, but you spare them and that way you do not risk anything.
You are drunk. Hold your tongue.
You make me sick, you coward!
Come, Vázquez!
I should take my men to the penitentiary.
- I will inform his Excellency. - Swiftly.
- They're waiting for you. - Let them wait!
I didn't know that you were a painter.
Does my woman model for you?
Do you keep this for her perfume?
When did you do this to me?
You kept it in your desk and I saved it.
I'm not an imbecile!
I know that you're making fun of me!
It has been a long time since I've seen her.
Have fun. You have very little time!
When I have the proof, I'll kill you!
Excellency, your suspicions are unfounded.
Ellajamás hasn't taken notice of me.
I know who it is now.
I'm not mistaken. It's true?
I'll find out in the end.
Inéss hates me because I agreed to come here.
What are you concealing from me?
I appointed you as my secretary, otherwise you would be a poor official.
- I control your future, big shot. - Marian!
Don't you want to talk?
Bad luck!
I will force a confession.
This was in Vázquez's drawer.
And what were you doing in his drawer?
Tell me!
I want to know the truth!
Do you suspect Vázquez?
- What imagination! - Is it Olivares?
Calm down. It's the national holiday.
You are sweating. Look at your uniform.
Leave me alone! What are you doing?
Tell me that I make you sick.
Confess that there is another one that you prefer!
- And if I do, what will you do? - I will not allow you!
I have authority here!
You will see it right now!
I'll stop you chasing after others, even if I have to kill you!
Take that!
- Your Excellency! - What?
Get out!
Do you hear me?
- Where are you going? - Please excuse me.
We will settle this later.
I should thank you for saving me.
But I believe that you have been indiscreet.
I heard you shouting.
Saving me was a stupid thing to do.
Yes, forgive me.

Why do you act that way?
So that I do get angry with my husband?
I want you.
We will deal with this after the speech.
Flies will have eaten the meat away.
Put up awnings and fix this!
We waited a year for this day.
This will not alleviate our hunger.
Forgive me for this.
Rest weapons!
- Let's begin. - Yes.
Your speech.
On the 25 anniversary of the constitution,
Our president, the general Carlos Barreiro,
With your genius, effort and will consecrated to the fatherland,
You have returned us peace, freedom and honour.
For many years we were on the sidelines of the modern nations.
Anarchy and ruin isolated us...
And led us to tragedy.
Calm down!
Get back, there is enough for everyone!
Get back!
At last, we meet minister!
Guarumbo is that one,
The winner's son of the goblet Barreiro.
You will enter the history books of horseriding.
Carlos, sign arrest warrants...
against García's accomplices.
I will sign them right now.
- So they will stop them. - They have done it now.
Vice-president, Vargas's death is an isolated incident,
the work of a fanatic.
But you will provoke others, and we should avoid it.
- And García? - He'll not be able to leave the island.
He went out after escaping from jail.
And in a month, you unseat Sotomayor; let's not forget him.
Have the veterinarian see to that horse.
Yes, Excellency.
When rising to power, I gave prosperity to the town.
Freedom would make them poor again.
They must not believe that I am weak.
To find García, arrest another one.
That way, a crime cannot be unpunished.
Let's stop Cardinal Red.
What? To Cárdenas?
Now he's the congressional president of global political rights.
The veterinarian wants to talk with you.
I'm coming.
That horse is a champion.
- Cardinal Red was going to see me today. - I know it.
- Alejandro Gual is attending you. - Gual?
Ah, yes!
Mr. Cárdenas, your Excellency; you will attend him right away.
Hulling by pounding, I will hurry.
I am delighted, young lady.
Follow me.
It is an honour that they named you...
congressional president of global political rights.
But the president is concerned.
He's afraid that from your post you will criticize his regime.
Barreiro knows me.
Our internal problems, we should fix them...
without resorting to outsiders.
You calm my concerns.
If Barreiro showed more humanity...
After you.
What's going on?
- Release me! - Do not resist.
- This is illegal. - Off we go!
What infamy!
Tell the Srta. Cardinal Red that your father will take long.
- Is the commander coming? - Yes.
Give him prisoners' list.
It is forbidden to chain the political prisoners.
- They treat them all this way. - Vargas was making a decision on his own, no?
Sign this for me.
- You will warrant that I'm not responsible. - I won't sign anything.
I will communicate it to the capital.
Unchain the political prisoners.
Are you satisfied?
Old men and sick persons should go in a truck.
Ask for more concise orders from the commander.
