The Rain Follows The Forest

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It's so easy to get caught up in our modern world
easy to forget where you came from
I left hollywood fifteen years ago
and came home to Hawaii to remember what life is about
my name is Jason Scott Lee
and I live in the rain forest
Aloha Mai
this is my home
over the years i've learned to grow my own food and collect my water
I live as close to nature as I possibly can
and i hear her crying
Our Earth is changing
Our Islands are changing
as we try to keep up with our human needs we seem to be forgetting about what
sustains us
what sustains life
Hey William, yeah, yeah, yeah
tomorrow morning
I Just Have some questions
Yeah cool, can't wait
my first child was born two years ago
She reminded me that were not alone,
and that there are generations yet unborn that are depending on us
for their survival
but what does Hawaii's future hold?
it's a question we have to ask
what will our Islands look like in fifty years if we don't change the way we live,
is there hope?
I'm setting off to find answers
and I'm asking you to come along
I just arrived on Oahu
home to a million people
I'm on my way to visit my friend William Aila
I think he will have some answers
there hold it just like that
terrific ? Aloha William
Aloha Jason welcome to Waianai
this is my grandson Kaiana
i think about my grandkids all the time and the challenges they are going to face
so fifty years from now william
what is the worst case scenario
so worst case scenario
for us is that
are watersheds uh...
get depleted more and
the source of freshwater diminishes, that's the worst case
scenario for us
so these are our rainforest
rainforests in in a sense that it captures
the condensation from the clouds as well as uh... the mist
and at the same time the provides this wonderful eco system for our native
plants and birds? it?s supposed to be the sponge
that soaks up the moisture
that holds it
uh... for
uh... the benefit of uh...
ourselves today and
our grandchildren in the future
fresh water of course is very important to us uh... we can't go for
more than about three days without drinking fresh water
fresh water is the basis for agriculture here, Fresh water is important for every
ecosystem from the top of the mountain down to the ocean where you know that
the estuaries, that place where fresh water and salt water mix
coretta and put in place for a lot of juvenile fish from the different species
we just can't do without fresh water here point
more willing to see in about our watersheds in the importance of it is
within the critical point
it's a boarding point
that they may not be water
for the future
schooling can we see the watershed
we absolutely consumer watersheds one of our biggest challenges of course
the funds to me
do the proper among mitigation proper muffin singled out
the proper romano
restoration work that that has to occur
and implement the changes that are necessary
to turn things around
but the time is now we have to do it now the next ten years we can't wait any
longer otherwise it's going to be disastrous for
quality of
can't stop thinking about what william said
the worst-case analysis in a four x
stairs dot
it waz but he wants me to meet their appeals for the same restoration work
here at the white i doubt it
glass off spotlight he said
has come up on this
police if
boiling water and uh...
million harris
payment if you can
so act now
twenty six points
uh... the sizzle
place that we used the community recovered uh... maybe about two years
ago lol abandoned and there was just a dozen draw a and all totally covered
over by grassland
did some research and find out they were abandoned caroline will be so once upon
a time to hundreds of millions and and what it was phony to his family and
loses quite a bit of uh... agriculture development
exactly happened
for that to disappear bolted begun lost nearly two hundred fifty years ago
the water was diverted and then these what the lands released its to our
cattle wrenching there is is that a big issue appeared
you have is a good example for animal managed
hoped and watershed
it's a
the future of this case the jury in
you have this reunite for water
and bringing back the families
to a place that once fed
families for generations
i don't want to know what
tourism musical with
why such a critical changing the culture
physically fit
losing our
i'm going to visit book at normal miami
he knows a lot about point history
and hoping you offer insight into
how we got to where we are today
uh... you're
your book yet
always if they need
z one unlock some mysteries of history
it's become clear to me that
watermelon than his candidacy message
gonzalez will be you can help me understand a little more
well i think it's already a serious issue and those months
this is look at
differently over time
may be worthwhile looking into the
the historical materials
see how they change
so there's a website where we can search
part of the landings newspapers
they were published over since
let's see how many articles that might be
she's takin
three thousand seven hundred eighty-three driver newspaper pages
weight so they talk about a lot back then
is a constant discussion constant discussion today socal ko welcoming
learning lessons have been looking at stupider than the old system that was in
place for a long time was the uh... water
if you're economic zone and it's uh...
