My best gay friends {bộ ba đĩ thỏa} - S01E07

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Jack, Queen, King and Ace.
What the hell is that?!
Money. Give me money!
Hey! You are not mature enough for cards. Ok?! What is it? You play cards for money, don't u?
Jeez! It's just for fun! We just play because this is really cool, ok? You are over-reacting!
Keep playing, sweetie!
But it's not you're using him for money, don't you?!
You really think it's ok when you said that, Rje? You make me blue!
Khoa! I've got this for you!
I heard Rje said that a guy cheated you out of a cell-phone! So you have no cell-phones to use now. I'm so sorry about that! This is my used one, just keep it!
Oh! Thank you so much, Tun! What a beautiful one! And it's red. Love it!
Old as it is, one is better than nothing, right?!
Keep it to get in touch with your family, and ask your family for money to pay my brother for your rent! Ok!
I just take you 500 thousand dongs. It's really cheap, and I'll take money from my brother in advance. You can pay him later, ok?!
Coz my master card is out of use; moreover, I need cash to buy some make-up products!
Like big brother like small one!
It's cool! Thanks anyway!
Would you keep playing, Tun? I think you will win this turn!
No doubts! I won't let you win anymore!
If you said so!
Would you stop it? This is the last game, ok?!
You! When will you pay the rent?
Before I lost my cell-phone, I called my mom for the problem, and I received the answer that my parents were feeling the pinch. I'll call her back in a little while!
You are dragging out all! Early, you said your parents would send you a deposit some day when they had money. Now it's a thing a few weeks ago! Woe betide you if you don't do as what you said!
I know yet! I gotta go to school right now!
See ya!
Double deuces! Nine, Ten, Jack, Queen and King!
Gosh! What the hell is that!?
Money, chick!
Hey! You're Khoa, aren't you? I met you the other day, right?
Uh huh!
Can I ask you a question? And you have to give me the truth!
You and Minh Thanh have something with each other, right?
Something what?
Uhm... I mean something unclear in this and that... something like that!
What do you mean by "unclear in this and that"?
hah! I mean you two are in a relationship, right?
Yeah! We've just made a relationship for a few days!
I've just made friends with Thanh for a week! What's the point?
It's really you two are just friends? There's nothing else?
I have no idea what "something else" you said is! But we are just friends!
You should be!
Hey! There's one thing I want to tell ya!
I've known Thanh from we were kids and naked under the rain together! I like him so much! So if there's anyone with intension stealing Thanh from me, I will
Hey! One last thing! The talk between you and me today, you must not tell Thanh, ok? Otherwise, I will...
Hey Vạn! Hey Khoa! Why is so cheerful here?
You have been in there for a short while? Did you hear anything?
Huh?! Don't think ill of me! We're just joking!
I've heard some ghost stories up to now! By the way, what were you talking about?
Never mind! It's ladies' gossip! Will we have breakfast?
ok! You want to join us?
I did at home! You guys just go without me!
He said he had breakfast. Can we go now? I'm so starving!
Ok! I gotta go, Bye!
Ciao! It's been a long time I haven't talked to you!
How are things? So we are gonna meet each other at 3 in the afternoon? Ok so be it!
Hey you! What on earth are you doing?
Pay no attention to me! Why do you care about that?! You little-tattler!
Hey! There's nothing to do in a scorching day like this? And there's so nothing happening to your leg that you have to bandage it so terribly!
I like so! What's the problem with that?
Did you just warm up your brain, you girl insane?
It's broad daylight, everything is new. I don't have to warm up anything!
Hey hey Bunny-teeth nymph! Here's your vermicelli!
The prize is usual?
I find you so cute today, I offer you a 500 dong discount!
Noop! keep your 500 dongs!
Tony Darling! It's so hard for me to walk around, because my leg is sore. Sadly, I have to go to head of the market to buy something. Could you take me there?
It's ok for me!
Ooh! How could you get here this morning?
I got here by taxi!
Gracious me! You sell drink and you came here by taxi! You swanky bitch! What do you buy there?
Pennywort, Straws and crushed ice.
Is Mrs. Le's kiosk at stall 16?
Well well well! You know her stall? Oh dear! I'm her VIP customer, and I am given 20% off for that!
Let me tell you, chick! Mrs. Le has home delivery service. You don't have to waste your strength; moreover, your leg is sorrow, isn't it?! You have her number? How about giving her a call?
Hair and clothes look like a leaf, and such a glib talker! I like Tony to take me, ok?
He has his own business. Don't torture him anymore! Go on your own!
would you like to go to Damsen water park this weekend, Bunny-teeth? Some guys in the market just asked me!
I don't know yet! I'll inform you about that tomorrow, ok?
Ah! I want to go too!
Your leg seems to be very seriously injured. How could you enjoy us? You even can't jump into the pool. You will die of drowning!
Oh my dear! It's not serious as it looks! I bet you it will heal in 15 or 20 minutes!
It's cool! Just join us if you want to! It would be great!
Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah! Three fleas are creeping under the parthouse!
My god! The leg! It hurts, really! I was so gay, so pain went away!
Take care! Ok I gotta go!
Here I go, Bunny-teeth! I'll buy you some carrots!
You seem to be very painful, don't you? The leg inflames terribly this much!
Tony is gone! It's no need to play-act!
Thank you for taking me here to see my friend, Thanh! I really don't want to mind you!
Never mind! It's not a big deal!
What's your relationship between you and Van?
He's my neighborhood friend since we were kids! We've been in the same classes, the same schools until the same university!
That explains it! So close!
So what did you ask it for?
Oh no! He seems to like you!
No way! He has always behaved childishly like that! We are in each other's pockets!
I guess!
Have you been here for long?
I've just come here!
It's been a few months I haven't met you! You look a little spare, don't you?! Everything is ok?
Something wrong but it's ok! How about you? Who is this? Your lover, isn't he?
No! We're not! We're just friends!
Both of you turned it down! It's no doubt!
Seriously! This is Thanh, we learn in the same university! We just made friends with each other!
Just kidding! Happy to meet you! Khoa attended the same class as me!
Nice to meet you, My!
Is that your friends, My?
Allow me to introduce Sim, my hubby!
Hey guys!
Wow! Congratulations! Ciao Sim! Im Khoa.
Glad to meet you, Khoa! My has told me about you! This guy is your lover?
No! We're just friends! This is Thanh, we're in the same university!
You two intend to travel or something? I can see you take many things with!
This is the reason why I made this appointment! I hope you could help us!
Please let me know!
Double sixes!
Double deuces! To the finish, child!
What the hell is that! I've lost 17 games of cards, but just won 3 from morning till now!
Oh my dear! What a hot-tempered chick!
I really get mad now! Stop playing!
You want to get well, you have to play more! Savvy? Keep playing!
Forget it! I'm not in mood for this anymore! I'm gonna go to my room to sleep! Who comes at this time?
Uh! A handsome guy! How can I do anything to help you?
Well no! I'm Khoa's friend!
Tủn! This is Sim, my friend. And My!
Come in!
Khoa! Who's Sim? He is so good-looking! Can you leave him for me?
He is a trans-guy, sweetie!
But I thought... Say no more! I go to bed now!
You two come in and sit! Take a rest for a while! I'll be right back after placing the bag in my room!
Nhật! This is Sim and My! They'll live with us for a short time!
Did you ask Rje's permission? But you do whatever you like! You don't want to be sworn, do you?
I'll tell him as he is home! Don't worry! I think it'll be fine!
There he is! Let me make some drink!
What is so noisy in my house?
Look! My friends want to rent a room for a short time. They will pay you per month! They are forbidden from loving each other. And they have no help. That's really pathetic!
They can't! This is not a house for rent that you are free to bring here any strangers you want! Furthermore, there have no vacancies anymore!
I and Nhật are strangers too.
Have your drink, guys!
Thank you so much!
I beg you! I promise I will do the housework like a maid as I did before, ok? You please permit them to rent!
That sounds nice! Ok! I allow your friends to stay here for one month. After that, they have to find another place. It'll be complicated if it's too crowded here!
It's all, Khoa! If he doesn't let out his room to us, I and My can go for another one! Don't be at disadvantage for our sake!
No! Please no! It's fine! You two just stay here for a time! Anyway, you have to make love with each other, don't you? Everything ok! To your room, now!
You guys just make yourselves at home! I'm not disturbing you anymore!
Thank you so much, Khoa!
So it's a deal, isn't it?
uh huh
Lovely! Then mop the floor and clean up the house!
Right away!
Please don't cry, honey! You've cried for days!
I feel so terrible! I don't know what will happen to us; and I don't want to bother
I am so good for nothing!
It's ok, babe! Everything will be fine! I will apply for a job tomorrow! We will be good! Stop crying! As long as we live together for ever and ever, everything great!
Just you be with me!
You too, my love!
You promise you will never leave me!
I will always keep you tight in my arms!
Deuce, puny!
Three doubles!
You're so dead! Double fives!
Double deuces! Jack, Queen, King and Ace! To the finish! You looser!
You lost hundreds thousands of dongs! Don't you dread that?
No, bro! The winner fillips ears, nips cheeks and pinches noses this time!
My mom found a wedding store! My mom, you and I will go there together for you to try on some dresses this noon, ok? With the place for wedding, my mom will find for you in a few days!
Thank you so much, Khoa!
I think it's better to let your family know than running away like this! I believe that they will accept your relationship sooner or later!
Its too hard! You know when finding out about us, our families reacted severely! I and Sim were under house arrest and they brought us to psychologists! It was not simple to run away from them!
do you think you'll be sad if we organize a wedding without your families' attending?
I'll be very sad! But I and Sim want to do something to make this relationship so meaningful and durable. And the wedding is all we desire!
uh! I'll try my best to help you! Don't worry!
I really hope so!
Ok! Now I let you go! Just go if you dare! �