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resound is pleased to introduce you two of the three
our new and improved fitting software
resound of the three is built on best practices from of that it to
as well as the results of in-depth research with hearing health care professionals
the result is uncalled for intuitive interface
and a wide range of proven fitting schools that have been specifically designed to deliver
a professional more efficient
and more comfortable feeling experience
and he supports cruelly wireless program
to familiarize you would have ended three
let's walk through a basic the larry hearing instrument that
before we get started
there are three things that should be considered
is it appropriate receiver selection based on the patients degree of hearing loss
a letter a hearing instruments
support normal power
and high-power receivers
the normal power receiver will fit mile to severe hearing loss is
while the high-power receiver can accommodate losses up to a profound range of hearing loss
it's important to insert a fresh battery before program
identify the programming interface you intend to use
of other three supports speed link
hi carol
head noel it
as well as air link
our new truly wireless programming interface
insure that whichever interface you use is plugged in and turned on one appropriate
to allow access of a
go to the manufacturers elections screen in Ohio
and double click on the result fault
notice that upon opening the folder two icons will be displayed
one is the familiar of that the two are gone
and should be used when programming all hearing instruments built on resounds previous hearing
instrument platform
including resound live
and on squared by result
the new icon should be used for access were given it free
which supports resound a letter
double click on the result of that the three are gone
the launch of the three
and open to the starts crying
the start screen is organized to support three functions
connected the hearing instruments and again programming
simulate a fitting
or three
hope that the hearing instruments
before we begin programming the hearing instruments
notice that you can't specify the listeners level of experience with your instruments
in disgrace
making inappropriate selection here
will insure that calculated for state is optimized
for the listeners needs
select the correct programming interface from the drop down then you go
of and it's very supports
hi pro
no link
speed link
and ehrlich
in this example will select speak
whatever resounds proprietary interfaces
tonight the appropriate programming cables
if your own sure what the proper programming cables all are
go to the prefix screen and click on the select instrument button
and then choose the model you wish to connect
in this instance will be connecting and failed nineteen sixty one the RW
with the normal power end the receiver
in open configuration
the cable information is displayed below the photo of the hearing instrument
will need a CBS- sixty three cable
and flexed good combination
with a fresh batteries
note that the CS- fifty three flex trip and CS forty four cable combination may be substituted
whenever a CBS- sixty three cable and flex that combination is required
on the screen
you also find photos of the instrument that can be enlarged if necessary
simply click on those who might come
and use the slide bar to adjust the sidelines
click and rightly image to reset their design
an alternative in situ view is also provided
exit this window by clicking on the X in the upper right corner
technical information can be accessed by clicking on the technical information bottom
close the product specification window
and the ex in the upper right hand corner
to exit the select instrument window
return to the start screaming by clicking on the starter at the top of the page
to insert the flood-stricken to the hearing instrument
locate a sled at the bottom of the case into which the flex trip will fit
the black dog on the flex trip should be or he added
so that it's facing away from the outer Wall of the case
click on the connect button
and that will connect with the hearing instruments
once the instruments of successfully connected
of the three will automatically take you to the fence great
the collection process is the same whether using speed link no link or high profile
however the process changes likely for wireless connections
so let's go back and repeat the connection process using ehrlich
resounds wireless programming interface
keep in mind that only wireless models such as a lawyer sixty one
are compatible with their lives
not a wireless models must be connected with the non wireless interface
that is speed link no link
or high profile
we'll go to the start page by clicking on the start at the top of the page
insert a fresh battery in the hearing is from it
if you've not already done so
selected a ruling from the drop down menu of interface options
and clicked on the committee book
the management work hearing instruments window will appear
and display of progress bar
as a vendor three searches for hearing instruments
of edible also prompt you to open and close the battery doors on each instrument
it's important to do so at this time
as this will put the hearing instruments into discovering more
as instruments are discovered they'll be displayed in a hearing instruments found list
once the hearing instruments have been found
you'll need to assign them to the right or left here
to do this
lift one of the hearing instruments to your year
and click on the beat barking in the event of software
and listen for a series of debates
if you do not hear the beads
progressively click on each of the be buttons until the beach or heard
once you hear the beads
assigned this instrument to the right or left
