How to Draw a Croquis for Fashion Illustration : Fashion Croquis Illustrations: Feet & Shoes

Uploaded by expertvillage on 05.10.2008

This has always been my area of trouble. I can't draw feet and shoes to save my life.
So I'm going to spend a little bit more time than probably necessary on it. But it'll help
me too. So bear with me and you might learn something. There's--shoes are very important.
It definitely denotes the professional quality of your drawing for the obvious reason that
your feet are the means of support even on a two-dimensional paper drawing, the basis
of support. A general rule of thumb is that the feet, these are the shoes from this one,
the feet are about as long as the head is from top to chin. Right there. Depending on
the shoes obviously that you've got, I did fetished fetish type shoes for this so big
platforms high heels. Whatever, that's going to build upon it. But as long as you can tell
you have your basis of your feet at that right size, it'll look balanced.