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bjbj [Music Playing] Snow shooting and outdoor shooting in general are very similar. One
of the main things you really need to focus on when you re shooting in the snow is your
color temperature, mainly your white balance, whether you re cool or warm, or right in the
One of the most important factors in filming a snow covered scene is your camera s white
balance. Most white balance settings on your camera will include an indoor preset that
adds a bluish or cool tint to your scene; an outdoor preset that adds a warm, orange
hue to your scene; and, hopefully, your camera has an auto or manual white balance. This
will give you even more precise control in adjusting your balance to the conditions in
front of you. [Music Playing] Many cameras have custom presets for white balance that
can be recalled at the touch of a button and this is very handy for changing conditions,
which happens constantly in outdoor shooting. [Music Playing] Since we already know that
lighting is one of the most important factors in video period, it becomes pretty obvious
that when shooting winter videos, lighting is really going to play a big role. Shooting
during the middle of the day normally generates lighting conditions that are undesirable because
of the amount of very bright, white colored light from the sun. This reflects off the
snow and washes out the sky and can be blinding to both the camera and the videographer. To
avoid bad lighting altogether, just shoot your video during the hours of sunrise or
sunset. These are called the golden hours and they produce the most ideal lighting conditions
during the day for video and photography. The golden hour lighting, when it reflects
off the snow, creates beautiful hues of orange, pink, red and purple, which can produce some
of the best looking outdoor videos you might see. [Music Playing] Depending on the purpose
of your video, there are different ways to give your audience a sense of being in the
actual conditions of the environment by capturing certain pieces of the outdoor environment
itself that surround you. Since the most common feeling associated with snow and winter is,
of course, cold or even freezing, capturing clips of snow falling, an icy river running
through the snow, even clouds rushing past a mountain, all of these different scenes
can really draw your audience into the environment that you re feeling. [Music Playing] If you
contrast a sequence of clips that show freezing environments with a clip of a warm fire, then
you can warm your audience back up again and this is usually an effective way to stir emotion
in your audience and get them moving around in their seat to keep warm. [Music Playing]
For more details, take a look at these articles using this DVD on your computer. [Music Playing]
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