01: Genetic Medicine (MRes): Emma and Sid: benefits before PhD

Uploaded by ManchesterMedicine on 25.11.2011

Emma - Hello, I'm Emma, I'm a second year PhD student in Genetic Medicine here in Manchester
and my project's looking at a group of related genetic conditions that are all due to mutations
in genes that are in the same biochemical pathway - the Ras-MAP Kinase pathway.
Sid - Hi, I'm Sid, I'm a final year PhD student in the University of Manchester and in my
project I'm mainly focusing on understanding the genetics of blood disorders.
Sid - I don't know about you, Emma, but I think getting used to the new environment, the environment
of research and of lab work, was really a big challenge for me and if I'd had an opportunity
to get used to this before starting my PhD it would have been really useful. Emma - Ah ha [nodding].
Yeah, I can imagine that's the case, absolutely, because I actually had the opportunity of
doing, as you know [Sid], some time, in my clinical training, in a research project for
four months before. Actually that time was incredibly valuable to actually start to understand
how the lab works, what sort of things you could do, the breadth of opportunities on
offer and I think that's really helpful to give you a perspective when you start your
PhD to know how much there is out there and, actually to not be frightened of it either.
Sid - Yes, and it would have really given me a nice foundation before starting the project
and thinking about potential problems later on.