- What do you want now? - I am Raymond Vázquez.
You gave me classes in Derecho.
Ah, yes, Ramón Vázquez!
I did not hope to see you working as a jailer.
Still I remember your teachings.
You ignored my teachings. It was just a show.
Talking with the prisoners is prohibited.
- You are strange. - Why?
Your husband's mail.
I have seen you working.
They were unchained without orders.
And you dared to talk to that prisoner.
That does not compensate for years of cowardice.
- You defend your ideals. - But will I continue to be a secretary?
A French immigrants' son, I studied with scholarship.
- They expect my gratitude. - In the end, you will impose yourself.
I prepared a report on how to improve the situation on the island.
- I think it's useless to send it. - Send it. Give it to me!
- What? - My family has connections with president Barreiro.
I will help you. I want to be useful.
I do it for me.
And in the daytime you said that you wanted me.
Forget it.
You would not, even though you want to.
I come from the south.
García is at the big beach.
- You will not escape. - I will accompany you.
I will stop them from hurting you.
Poor person; let's hope he manages to escape!
They are lucky.
We executed those who helped a fugitive.
- If they see you, detain him and inform us. - Yes.
And this?
- What's going on? - Height!
Do not fire a shot at me, Ramón.
Surrender; you will not escape.
I prefer to die fighting.
- You play the rest. - Again!
We did not advance; the mayor will get angry.
It's not my fault; it's Vázquez's orders.
Until there's another governor, I follow his standards.
- Who is he? - I don't know.
López, why do you want to be here?
Congratulations on your nomination.
- Didn't know that you were coming. - I like to surprise.
We come from the penitentiary.
Inspectors López and Villa.
Is the mayor's plantation made?
I have destined here to the best prisoners.
Cheap manpower.
But they do not seem to be very active.
I follow the new regulations.
You were different with Vargas, but with Vázquez...
It's careless.
While they rest, the prisoners think, they talk, and the trouble starts.
Yes, let's restore order.
- Manuel! - Yes?
Get them back in harness.
Good. To work!
- It is not working hours. - We have not rested.
To work, swiftly!
We go!
To work!
I want to see the workshop of the political prisoners.
With the new regulations, they do not work.
- Another one of Vázquez's orders? - Not exactly.
And why don't they work? Do I eat the rest of this?
I see that you are very busy.
We will talk tonight.
- Did you leave the university? - Ten years ago.
They hired me in the interior.
I did not stop for lack of money.
I did not start by having very much.
The young ladies should not work.
- What would you have wanted to study? - Anything.
You would have wanted to be free, having lady friends of my age.
My parents elected my friends.
And I married the first one that appeared, Vargas.
I took years to discover freedom.
Sometimes, at the expense of errors.
I want to forget them.
Starting from scratch.
Mr. Gual!
You could not wait to express him one's condolences.
I thank you for him.
Take a seat.
I understand that now you would prefer to be alone.
Imagined you are exiled to me here...
after Vargas's nomination.
I always admired you very much, but you never took notice of me.
It was not important.
- That went long ago. - Yes?
I confess than at that time I loved you in secret.
Yes, forgive me.
Before coming, I saw your friend Colonel Olivares.
- He told me that you were affected. - What is he insinuating?
Than you have been kinder with other ones.
Your look of disdain suits you.
You're not welcome here.
I know what to expect from you.
We shall become better acquainted.
We'll get along quite well.
- How hot it is! - At this rate, we will be scorched.
He's not far away; we'll find him.
In the tree!
This way!
- I think I have found him. - Yes or no!?
- Why are you armed? - And you're not?
It's true; we go.
Look at that!
You have swamp fever.
- It will be difficult to talk. - Quiet; you will talk.
- If not, we will help you to sign. - Get him down!
What a country!
Eat, Charlotte!
Take it.
Be good!
Take a seat, Mr. Vázquez
We couldn't have talked before.
I've been busy.
Take a seat.
They have told me a great deal about his initiatives.
Captain Real, Indarte, Mrs. Vargas.
You have the report that I wrote up...
on my activities after the dying Vargas?
Inéss Vargas values you highly.
The beautiful Inéss!
We all were her lovers.
When dying Vargas thought of your beauty...
You would have caused a crime of passion.
Read my report - the case is simple.
Yes, I will read it.
The sun horrifies me so much.
García was a friend of his, no?
- He was a good officer. - And a rebel.
You should have caught him and prevented the policeman's death.
Lucky that García forgave you.
This case is in my report.
