CGRundertow WWE ALL STARS for Nintendo 3DS Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 10.01.2012

Ryan, while you lay thereóhopefully as uncomfortable as you can beóI want you to listen to me.
I want you to digest this, because before I start what was your review, I have a lot
of things I want to get off my chest.
I donít hate you, Ryan. I donít even dislike you. I do like you. I hate this idea that
youíre the best. Because youíre not. Iím the best. Iím the best game critic in the
world. Thereís only one thing youíre better at than I am, and thatís kissing Edit Station
1ís serial port.
And Iíd like to think that maybe this channel will be better after that damn robot returns
to space, but the fact is itís going to get taken over by that crazy dog and hisó
So uh...boy, this is awkward. Iíve been told I have to apologize. Like, to a lot of people.
So to Ryan, to the entire CGR team, to Markís dogóIím sorry, and I realize now that I
am not actually CM Punk. But I am wearing his shirt in support. This is the official
t-shirt of CM Punk, the WWE champion and, in my opinion, the star of WWE All-Stars.
And like me, CM Punk is the BEST IN THE WORLó
So back to WWE All-Stars. This is the Nintendo 3DS version of the game, which was released
in November of 2011...a full eight months after the gameís debut. Obviously, a lot
can change in the WWE in eight months, so there are some things in WWE All-Stars that
are already outdated in this late version. Thatís because this is the same game as the
original...but thatís also a good thing, too.
WWE All-Stars is less a wrestling game than a fighter with a wrestling theme. The legends
of professional wrestling have returned to lay claim to what once was theirs. WWE All-Stars
is about bringing the past and present together for an over-the-top celebration of the WWE.
And to have it in tact on the 3DS is pretty impressive.
And as youíd expect from WWE and THQ, the presentation is top-notch. In fact, even eight
months after its original release, Iím blown away by this gameís production value. Especially
in the past-meets-present mode, which has a really slick promo to introduce each match.
So theyíre not just these random battles between a legend and a modern wrestler...they
kind of have angles and story lines.
Of course, that was also a key feature of the original release. And thatís the issue
with this versionónot much has changed from the original. In fact, there are only two
new modes, a simple score attack and a gauntlet. The best addition is that all the extra wrestlers
from the original versionsí DLC are included from the start.
But still, those are the only changes to WWE All-Stars on the 3DS.
So if you were hoping this game would be better on the 3DS, youíre in for a bit of a disappointment.
It has the same great features and the same problems. But if having the same game in portable
form with 3D graphics is something youíd be interested in...well, WWE All-Stars is
definitely a contender on the 3DS.