FUNNY POKER (Drôle de Poker) ENGLISH Subtitled - Trailer (Click on CC for subtitles)

Uploaded by samrostean on 14.01.2011

Queen wins?
Depends... What’s the kicker?
A two. win.
I Don’t Care...
Uh.. Excuse me. Can you explain me the card values please?
Ace beats the King. The King beats the Queen
What? The King beats the Queen?
The Man beats the Wife?
Uh ! The Flop !
Oh! So that’s why she’s hiding a part of her face ? She got scares?
The Turn! Yep!
Who takes the photo?
It’s a draw...
Who takes the draw huh?
The River !
I’m leaving, I can’t stand this rules anymore.
What the f... is your sponsor ? Are you sure you playing poker?
What ? Poker? We don’t play Bridge here?
Three and Jack...Hearts
Hearts? And you all-in with this hand??
Yep! I play probabilities.
Which one?
Hearts ! It’s been two hours they’ve not been distributed!
I’ll call you by your initials.
I.Q. ! I.Q. twice ! Last call.
Hey, you are I.Q. ?
Why? You are searching for one?
- What’s the matter? - I fucked !
- Your Game? - No the crupper...
How can you play Poker guys?
F*** Poker!! We don’t play Bridge here too??
- How much for the drink ? - As you wish sir.
Alright ! I don’t have any wish! Thanks.
I was wondering why we call this place the Club. ‘Cause when you think about it
Nobody plays golf here! You understood? Club. Club....
Guys ! Thanks for the game!
I never saw a player lucky as him.
Me too...
Can you help me, I’m a rookie.. Is it a good hand?
- Pass. - Pass.
Ok! Pass too!
Love this game!
Hey take it easy! It’s our Honeymoon’s money.
Trust me! I know what I’m doing!
Call !
Straight !
Flush !
You lied to me? It’s a sin..
No father, he bluffed..he can do that.
To late..i’m gonna purify your soul..
Hey! It’s a tournament not Halloween.
Hey Fishes! I just earned 25000$. I am on top tonight. I ruin you and go home.
25000$? Great, you can give me my money back!
- Me too. - Me too. - Me too.
- Me too. -Yeah.. Me too...
Oh s****!
That’s a bluff !
In poker when you dont’ have good games, you always have the players for good jokes.
'Scuse me...