Read it and we will talk then.
You like reports very much.
Very interesting one commended Sáenz to the minister.
The boss of the island has named you.
I like your ambition.
We will collaborate now.
- What now? - The murderer is in prison.
- Is he alive? - He is sick.
- He is with the doctor. - I'm coming.
I will take care of this, Director.
You again!
- I cannot talk with anybody. - I bring word.
They have let your family alone.
I thank you for your interest.
I will make sure that they give you another easier job.
No, I prefer to stay with my comrades.
Why are you interested in me?
I will prove to you that I am reliable.
Have a section watch here and another one there.
- Is it really necessary? - I have 20 years of experience.
I know by intuition that they are up to something.
- Do they still distribute water? - This is brutal.
Here are the new orders.
That they get back in harness.
- Else they will keep on drinking. - Right.
Suspend the delivery and get to work.
Enough of giving water.
You've had enough!
Did you see that?
Three hours on the pole.
Or does that seem too hard to you?
See that you do not endanger the discipline.
What I saw was inhuman...
And I couldn't do anything about it.
Neither you nor anybody can doing anything, for the moment.
I accepted the position to carry out my ideas and I betrayed them.
You're too impatient.
In order to defend your ideals, you aspire to a superior job.
Your projects are the heart of the matter.
I will help you to accomplish them.
But forget your scruples or you will fail.
You must remember your objective.
The first obstacle is Gual.
Use the same weapons.
You will see men hurt, and you will feel impotent.
But think of how many you will save if you win.
And remember that I will back you up and that I love you.
Come in!
Mr. Gual expects it.
- I cannot receive him. - Good.
You will make an enemy.
- You will want to ask for something. - I now know what.
You know what he wanted?
- To know if you were my lover. - No!
I have told you then, in any case,
you would have been after becoming a widow.
I have forbidden him to turn, but don't surrender.
The madam cannot receive you.
- I will see her at the palace. - Follow me.
- What's going on? - We remained here.
The truck will pick you up.
Here, drink.
- What are you going to do me? - No, we are satisfied.
You have answered all our questions.
- The truck will not take long. - Walk a little.
What do they want?
The governor wants to talk about the death of your husband.
The quotation.
Tell him that I will go next.
A little more?
You should come with us.
I cannot right now.
We'll wait; we are not in much of a hurry.
All right; I will go.
Very well!
- Mrs. Vargas is here. - Then pass.
Thank you for coming.
- What remedy! - Take a seat.
Let us alone and López can wait.
You preferred a more informal meeting, but this is good...
Vázquez was his lover before becoming widowed.
You lied to me and I know why.
This is an investigation; I do not do it for sickness.
If your relationship was over,
Vázquez perhaps wanted to kill your husband.
He has nothing to see. What does he attempt?
García has confessed.
According to him, Vázquez led you to commit that crime...
And you helped him to flee.
If the only motive is passion, we would be lenient.
But he will not be forgiven if it has a political component.
This is a lie!
His men confess whatever it is,
But in judgment García will tell the truth.
You will not appear in person.
You tried to flee, and my men killed you.
I'm sorry, but I have to stop your lover.
- You wouldn't dare! - Ah, no?
What do you hold against Big Branch?
I am not jealous; I am not so ridiculous.
But when I want something, I take it.
You will try your love for Vázquez saving it?
It is nothing new.
A while of abandon in order to save your loved one.
He is a despicable coward!
And although you want to, he cannot; he is hateful and repugnant
- Do you renounce Vázquez? - Renouncing him?
Listen to me!
Perhaps the owner of the island is to be believed,
but touch Vázquez...
and I will use my contacts to make you regret it.
Will you stop running risks?
You are rash and perhaps got ahead of him ...
and attempt to flee like García.
You wouldn't do that!
An arrest warrant against Vázquez.
Do you agree?
Reciprocate the order to me and don't leave.
Will you keep his word?
Trust me.
- Here? - Yes.
The stocking's not.
You yearned to see her that way,
not arrogant, but submissive and pleasing
You would be able to force her to kneel down.
You have called him; I have seen you
Only you wish to humiliate me.
Keep your deal.
Get dressed!
- What? - I want you to get dressed now.
You believed that you would please me if you turned yourself in?
Anyone would give me a bit of pleasure!
I have my pride!
I lack Vázquez's charm,
but I subdue those I propose myself.
Leave; I no longer need her.
And Ramón?
He is free, for the moment.
With that paper, I have my mercy.
Accompany her.
One, two, three, four, five!
