Driving Sports TV - 2010 Subaru Legacy Reviewed

Uploaded by drivingsports on 19.11.2009

The Subaru Legacy has always been a great car but it's also been an underdog in the
midsize segment.
So for 2010 Subaru really needed to address these issues if it really wanted to grow in
the midsize market.
First off you'll notice, it is bigger. Not only is it bigger, but look at these wheel
We have this little wing design. Which is, of course, harkening back to Fuji's aerospace
experience. They've added these little edge pieces, which make it look a little Voltronesque.
Headlights here, I don't know what we're going to call them. What shall we call these? Shark
Eyes? I now call these "Shark Eyes."
Inside we have much more luxurious materials. They still have their kind-of, pseudo tacky
wood trim. But it has improved a little bit.
This model, fully decked out is just about 30-grand. This is the 3.6R.
Now their other performance option is the 2.5 GT, which is very similar but it has a
2.5-liter and, uh, a turbo. Something you'll also notice in here? Check that out, that's
a 6-speed. The 2.5GT is now only available with a 6-speed. This isn't the same 6-speed
in the Spec.B. The Spec.B had a variation of the STI's system, just minus the DCCD.
This is acutally a redesign of the 5-speed transmission.
I used to own a 2007 Legacy GT and I modified that baby until it had 320 wheel horsepower.
Check that out, hood pistons. Now, this is the turbo, right? No, take a look over here.
Look down there. See, what do you see? Nothing!
The turbo is actually under here. In fact, if you want to swap the turbo out you have
to raise the car and take off the exhaust manifold. The reason for doing this is that
they wanted to have a much quicker spool-up. And, apparently, it works.
Let's take them for a drive. First up, the turbo 2.5GT.
Now, immediately I notice that this car has a lot quicker turbo response. The tuning market,
it's going to be complicated, there have been enough changes to the vehicle that will require
significant R&D to be able to produce tuner parts, so if you're into the tuning market
it's still a much better idea to buy an 07, 08 or 09 as opposed to this model. It could
be a good year or two years before we see any tuner parts.
Now that we've driven this car, let's take a look at next step, the 6-cylinder 3.6R.
This is Subaru's top of the range, and really, it looks quite good. It's a very sophisticated
interior with a simple angular design. Now, historically, Subaru has had this simulated
metal looking plastic, they put it around their gear shifter, on the center stack, and
now it's this fine brushed material that, not only diffuses light, but also eliminates
-- scratches aren't going to stick out quite so much. It's actually a very nice look.
The nav system is very large, very readable. Has a lot of great features, it has voice
pilot so if you want to find Chinese food you can find it. You have the option for Bluetooth
Audio Streaming, which is great if you have one of the new iPhones or even one of the
Android Phones, you know the Google Phone, that one also allows you to stream audio directly
to the headset without a physical plug. It also has a backup camera, finally, which puts
Subaru in much stronger contention in the upper-end of the midsize segment.
This is the only transmission you can get with the 3.6R, which is the 6-speed automatic.
Now, it also has manual paddle-shifters, which are all the rage these days, everybody has
to have that. And lets go and take it for a drive, and see what it can do.
If you look at other cars in this range, like the Nissan -- which are, granted, more expensive
-- but when you put a 6-cylinder in a sports sedan a lot of them are putting out near 300
horsepower. I think that if you had an engine like this with 300 horsepower it would be
a much stronger contender in the space. In fact, it would probably dominate the space.
It still has a pretty good flat torque curve, but it just doesn't feel faster. So I think
today the only reason they offer the 6, and why they're so pinned to the six is so that
people who buy based on check-boxes have it as an option.
It doesn't feel like a Subaru. It doesn't have -- you're not making the compromises
that you've historically had to make to buy a Legacy. You don't have to go, well, you
know: the back seat is good enough. The trunk space, it's good enough. Now, they've answered
all the demands with a great car.
So did Subaru do it? Did they redefine the midsize market with a car that is going to
transform the way people drive? No, they didn't. They did, however, create a decent mid-sized
car that checks every little single wish list item that some folks really look for in this
space. They have economy, they have performance, they have a good sporty feel and quality workmanship.
Overall, this car is a big improvement over the last one. Weather or not that translates
into sales, time will tell. But this enthusiast is impressed.