[374] Homs, Al Qsair: An elderly man crying after being tortured by Assad thugs 28 May 2012

Uploaded by TheSyrianrev2011 on 10.06.2012

the signs of torture on an elderly citizen done by Assad forces
calm down sir calm down
what happened with you uncle? tell us
Tell us uncle what happened with you
Tell us uncle what did they do to you
it is ok sir calm down. Leave things to Allah. Calm down
what can I say? Oh God! They hit me! they beat me so hard! Oh God!
my head! oh God! my head!
how did this happen to you sir?
what can I say? oh God
they captured me, and then they beat me. they hit me so hard.
oh God! please! please! I can't! oh God
they hit me strongly with steel cuffs, they hit me oh god
the signs of torture done by Assad forces
they hit me with steel cuffs strongly. They hit me so bad
it is ok sir calm down. it is ok. you are safe now