RENT: The Broadway Tour - Day 73

Uploaded by EverythingIsRENT on 20.03.2009

Hello! Hi, it’s Telly Leung. We are in San Diego at the Civic Center.
It is a Saturday matinee, and we have begun our Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS collection.
For six weeks a year – twice a year – the Broadway community comes together
to raise money for a really important organization called Broadway Cares.
And we have this whole stack of Playbills and posters to be signed,
and we’re going to sell these for a $20 donation to Broadway Cares.
All the money goes to a great cause, and all the Broadway shows – there’s Jacques, hi Jacques –
and all the Broadway shows and also all the touring companies of Broadway shows,
we do a bucket collection at the end of the show, and we also sell these Playbills,
and every penny goes to Broadway Cares. How great is that?
There’s Michael McElroy signing some stuff for Broadway Cares.
Michael: Hi.
Telly: Hi. And Broadway Cares also gives money to the Actors Fund.
They also give money to the Phyllis Newman Women’s Health Initiative.
Michael: Food banks.
Telly: Food banks all across the country.
Michael: Here, sweetie, sorry.
Michael: It’s a great cause! Haneefah: You are so evil.
Telly: There’s Haneefah.
Haneefah: Look, he was talking about nice stuff. He’s evil, did you see him with the pen?
Telly: What was he doing with his pen?
Haneefah: He – I wanted to use it, and he wouldn't let me have it. Then he went like this. Wait. He said, “Here.”
[Telly laughs]
Haneefah: That’s what he just did. He was talking about the Phyllis Newman Initiative.
Michael: Please give to Broadway Cares, a generous organization. Haneefah: No, see?
Telly: Hi, guys. I’ve already signed, I’ve already signed.
Look at these Playbills.
We all try to sign in the same spot, so that we don’t get confused, so that we don’t have to, like, count signatures every time.
So that’s always my spot, right up there in the yellow. Don’t take my spot. Don’t take my spot!
Right up there in the yellow, that's my spot. Don’t take my spot.
Karmine: That’s exactly where he’s gonna go right now. Ha ha! Ha ha! Telly: He’s gonna start signing on the yellow.
Telly: So, we just came down from the show right now, and can somebody tell us what just happened right now on that—?
Lexi: Adam showed his ass and we got six thousand dollars.
[Telly laughs]
Telly: Well, we were doing a live auction for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.
Anthony was running the auction, and we auctioned off a backstage tour.
Nicolette: We were at a stalemate.
Telly: What did the bid start at?
Anthony: Two hundred dollars.
Haneefah: No, twenty! [laughter]
Telly: The girl in the front row yelled out “twenty.” Twenty dollars, right?
Adam: That’s the ticket she paid for. [laughter]
Telly: So now we’re all here waiting for two people to come backstage
to come take a picture with all of us and also to take home a signed poster for three thousand dollars each.
So we have two people that are coming.
Lexi: Here they come, let’s yell. Telly: Here they come.
[cheers and clapping]
Telly: Hi, guys. Today’s March 15th. Sunday.
We are doing our final show in San Diego right now, and I have some good news and I have some bad news.
I’ll give you the bad news first. The bad news is this is going to be my last show of RENT for about a month,
and this will be the last of the video blog postings that I’ll be posting for about a month.
The good news is that I’m leaving the show for a month because I’m going to Los Angeles
to shoot a pilot of a new TV show called “Limelight.”
And, so that’s where – oh.
Adam Pascal [singing onstage]: Gloryyyy!
Adam Halpin: Game on!
Telly: Game on. We’ll do it again. We’ll do it over.
Andy: No, it’s great! Adam Halpin: Sorry!
Telly: No, we’ll do it again.
RENT has generously let me go and do this very new, exciting thing, but I will be right back.
But the other piece of good news is that my wonderful friend, Shaun Earl, from the final company of RENT on Broadway,
is joining the company in my place,
so I’m so excited that you guys are going to get to see Shaun on tour as well ’cause he’s fantastic.
But this will be the last blog for a while, so I just wanted to say goodbye, and I will see you guys very, very soon.
Adam Halpin [singing]: Goodbye, Love. Goodbye, Love. He came to say “Goodbye, Love.”
Telly [singing]: Goodbye.