- This is it? - Almost.
Where were the weapons?
At the barracks, and we kept on searching.
- Register everything. - Yes, they are very astute.
You knew something like that by intuition.
- Where do they come from? - I don't know.
There are no more.
Shut the leaders in waterless holes today.
You are lax in punishing them.
There are over 20 sick persons, and ten have died now.
- They are willing to do everything. - Your dispatch has arrived.
You want guards in the interrogation?
No; they will speak more alone.
We should talk.
He is here.
- Who do you begin with? - With the floorwalkers.
Bring that old man.
Leave us.
I am going to tell you something seriously wrong.
- Only I trust you. - Count on me.
I will tell it to you because of the interest that you have shown.
Take a seat.
The common prisoners arranged for a mutiny.
They have proposed that we join them, but we have refused.
- But they will fail! - I wouldn't be so sure.
So much brutality has driven them to be savages.
I am not an informer.
I will tell you his plans...
Because I know by intuition the consequences of a revolt.
Barreiro would take the opportunity to blame the political prisoners.
For that reason, I cannot tell it to Gual.
If Gual learns about it, the fact that the mutiny break out...
he would stop at nothing to squash it.
He would kill everyone.
- We have to stop the mutiny. - I agree.
Tell me your plan and who leaders are.
They will not be punished; I will only stop what they are planning.
I will explain him to you.
Give me some paper.
The dining room is here,
And here, the chapel.
They will do it on Sunday at mass.
There will be few guards and no soldiers.
They will render the guards powerless,
And they will get to the gunsmith's shop for the sacristy.
It is a great plan.
There will be almost no soldiers.
Many will be on leave.
Already Vargas had a mutiny before arriving
The governor had left without permission and it was executed.
Ramón, this is our great opportunity to get rid of Gual.
You should be away and let the mutiny break out!
You know what I would go by and how many would die?
Do not say that!
- And who would take over after Gual leaves? - I would!
Do you have so much influence?
Be frank;
what is between you?
- Do you want the truth? - Yes.
Gual wants to accuse you of being an accessory to García.
He will make you stop and kill you for a false escape attempt.
What does he wait for?
In order to save you; you love me.
We are his slaves; we will have to obey him.
We never will be his slaves!
- I prefer to kill you! - Let's get rid of him.
You should die,
But if you kill him, they will stop you and he will manage to separate us.
We will defeat you if the mutiny breaks out not being him.
I cannot do it; it is a barbarity!
You would endanger the political prisoners.
I should stop it.
There won't be any mutinies.
Don't even mention it!
- Do you need a little more? - I have told you to leave!
- I have waited just in case. - Leave right now.
Right now?
Arrive soon.
- Did you run here? - I like to be punctual.
Everything is ready for the sacrifice.
Will you try to keep your threat today?
I will not attempt it; I will keep it.
You will be lazy; I will not yield to your blackmailing.
- Do you urgently need to get rid of Vázquez? - Don't be ironic.
I have told him the whole thing, and you are going to kill him.
But I am not planning to lose you!
Hers is a better death than mine.
I am happy to be here.
- Would you have killed me? - You would still be able to do it.
If you would have her treated better,
you would not have discovered the woman that she is.
- Do you declare your love to me? - We loved differently.
But we are similar.
How have you managed to make me keep Ojeda for a race?
- You only came for this? - You know better.
I know that after your passion there is something, and I want to discover it.
What will Vázquez say when you fail to see her?
- Let's not talk about him. - Must you see him tomorrow?
Attention, the governor Gual has begged...
call on the Interior Ministry for an urgent report.
Do they know that I'm here?
Alejandro Gual, attend to the Interior Ministry...
on an urgent matter.
- They will recognize you. - You will be hurt.
Let's go, swiftly!
You hoped to see them.
What's going on?
- What is he doing? - They have ordered us to stop him.
- I have authority here! - The general delegate has authority.
We are under siege.
- What delegate? - Raymond Vázquez.
Congratulations; what you believed in was clever.
We go, chief; do not make him still more difficult for us.
The delegate sends me to look for her.
- What's going on? - You are for the mutiny.
- It has not yet finished? - It has just begun.
They have taken the quarters and they have armed themselves.
Vázquez has held them at the mountain pass,
But if they make way for themselves, they will get to El Pao.
We are going to transfer the wounded persons.
They will not advance until dawn.
Be on the alert.
How long can you resist?
We have hardly 30 cartridges left per gun.
After the first attack, there will be no ammunition.
