How to Setup DJ Equipment : Types of Light & Fog for DJs

Uploaded by expertvillage on 07.03.2008

Hey everyone this is Expert Village and I'm DJ Shy explaining to you the use of lights
and fog when you?re DJ'ing. Now for added effect of your atmosphere some people like
to use fog and what a fog machine does is that it's a machine that spools out fog. You
can get this probably anywhere. Guitar Center, Sam Ash, look it up, Goggle it. Goggle fog
machine, dance DJ. Actually American DJ Gear has it so they have lots of different kinds.
They also sell lights. Now with DJ lights, there's so many different kinds of lights.
There's like disco, your typical strobe light, the disco light, color lights, lights that
flash out on beats to your music automatically. They come in packages just Goggle it. Go to
your Guitar Center. Do your research. Look online. You can find some great deals on some
basic DJ light and fog.