America's Got Talent - Season 7 Premiere - Performances & Howard Stern Debut - Miranda Sings Recap

Uploaded by DanceOn on 15.05.2012


Hey, guys, It's me, Miranda Sings.
You can check me out on YouTube at Mirandasings08.
I am a very famous, talented performer, singer, dancer,
magician, model, everything, pretty much I can do.
I am so excited to be reviewing America's Got Talent
right here on DanceOn for the entire season.
So I'm super excited.
We're starting off the season with a bang, clearly.
The judges this year are Sharon Osbourne
and Howie, of course.
And Howard Stern.
Well, the whole show started off with a magician, which I'm
very excited about because I love magic.
But it actually turned out to be porn.
Shortly after him was a man who created a harp out of the
entire theater, which I thought was very interesting,
so I actually decided to try to do it in my own room.

So yeah, it didn't work out as well.
The show really picked up a lot when Elements
dance crew came on.
They call themselves cloggers.
So I really, really liked them.
Their costumes were really fun, and they were really
talented, dancing all around.
And I was thinking, why didn't anyone ask me to be in this.
I was very excited to see some fellow YouTubers on there.
Alexa and Jorge.
They are singers on YouTube, like myself, but I am better.
And they were on America's Got Talent this year.
So congratulations on that.
Yay, YouTube.
One of my favorite performances this year came
from the Loyalty dance crew.
They all wore zebra pants, which I appreciated because I
love fashion.
They whipped their hair a lot.
So even though the boys, who didn't even have hair, they
were just like--
Some other really stand-out performances this evening were
people who were biking on the stage.
I don't know how they did that.
There was the archer guy who shot balloons, which I thought
was kind of easy, but whatever.
There was a guy who ate scorpions.
There was a dog that talked.
There was a guy who stuck his face with needles, who I did
not like at all.
It was very disgusting.
All in all, I'd say that this episode was really amazing.
We have some really good things coming up this season.
Every single dance crew that I saw tonight got through, so
hooray for the dancers.
That's my review.
I hope you guys liked it, and make sure you tune in next
time for review of America's Got Talent with Miranda Sings.