- And the prisoners? - There.
Let's go.
What are you going to do?
- Execute them? - Talk with them.
There are only 300 armed rebels.
I should say 1,500 more unarmed.
Get up! Let's go!
Do you hear?
Get up!
Leave them.
Rebelling is very serious.
Whoever has weapons will be punished...
and then they get shot.
I will forgive the other ones,
If the fight ceases before 8.
After, the army will act, and I will not be able to intercede.
Even if your comrades advance and get to the boats,
they will die.
And you as well.
The planes will destroy the boats.
You have no chance to save yourselves.
Except the one that I offer you.
You are free.
Let's go; you are free!
Whoever is armed after 8 will die.
If not, you will live.
Tell the rest.
I am going to talk with the minister.
I will take them to the mountain pass and I will say that they should not shoot them.
Keep me informed.
My love!
Oh, Inés!
You cannot do more!
I was afraid that they would come to announce your death.
We are lost.
The Home Secretary.
Here's the delegate.
I will try to resist, but I need reinforcements.
I cannot do more!
- Hello? - What does he want?
The prisoners will get to El Pao. Without reinforcements,
I cannot slow them down!
In order that the vice-president not get inside,
Sáenz wants a compromise.
Just me!
- We die here while they scheme! - That's a crime.
And I have done that also.
I have been atrocious!
They have killed almost all the political prisoners...
in order not to make a revolt.
Cardinal Red has died.
He also.
For our fault.
It is as if we had killed them.
We never will repair the damage we caused.
Excuse me, Excellency. We have gathered all possible weapons,
But there is not enough ammunition.
Place all your men at the entrance to the city.
And sink the boats if they get to El Pao.
You see what we have done in order to get rid of Gual?
Perhaps you forget García's declaration?
It's true.
While we fought, you only thought about yourself and Gual.
- What has happened to you? - Nothing.
I promised to spend the night with him to drive you away from here.
- Now it's in your hands. - What a price you paid!
You get what you deserve.
I am left with nothing, Carlota.
What did you want to see me for?
You have won; congratulations.
Great performance.
- For that matter, did you want to see me? - They have not yet executed me.
When the vice-president learns about this farce...
it will be too late.
- The sentence will have been executed. - Vázquez won't do it.
Will the government execute me unknowingly?
We have to take a risk, no?
Have you foreseen everything?
Me too.
When I'm dead they will be rid of me.
For García's declaration?
Come what may, you will have paid.
I did not know how to treat her.
We were two of a kind.
Don't you feel embarrassed to do that?
- What if we dealt? - Good.
It will be left in the family.
- We were his only friends. - Yes.
Who is this?
Captain Real?
Tell me.
I don't hear him to well.
How many are there?
Won't it be a catch?
How has he been?
I'm heading there.
I will send men for him.
Call the Home Secretary.
Pass it to me here.
What joy!
I almost went crazy; I dared not call your name.
But you are here.
- What just happened? - The danger has happened.
They all have surrendered,
Except some that have avoided the mountain.
Soon we will stop them.
What a great success!
Aren't you happy?
What's the matter with you?
We have conquered; a new life awaits us.
We have killed Gual.
We were all in this together, but we are assassins.
I want to talk with you.
He is the hero of the day.
I never will forget that you have finished with the mutiny.
But what's most important is that with your strength and ability,
you have avoided a bloody revolution.
Great men like you start from nothing and achieve great things.
I was a worker, and I'm proud of my origins.
you have known how to keep order; we are proud of you.
Our vice-president is not going to go to this meeting?
- What's going on? - I will explain it to you.
Come to see me at 4.
Excuse me.
I've never seen the president so warm with anybody.
I congratulate you; your confidence has won the day.
- But your work is not yet finished. - I'm at your disposal.
- Whisky. - Thanks.
Barreiro has driven away his brother

This intends to happen as soon as possible to him.
You cannot hide your impatience.
In order to avoid it, I want to prove...
that the vice-president conspired along with Gual...
in order to remove Barreiro from office.
They provoked the mutiny.
That was the fuse, and you put it out.
I should prove that Gual conspired with the vice-president...
when coming to the continent the day of the mutiny.
We know that Mrs. Vargas accompanied Gual...
and that they were lovers.
I swear that is false.
I know, but you appeared with him in public.
I need you to do me a certain delicate favor.
It's a declaration where she affirms...
that Gual told you the vice-president's plans.
Here you say that they were lovers.
He won't sign.
- Neither will I ask you for him. - I waited for this.
