FMX in Russia's Red Square - Red Bull X-Fighters Moscow preview - 2010

Uploaded by redbull on 24.06.2010

Here we are right at Red Square in the middle of Moscow
and it’s incredible because I just can’t believe that they would let us just put all this dirt down here
and make this crazy show in Russia.
We have dirt everywhere, obviously to make a good track you gotta put dirt every where.
So a lot of dirt
6,000 cubic yards, roughly 5,000 cubic meters
and uh, we got us a freestyle track.
Dane Herron and his crew, what an incredible thing they’ve done with this space
and it’s not just actually a really cool course
but the way it’s finished,
everything is done so beautifully and so smooth
I think the riders are going to have a great time.
The track looks pretty cool,
it’s amazing in front of this, uh
It’s pretty wild.
I think that place kind of looks like Disneyland.
You know, you definitely get the vibe that your in a pretty special location
and saw this awesome course here.
The way I like it to be built up
is just simply dirt jumps, um
pretty much like a skatepark but for motor bikes.
This track definitely suits the guys of creativity.
You know, the guys that like to free ride.
Guys like Nate Adams.
Guys like Matt Rebeaud.
Um, guys like Robbie Madison.
Matt Rebeaud coming back,
he’s had the really bad broken arm
so we’ll see how he does
Robbie Madison though, Maddo,just want to win so badly.
He’s really been training so hard.
It’s kinda getting to a point where I need to get a win under my belt
to kind of stay in the points race
Adams’ gotta probably be the favorite in this competition.
If all the other guys are claiming that this
is something I would feel comfortable on then
that just gets me a little extra confidence going in.
Looking for a real good freestyle moto contest here in Moscow forsure.