2010 - 049 Sophie and Sian 26th August

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SALLY: Ah, exam results on your phone. Do you know, in my day, they used to put your
school results up on a cork board, on a sheet of paper.
ROSIE: Yeah, or in your case, mum, a post-it note.
SALLY: Oi! I passed exams! Is that them?
KEVIN: Come on, Soph. Let's see what you've got.
SOPHIE: Oh, I'm allowed to use my phone now, am I?
SALLY: Just look at them, will you?
SOPHIE: I can't do it!
ROSIE: Oh, come on, Sophie. We've been up since 7. Ugh, how depressing. A, A*, A, A,
SOPHIE: Are you joking?
ROSIE: No, wait. I do not believe it. That is brilliant. Right, she's got all A's and
A*'s apart from one dirty great B, right in the middle.
KEVIN: What in?
ROSIE: Religious Studies. I do not believe it.
SOPHIE: Are you joking? I got that many A's?
SALLY: Sophie, I'm so proud of you.
KEVIN: Yeah, ey, well done, love.
SOPHIE: Thank you.
ROSIE: Yeah, but don't forget the B in R.S. There is a god.
SOPHIE: Yeah, that's what I've been trying to tell you.
SALLY: Sme pomegranate juice? Nigella say's it's a super food.
SOPHIE: No, thanks. I'm alright.
ROSIE: Right, I know this sound weird, but I can never pronounce pomegranate.
SOPHIE: You just did do.
ROSIE: What? Pomegranate? Oh, yeah. Wicked!
KEVIN: Oh, thank God for that. All that money we spent on your education's finally paid
SOPHIE: Is it alright if I ring Sian and see how she did?
KEVIN: Yeah, course you can.
SALLY: We're really dead proud of you, Soph.
SOPHIE: I'm just not really in the mood to be honest.
KEVIN: She should be on top of the world.
SALLY: She lied to us, Kevin. She went to the festival with Sian. We can't just let
her off the hook.
KEVIN: All her life she's never put a foot wrong. She aces her exams, and this is how
we treat her?
SOPHIE: Oh, Sian, that's great! Yeah, I got mostly A's and A*'s. Um, listen. Can you get
over to the shop later?
AADI: You've had it ages!
SIMON: Shh! I'm concentrating.
CLAIRE: Josh! Will you and Asha stop that banging, please? Hello! Oh my god! Where?
No. No, I'll- Yes, of course. Thank you. Aadi, I'm just gonna see if your mum and dad have
left yet.
AADI: Jump to that roof! My go.
SOPHIE: Yeah, well, you did better than you thought.
SIAN: Not as good as you though.
SIAN: Promise me, that when you're this, like, rich business woman, that you'll come and
save me from the tills at Freshco.
SOPHIE: I do solemnly swear.
SIAN: Thanks. Now I think we should open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate, don't you?
SOPHIE: Are you joking? Can you imagine - My mum comes over for a Curly Wurly and there's
me and you, bladdered on the floor with our champagne bottles?
CLAIRE: I thought Dev and Sunita might still be here. Um, my mum's been rushed into hospital.
I've got all the kids next door, Ashley's not picking up, I-
SOPHIE: Alright. Claire, no, you go to the hospital and I'll watch the kids. I know what
it's like.
CLAIRE: You're a lifesaver.
SIAN: What? You go, I'll lock up.
SOPHIE: Go on, see you in a bit.
SIAN: Bye.
SOPHIE: Right you two, once Josh and Asha have finished in the bathroom, it's your turn,
OK? Sian! Have you finished yet?
SIMON: Give it to me.
SIMON: Give it!
AADI: No! Ow!
SOPHIE: Are you two alright?
SIMON: Yeah.
SOPHIE: Right, 5 minutes, OK?
SIMON: Sorry.
AADI: My head hurts.
SIAN: Can you imagine being able to do this all the time? Just, like, hanging out and
watching telly?
SOPHIE: I know. That wallpaper would have to go though.
SIAN: Definitely.
SOPHIE: Uh, how was your mum?
CLAIRE: Oh, um, it was an angina attack. She's fine, just a bit shaken up.
SOPHIE: Oh, well, um, the kids are fine. They've been in bed for ages, haven't they?
CLAIRE: The kids, yeah. Well, that was gonna be my next question, obviously. Well, great,
thank for stepping in. Um, hope you weren't too bored.
SOPHIE: Um, Claire, could you just not mention to my mum that Sian's been here as well?
CLAIRE: No problem. And thanks, once again.
SOPHIE and SIAN: Thank you.
SOPHIE: Right, see you later then.
CLAIRE: See ya.
SIAN: You don't think she saw us, do you?
SIAN: Yeah, well she was acting dead weird.
SOPHIE: No, she always acts like that. Come on, I'll walk you to the other bus stop.