Wegmans Apple Crisp

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 23.08.2012

When I think fall, I think apples,
and I always think of apple crisp.
I'm going to show you an easy recipe here to do,
get the kids involved, get them to peel the apples.
Pretty easy to do.
So, you start out, you're gonna use
one of these guys or you can do it all by hand, peel an apple.
I've got six here, nice slices.
Let's make the topping for this.
So what I'm going to do is I'm going to take
one and a half cups of flour,
and I'm just gonna mix it in a bowl
along with a half a cup of brown sugar.
And then I've got one and a half sticks of butter
and we're going to mix this together.
We're basically going to take this,
toss it together, start to grind it up
a little bit with your fingers.
What we're trying to get out of this is to get
some moist clumps forming in here.
Just enough so we can spot those around the top
of the apple crisp.
Once we get those formed I'm going to throw in my walnuts,
toss those in, mix that around,
and then I'm going to refrigerate this,
clean my hands up a little bit
and then we'll make the rest of the apple crisp.
So now to put this whole thing together.
I've got my apples here but we need to toss it
with some stuff that's going to hold it together,
give it a little bit of juice, but not too juicy.
So what we're gonna do is we're gonna do
a little bit of sugar,
so I've got three quarters of a cup of sugar
and I got one teaspoon of cinnamon
and a quarter teaspoon of nutmeg.
Gonna mix that together with three tablespoons of flour.
What the flour does is it binds that juice up a little bit
so when you eat your apple crisp
it's not super runny.
So just mix that together.
And we're gonna toss it with our apples.
And now I've got a pre-prepared pan,
I've sprayed it just a little bit,
I got a thirteen by nine inch pan.
Toss my apples up and those are gonna go in
and we're gonna top it with our mixture.
So apples go in, make sure you get all that sugar in.
And now our topping.
Just enough to coat the top,
spread it around even, doesn't have to be perfect,
but you've got nice little clumps of butter in there,
those are gonna brown up nice.
This is gonna bake in an oven uncovered
for just about an hour at 350 degrees
until it gets really nice and brown,
it's gonna be bubbly on the sides,
you're probably gonna wanna pull it out early
'cause it's gonna smell so good as it's cooking.
So, in the oven for an hour.
So this is what it looks like when it comes out of the oven,
gorgeous brown on the top, it's a beautiful smell.
We're gonna dig in this a little bit,
take this out, the apples are nice and soft.
Let's get some more, there we go.
And for me, nothing finishes off the apple crisp
like a great scoop of ice cream.
I don't happen to have any today,
but I think this whipped cream will do just nicely.
A little more.