'No Way Home' Dave Price slicks up the ice on the University of Alaska Anchorage ice arena

Uploaded by UAAnchorage on 13.11.2010

[Drums beating.]
[Drums and chanting: “go Dave go.”]
Not only am I going to
have fun right now,
I'm going to get paid to do it.
Oh. This - is - awesome!
[Talking on phone:] Alright sweetie I got to run.
[Talking on phone:] I'll call you later. I love you. Bye.
[Loud mechanical sounds of Zamboni.]
This is cooler than any float
in the amazing Thanksgiving Day Parade.
I can tell you that right now.
[Drums and chanting:] [“Go” – drums – “Dave” – drums – “go Dave go…”]
[Loud mechanical sounds of Zamboni.]
[Male Speaker:] Now straighten it out.
Now turn it off?
Now that... was fun!
Aright wanna get that?
Okay, hold on, one more... Seawolf...
[Male Speaker:] You don't want to frighten the children!
[Drums and chanting: “go Dave go…”]
[Sounds of ice skates and hockey sticks.]
Did you see that?!
Do you believe in miracles?!