Videomaker's Favorite Green Screen Effects

Uploaded by videomaker on 30.12.2008

bjbj Hey, who ever said riding clouds was difficult? It s not that bad. This time on
tips and tricks we re gonna show you some Chroma Key favorites and recreate the process
so you know how to do them, too. A commonly known green screen favorite is the weather
map used in every newscast around the world. To do this effect we simply use two green
thumb tags placed at separate locations on the green screen to be used as markers to
give our talent a point of reference when it came to our locations. Here you can see
a massive storm is on the way with clouds looming over Videoville during the weekend,
then cascading down to Camcorder Land at an alarming rate while the sun races up to Videoville.
Ooh, I hope we brought umbrellas and swim trunks, cause that s the quickest season change
ever. While we re talking about the news, we use a picture in picture effect to give
the example of an on-location cutaway or phone-in style interview. We placed our talent to the
left leaving some extra room to the right of the picture for the picture box. Once we
had our picture in picture, we just scaled it down to the right size and had our talent
react to the conversation. For our background we simply used some cutaways of space to give the impression that the talent
was talking about secret alien spy missions. Another popular Chroma Key trick is the ability
to fly. By lying the talent on top of a rolling cart and the use of a very powerful fan, we
were able to sell the effect. The key here was to make sure that we cut the cart out
of the frame and the background of the sky was heading in the right direction, as well
as in time with the speed of the fan. When everything was in synch together the effect
was easy to sell. When the background speed and the speed of the fan was off, the effect
didn t look nearly as powerful. Another popular Chroma Key trick is motion behind the talent to sell the effect of movement.
This is commonly used for shots inside a vehicle or motion around a subject that is not the
main focus of the shot. We used a fan and a bicycle and had our talent pedal away in
front of a green screen while standing in the exact same spot. When we inserted our
background, we made sure that the motion reflected the opposite direction of our bicyclist. This
way we were able to sell the idea that the talent was moving forward.
To take the subjects into another environment that we couldn t normally get to, we again
enlisted the help of a fan and the reaction of the talent to sell the explosion of a volcano,
which of course we inserted later. After being blown away to smithereens, our talent was
thrown to their doom as they fell to the ground below. To do this effect we had our subject
lie on top of the green screen, adjusted our lights to face downward, and used a fan to
blow their clothes upward to sell the fall down. After adding two markers, one at the
beginning of the fall and one at the end of the fall, we simply scaled the talent down
in size to give the impression that he was falling further and further, when in reality
we were just shrinking the image more and more. The same basic fan effect was used to
add to the illusion of a tornado. We threw in some debris and had our talent react to
the fan, which was placed in front of him to sell the effect of a large gush of wind.
By adding the debris we were able to add to the illusion by creating what looked like
more swirls from the wind, provided by the fan. Another popular Chroma Key illusion is
making select body parts disappear. By first cutting out a portion of the green screen
and then taping it to the body part we want to disappear, we can add the background over
the green screen and along the stomach, making it appear to have a huge hole right in the
center. No wonder he was complaining of stomach pain. This effect also works on walls or anywhere
that you can cut out a specific shape and tape it to a surface. Here we cut out a brick
formation and inserted a clip of surgeons working away, making it seem as if we walked
by a hole in the wall exposing another room. Again by simply cutting out the design that
we wanted out of the green screen and taping it to the wall, we were able to create this
effect. Well, as you can see, whether you re trying to do the weather, whether you re
trying to use Chroma Key to fly, any one of these effects is all attainable. You can do
it. We showed you how. Now get out there and make it happen. [End of Audio] Favorite Green
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