Crow Pose or Bakasana explained by Esther Ekhart

Uploaded by yogatic on 31.05.2012

my name's Esther Ekhart from Ekhart Yoga
would you like to be able to do this pose, the Crow pose and gain the
confidence and strength in the meantime
watch this
i'm going to break it down for you in some very easy steps
step one is we are going to practice Crow pose on our back
to inform the body what we want from it when stand on our hands, so lie back draw the knees in
bring the knees apart, feet stay together and extend your arms up
and then squeeze the knees into the outer upper arms
and the arms sort of move back into the knees
then you're going to lift up as much as you can. draw the tailbone up your heels
stay towards the buttocks you draw the belly button in towards the spine and it's
a lot of work
feel the burn of the abdominals because we need that and see that there's a roundedness
in the spine we need that too for the full pose
okay so that's Crow pose on the back
and rock up
or any other way. Step two we are going to practice it
on a platform
so place the platform down, at home you can use stack of books something that's
a little bit
stable though
bring the feet on to it, the ball of the feet
big toes
and heels touch
place your hands in front of you underneath your shoulders
and you're going to slide your knees up as high on the outer upper arms or a
right on top of arms as possible
and draw the belly in
lift the hips
bring the weight forward very important you have to move the breastbone forward
beyond your hands
elbows right over the wrists extend your breast bone around the spine
one heel up
other heel up if it wants to go otherwise you do just one side
and squeeze
and around press the hands down and come back when you're done
so when you can do it
on a platform
step number three, we are going to do it without a platform
so squat
inner feet together heels, big toes, hands down
and once more draw the belly in
lift up
elbows bend
squeeze the knees in the outer arms
and bring the weight forward extend your breast bone
lift one foot up
squeeze the knees in elbow squeezed back
into the knees
around the spine pressing into your hands smile, breath, when you're done
you can come out this way
or very gently
any other way
okay so that was Crow pose for you, for those of you who go in to it
first time; YAY very good. For those of you who didn't, no worries at the end there will
be some suggested videos, recommended videos, to gain some more strength for
abs and your arms and you'll be there before you know it
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