by clicking on the appropriate button to the right of the people up knowing what you click
day care to match the red and blue collar marking on the receivers
to the appropriate years
repeat this process for each hearing instrument
if an instrument is incorrectly assigned to a year
click on the on a sign but them
and repeat the process
once the instruments have been assigned to the correct years
click on the done about them
and the other three will automatically proceed to the fifth spring
of and the three will prompt you to caliber
but before proceeding
let us consider a scenario in which the receiver connected to the ring instrument
does not match what is identified by events
in this case
it'll be necessary to reconfigure the hearing instrument in atlanta
you do this
click on the prefix have at the top of the page
and click we can figure
a warning will be displayed indicating that programming data stored in the hearing instrument
and in the of that the session will be lost if you proceed
when you click on the continue button
the options for reconfiguring the hearing instrument will be displayed
select the appropriate option
and click on the reconfigure bottom
once the process is complete
of that it will display a message indicating that reconfiguring was successful
click okay to renegotiate the connection process
when using the air link interface
of that they will again prompt you to open and close the battery door
the instruments will be found
and you'll need to reassign the instruments to the right or left the years
of edta will complete the connection process
and take you to the facing page
of entire will prompt you to calibrate the hearing instruments
after instructing the listener to sit quietly while the calibrations signal is presented
select yes
then choose which years you wish to cover
you may also ought to mute the hearing instruments following calibrations if you choose
but checking the box
new hearing instruments
initiate the calibrations process by clicking on the calibrate be at this point
significant changes have been made to the calibrations tone in November three
it will wrap up in intensity
this will help to make the calibrations homeless jarring
and provide better comfort to the hearing instrument where
it will on average be less than two seconds in duration
because it's based on a signal to noise ratio
it will average until it has sufficient data
when something unexpected happens
such as if the wearer should talk during celebration
it will simply continue to average income of that the has collected enough data
they should eliminate failed celebration attendants
the overall level of the calibrations tone is lower
all of this adds up to an improved list your experience
once calibrations completed
the hearing instrument will be activated automatically
unless you've opted to mute the hearing instruments
once the DSS is calibrated
three different gray shaded areas will potentially be displayed on the graphs with and if it's
on the deal or dark grey shaded area reflects unavailable game
while a light gray area reflects the added stable game provided by DSS all true
in other words
the maximum stable game or MSG area
that you previously recognized as the greenback spirit
the difference between the medium and dark gray areas reflects the status of the safing
my default
it's a fitting is an aide
as a result of dark grey area is displayed
and gain settings cannot be increased into this area
it reflects a conservative approach to feedback management
as it builds in a buffer that prevents gain from being increased too risky levels
in other words
right at the upper edge of the maximum stable gain area
when safe mode is disabled
a medium grey area is display
it does not build in a safety buffer
as such
game can be increased to fall on game
to disable safing mode
go to the fitting menu at the top of the page
check or unchecked
enable say fitting
talk a little in enabled and disabled conditions
keep in mind
but if you've not calibrated DSS all true
the role only be one shaded area which reflects the full on gain of the hearing instrument
if necessary
I just gain by highlighting the appropriate values in a game make tracks
increase or decrease game by clicking on the up and down arrows in the center of the pay
notice that the steps eyes can be adjusted by selecting one two or three deby increments
at the bottom of the page
the highlight the game values you wish to adjust
click on a single value
click in drag
click on the word all
or click on any of the cold war rohani us
this will allow you to highlight and it just multiple gain values at one time
remember that the relationship between gain for fifty values
and game for eighty values will determine the compression ratio
decreasing gain for fifty values
or increasing game for eighty values will create a more linear program
increasing game for fifty or decreasing gain for haiti will have the opposite effect
and increase compression
increasing gain for fifty and gain for eighty in the same amount
will not change the compression ratio
and will be perceived as a simple volume adjustment
notice that because the right and left years are linked
the game just to answer automatically made to both years
to make any judgments on one side
simply only the years by clicking on the links ratings in the center of the page
has gained changes are made
the changes will only a current one here
if you're satisfied with the programming settings
click save in the lower right hand corner to save your data to know what
and or program that hearing instruments
a confirmation message will appear next to the same button
once the action is complete
be sure to insert a fresh battery into the hearing instruments after programming
in order to optimize battery life