Klump Family Dinner - The Nutty Professor (3/12) Movie CLIP (1996) HD

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Oh, this is so fabulous.
Ain't nothin' like gettin' togetherwith family and havin' a good meal.
Cletus, take this bowl. l t's hot.
[ Cletus ] Goddamn, Sherman, it's almost like we don't seeyour ass no more.
Good to seeyou, son.
You thinkyou too good to spend time with your family evey now and then?
- l've been real busy, Ernie. - l don't want no potatoes. Mashed potatoes give me gas.
ln myday, Sherman, people used tospend time with theyfamily...
on Sundays and special occasions.
Come around and pay their respects.
You mess around and miss little Ernie's golden years, you're gonna be mad atyourself.
- [ Belches ] - Baby's got a little gas.
- [ Coughing ] - Here she goes. Y'all better coveryour plates.
Mama, have some water.
[ Muttering ] Grandma, you spit on me.
Whatyou talkin' about, coverin' your plates? Not tonight, Cletus.
l'll kickyo' ass.
l cooked all this food. Is that all you gonna eat?
You supposed to eat that, not scalp it.
Daddy, all the calories in the chicken are found in the skin.
''Where all the calories is''? You know where that come from? Watching that damn TV.
Evey time you turn it on somebody talkin' about Iose weight, get healthy.
Eveybody lookin' all anorexic, talkin' about that's healthy. l know what healthy is.
And l don't know why eveybody tyin' to lose weight in the first place!
Ain't eveybody supposed to be the same size. We're all different.
Big, small, medium, midgets. You supposed to have all that.
Eveybody wants to be the same size, like that Oprah Winfrey.
She gon' lose herweight. Wasn't nothin' wrong with her. She was fine. Oprah was a fox!
She lose all that weight, her head look all big.
And LutherVandross. Nigger used to be the black Pavarotti.
Lost all that weight, Iookin' all ashy.
Oprah and Luther need to keep their ass one weight, 'cause l'm confused.
Yes, l hope nothin's wrong with Oprah. She doesn't lookwell.
There ain't nothin' wrong with Oprah. l seen Oprah on __rdGop_ last week.
Was the picture ofhealth. Got her a tall, young, strong gentleman named Steadman.
So handsome.
# Amazing grace #
## [ Continues ]
Letterman, Leno.
Montel, Ricki Lake.
- l like Geraldo. - Mike Douglas. Ohh, Mike Douglas.
You know, Mike Douglas used to make me moist when l'd watch his show.
l admit it. Onlywhite man everdid that to me was Mike Douglas.
l would like to volunteer to take this old bird out ofher misey.
- Cletus! Don'tyou dare say that about Mama. - No, no, hold it.
You ain't gotta protect me from Cletus. Come on, Cletus.
Come on over here. It ain't but a short walk. Come on over.
You gonna limp back. You'll walk over, butyou're limpin' back.
But don't let the gray hair fool ya. t ain't no easywin, nigger.