uh... environmental so
usually is a watershed or it might be able to hold watersheds meaningful
alliance was off for your call into the government's he always in water from the
highlands from the high reasonable terms
all the way down to the shore
all of that was considered as a single unit so where
water becomes
really uh... sold quantity
it's not looked at it hits home
and so the idea of this error
wiesel for unit
can set aside
lots of things change
the land itself changes
this is an article from eighteen fifty six mcallen are now running looking for
for it and they're destroying the field
it's corner plot with a little while ago is only rock and dirt laughed and it
will not grow back
people pork is saying
about noise relationship to water
it was held in such high esteem and i had such a paramount uh...
affect on the island of culture on the spirituality
uh... their in entire lifestyle
the workings uh... being self sufficient
some sustainable
ploys data
how you feel with the load
seemed to be the support of the human is to one of the forcefully
diminish the forest
looking at uh...
the way
the people who had lived here for was in the warrior caribbean looked at his
is really worth
class race and religion
if if if nafta
and it's amazing is supposedly think about it too much
but today thoroughgoing backing
roberta furger uh... lately
the way
pul ko is amazing
you really help me understand what issues we face today
of the result of decades helped
so we want to get a grip on the house just how much water businesses
came to the boilers
k effect
what is
boredom water supply and will
for less place of public agency
that prevents water
uh... for the residents of
reporting on an average pledge of fifty million gallons per day
of trickle
and as the island
insinuates expecting freeze
and other thirteen illegality
so where does always want to come
comes from the property have wells we have uh... products
extract water from our
and that's the importance of parts because
the charge opera
so very interesting
force cases
here for a watershed set-up for so i'm taking care
and the nano rain for the precincts
well what happens if it's true
wells started
if either mass
uh... console can look at rising cost money for
water but also for words
services for officer as water supplies the window
in warfare
harding lines
so here and talking to bury expert from the board of water supply telling me
about the worst case scenario about
the cost of water and and and
polluting the water if if
if the water sheds on taking care of
that would be a deep deep concern frightening every individual on whether
you're a visitor or whether you're a really work on my normal local
we don't know any water for drinking and eating
we depend on it to grow our own food
i'm meeting with larry yamamoto
agriculture conservationist it insight
uh... what role agriculture plays
in a wastewater future
so when and and why waste water systems
generally worded
what that was the simplicity except for the balls and abortion
the visual system of thanks uh... tunnels
or scream diversions carry that water is
the web part of the island to the dr partner
how a m water systems in india fortunes
i think the
the edward systems exist so they are going to be critical
agriculture to be successful in the future
there's no way that the islands in or you can be food secure
and stable without having irrigation water
holy um... has a very very small
on hand
and in fact we important
probably ninety percent were fooled right now so increasing their production
usually valuable for us in the future not having that is a really really bad
so there is a check for two standard delivery
and the fact that we input nine percent
of our food
i'm thinking to myself like
my god it's huge and if you were to try to become food sufficient
food self-sufficient
imagine the amount of water that would take
really what we want to be sure is that
what abortions can stay healthy and
systems can be impacted have from
the worst case is not happen
everyone i've spoken with us focus on the need to protect them expander
watershed areas
an order force looks like
but i heard that the people who call the rain forest in western molly is one of
the most pristine watershed areas left in a white
plus and thinks there might be appears beautiful
a light on this is is a great place
i'm glad you're here with me a up in the forcible quickly
uh... there's a good place for us to the proper forced entry
oil all mullard voters i dot com i don't want to live here
not to have a lot
although the openly about not allowed bob not the old wearable over me and
they are going
over at new york of everyone will hold right
provided that the whole uh...
over what your about
percent of the beautiful
how does a rainforest were
its role as a large
there's for tel aviv trees
there are the trees that have their place under the state of the viewer
mobile up one of the canopy
and then there are all of the shrubs under that
there's so many layers of the decisions when all the way down to the losses and
turns on the ground that william you would not see a single piece of
that kind below
is only found when you've got species that have been living together for
thousands of years for millions of years none of them is on a balanced
enters into force two different ways
most people think obama water coming into the water should inform of rain
in many of our a plan watersheds
there also and
semester clouds move through the leaves of the its cover-up
and a consensus on the surface and drips down this kind of cloud trip is really
really important sometimes thirty to fifty percent of the water that comes to
is caught by the force informal
but whether by renault clouds that water moves slowly down through
will force and eventually it gets down to the ground level
the water goes down and hits the underground aquifer
when it comes down to the bush and they'll be places where it comes out
sometimes and springs
uh... sometimes we've been india which in itself of course once it's in the
ocean than the sun hits the ocean and referee supports clouds of of the whole
cycle starts again
and what are the biggest threats to the hallways watershed
we'll see
uh... introductions of all kinds of
non-native fairly aggressive plants
from all over the world my cornea from south america for example strawberry
volvo from brazil
uh... and when those plants get into our forests
they converts
that complex functional watershed
into a much simpler
and less efficient than less effective
canopy blocking out the sun
and uh... stands of that
of that plan going all the way down to the ground
no other trees and shrubs the ferns and moss is the list
we've come to learn
that's not everything that's been up in the mountains is good
so what animal species of would be the biggest threat
in our drive for us it's difficult goal
so they can come for a drive for us on a steep area into parent clicks and in the
web for estimating problem is pigs and their presence there churns up
force for allows the meat succumb
sands mean
going is that
it's really about the invasive species both plants and animals that
that's it seemed to be uh...