I congratulate you.
I need loyal and faithful men.
But if she agrees, you would do your country a great service.
You would help her to escape to a foreign place safe and sound.
I'll show you something.
With this, I know that you will collaborate.
I ignored García's declaration.
Gual sent her to the vice-president, but we blocked her.
How is this possible?
Gual made García sign two declarations.
- It is a compelled confession. - I know.
If we want justice and freedom,
help me to neutralize the vice-president.
Soon you will be governing and you should collaborate with Barreiro...
and get Mrs. Vargas to accept my conditions.
No; she has helped me. And besides, I want her!
I must do everything.
Only you can get her to sign this declaration.
OK. I know that it will be most advisable.
And you already requested it four days ago?
You know what that implies for my firm?
A scandal, my exile, and our separation.
Don't sign.
Let them condemn me.
I did not kill Vargas, but I will pay for what I have done.
That is the only solution.
I will sign and we will leave side by side.
And did Cárdenas almost die?
I cannot do it. We should have fled from Gual.
Now it is too late.
Serving Sáenz, you never will silence your conscience.
He acts like Gual.
Look at this letter.
You already know his intrigues, and you want to stick with them?
Spread your ideas elsewhere!
The world is very large!
Order her to Sáenz, and we will go in the morning.
- Good morning. - Hello.
- You should sign the mail. - Thanks.
Today 30 prisoners will come.
How soon they replace the dead!
The official mail.
There are new orders for the prisoners' regimen.
- I leave at 2. - For how long?
It depends.
I have come to see his Srta. Cardinal Red.
- Where are you? - At the cemetery; you will return.
- And these orders? - Soon.
Srta. Cardinal Red?
I'll show up. I am Ramón Vázquez, the governor.
Did you want to see me?
You wanted to pick up my father's things.
We have some.
I will order them brought for you.
I will accompany her.
- You wrote about my father? - Yes.
You couldn't do more.
I was a pupil of his.
I did not remind you to see him at home.
I never went.
I didn't dare.
- Has she been left alone? - That's right.
The worst thing is the culprits are ignorant of your death...
and the damage that they have done.
They know it.
And perhaps they dedicate their life to repair it.
Aren't you ready?
- We should leave. - I won't go.
Yesterday you convinced me, but I cannot leave.
That's settled then.
Good, we don't leave.
It is the same as Sáenz did.
You're right.
Nobody will separate us.
- Isn't there another option? - No.
Let's break my declaration.
- We cannot do it. - What?
With your confession we will destroy the vice-president.
- Are you serious? - Yes.
You have progressed; Gual would be proud.
On behalf of duty, anything goes!
Understand me, I must do it.
- Do it in memory of my love. - I remember something else.
Humiliations that I suffered for you and that you are ignorant of.
I will not quit so that you humiliate me now.
Let's avoid getting hurt.
We should pay for what we have done.
You only think about yourself.
It would have exhausted me otherwise.
Having me killed simulating an escape.
I will never forgive this.
Neither will I accept Sáenz's blackmailing.
- Understand it! - I miss Mexico.
If in 15 days you do not return, I will denounce you.
- No! - I will say everything.
About the riot and the false confessions that you forced out of me!
You know it now.
And this is also determined.
Quickly or I will not arrive!
- Swiftly! - We're at a control point.
They know the car now.
- Your safe-conduct. - I don't have it.
There are standards.
I am Vargas's widow.
Let me go by; I should take an airplane.
I'll knock at the palace and ask.
- Let's go. - But...
I will quickly become the person in charge.
Stop them!
Shoot! Fire!
The palace?
Here Miranda's job.
With the governor.
What a shame!
An official car has tried to flee, and its occupants have died.
Yes. Hear!
The prisoners have arrived.
There are twelve politicians.
You should sign.
- What is that? - Prisoners.
- Are they political prisoners? - Yes.
- Chained? - Yes.
Have they disobeyed me?
I have already given you the president's new orders.
They reestablish the chains for all.
- John García. - Yes.
Stand firm!
- Are they political prisoners? - Yes.
Separate them.
Politicians, go ahead.
Unleash them.
- But... - Obey!
Unleash them!
- I have executed the order. - Walk away with them.
What does he wait for?
About face!
Advance, march!
About face!
You had sacrificed for your ideal...
everything that you hated, which you admired and loved.
But you wanted to go too far.
Breaking that paper,
your refusal to accept an unacceptable order is...
your death warrant and the death of your freedom.
Ramón Vázquez's dream has come true.