Результаты до и после - Он похудел на 50 кг, убрал живот и набрал 6 кг мышц !

Uploaded by YuryfromUkrain on 11.10.2012

- 50 pounds of fat! For 7 months! - Was 147 kg! Now 96!
- CCM Powerlifting Taras Chernienko working using Yuri Spasokukotsky system for 4 years at the club "Biceps"
- Hey! This is my favorite coach Taras Chernienko
- This client Taras, Andrew Gorov.
- It is interesting that everyone says that his picture is photoshop. - In fact, it actually dropped 50 pounds! 50?
- 49?
- 50!
- Decided that the drying is not considered.
- And now he is gaining weight and got 6 pounds of muscle. On the dry weight of 6 kg!
- And what are the future plans?
- We will continue to work
- Taras why no one believes you're squatting 250 times?
- And you are the candidate master ...
- Why are you so small and so strong?
- There are reports ... let them look!
- Well, let's look.
- I think that the coaching sports experience Taras helps when working with clients in our Jim.
- And in the future release we'll see how Taras helps Andrew to reset the fat and gain muscle mass.
- Thanks for watching!