to kill the always
native forests
what would happen if
we were to do so immediately
before forcefully to go
the rain would hit background with workshops into the ocean
and we wouldn't
much at all
um... ultimately you have to look bad places that have lost their forest
you look at it and a couple of days
where the forest cover was destroyed by sheep and goats and collars
and now it's just uh... daren
hard pat
and so when you don't have
home dot force watershed in place when you've got erosion you have effects from
the top of the mountain all the way down to the to the sea when you think about
help people come to avoid the
partly because of the natural beauty of this place
but if you came to
uh... favorite beach and found that the reef was no longer live it had been
smothered by martin you'd say i thought hallway with a paradise but this place
is getting really lousy i want to come here anymore
it obviously has strong economic impact on the dream
stop to think about it
all of us know that times are tight now
and yet in these times that's what we need to make sure that we invest in the
because if you let that politicians slip away around that win
will be really regretting it
that's something that has to happen now
here's where the combination of non native animals and invasive weeds really
shows clear
there was an old kid resting area
and because undisturbed instance too but you know was able to gain a foothold
and now it's crowding out all of them
native plants it should be going in the spot
i began mister and wanted to know what the white knight
future generations
everyone is talking with please we can change the course where
but i just don't know if enough is being done
thank you sam
and julie belafonte william i left but she conducts daria houston
did you get the kind regards you know with all the people are visiting in the
information i mean getting out of water and
bills where are you felt about that you know union conservation for so long
you notice that i i can understand your frustration with some of the
conservation issues and the state of hawaii
com design
but at the end of the tunnel
because i started inside
level field worker work piling up
i have the up most respect for field guys another you know really putting
their heart and soul out there in to try and management buchanan allen
granted its small parcels but there's been little small winds and the figure
at some point if you get all these little small whimsy eventually comes
into it
he could use
it's actually shown in the data that we've been able to manage tens of
thousands of eighty exactly brightness again to find ki
areas of the we can start with him
and that's the from my perspective that's what you have to look at with
'cause if you look at the entire picture as a whole
fixed here doing that's probably what
nor nl and um...
you need a command
in your focus in a little bit and just do it you can
again the julie has this has this thing is she's very
passionate about
creepy nowhere cement things have changed since she's been
or over twenty years as you've been doing conservation laws
it gives me hope and i think that is uh...
very contagious message too
tend to feel
and and to send out
she's really affected me
and here now that uh...
watershed partnerships are forming all across the state
other organizations coming together
emerging organization since it is much larger structures for the weekend
including utilizing of every sort of system in the small amount that we have
effects that sort of my vision is that everything is working to give it a try
figure this out because
you can talk about going green and you can talk about saving resources but
to me did you money where your mouth is you know strokes of some action
figure how to do this
guiliani realized that i can make a difference
by just being aware watershed issues involuntary when i can
is the what's good
may help bring jason alarm in the squarely
sort of doing today
from today will be plenty simply cleaned in japan said we also have a little bit
of fence the fence
now you about it
who are but they're not chair reserves but we have done some volunteers regedit
wassup somewhat as it cannot finance
these are all buyers are
that amount of money on our recruitment in your species is money
on bosnia
has moved back to me yeah i wish i get out as many as you can
in canada
exciting i think you guys again for coming out to prove my palate actually
has there ever any beginning sam
restoration work today and some maintenance work really happy and i know
it's gone to you can't make that some expects the fence today paid setting up
a sickness forest fire future generations
just at this time
rejects nation trade
to live with this
celebrities were on top of his bio
you know we go out that contain fat than
we don't always get the baby be allocated alpine but that is a kind of a
special big
and how
history where we can get a by kiki
kid and state and the nightmare
you know the sooner you can start to go that relationship
monuments and museums
having to do this beautiful
and i realize this would choose
that these other people and efforts
that we need your support and fun
you can't think of the bitterness
where all the way being fifty years
seemed to go to win
knee-deep into competing on whether or not we can predict no warnings
contribute to us
landed for the sake of architect and