West Macdonnell Ranges - Helicopter Flight

Uploaded by OHM26 on 28.12.2011

Imagine waking up to this every morning
As far as camping goes
this spot by the Finke River is one of the most peaceful in Australia
and, arguably
one of the most beautiful and spectacular.
With sweeping views over the West McDonnell
this gem of a location is located about 130 kilometres west
of Alice Springs in the heart of Australias glorious outback.
this particular spot
known as the 2 mile camping site, is only a 5 minutes drive away
from Glen Helen Resort and the Glen Helen Gorge.
And what better way to take in the enormity of the landscape than by Helicopter.
From the air, the Finke River stretches off into the distance
and Mount Sonder with it's dual peaks sits prominently in the background.
The peak of Mount Sonder is 1380 metres and is
the fourth highest mountain in the
Northern Territory.
We're now heading towards Ormiston Pound
and the Ormiston Gorge.
The gorge has a permanent water hole
and is one of the more
popular tourist attractions in the Territory
The towering red walls of the gorge
extend all the way into the pound.
The Finke River passes Glen Helen resort
and then through Glen Helen gorge
It's only from above that you can truly appreciate the Macdonell Ranges.
stretching out over six hundred and forty-four kilometers from the east and
west of Alice Springs, they are simply breathtaking.
Glen Helen was originally a cattle station, but is now a holiday destination
with resort and tourist facilities.
The Glen Helen Gorge itself is a great place to explore
and according to a aboriginal legend, an ancient and powerful rainbow serpent
calls the water hole of Glen Helen home.
The 2 mile camp on the Finke River is
my favorite camping site of all time.
And who could argue with such spectacular surroundings.