Koenigsegg CCX on Tor Poznan, Poland during Gran Turismo 2012

Uploaded by m5boarddotcom on 12.11.2012

There are many expensive cars on this years Gran Turismo Polonia
142 super cars from all over Europe
But the most exciting car is by far this Koenigsegg CCX
A horrific and brutal experience! Horrific!
It is great to see that these kind of totally insane cars in a country that is always trying to be so politically correct like Sweden
A politically incorrect car, from a politically correct country
And now, Jens Sverdrup has promised to scare me to death. A lap with the Koenigsegg CCX on the superb race track of Tor Poznan in Poland
So here we go. A lap on Tor Poznan. I am very curious to feel the performance of this totally insane car
Holy guacamoly-dip! The sound is amazing!
Ohh! WTF!??
The sound the engine makes is completely out of this world!
Holy crap
Feels like Thor himself is banging on my head with his hammer!
The acceleration is brutal!
Oh thee humanity!
The G-forces are distorting my vision. I almost black out.
The grip is outstanding. I am struggling to stay put in the seat
Jens drives like a god.
Corners where I...
Corners where I drive 100km/h, Jens drives 200km/h!
Now we are approaching the end of the lap
Under the bridge
90 degrees right before the straight
Twice my speed!
Out on the main straight
260km/h (unhearable guttural sound)
Full braking now
As soon as other participants see the Koenigsegg in their rear view mirror
The move out of the way. Immediately.
There is no question who is on the top of the food chain
With a Koenigsegg, this argument ends immediately
We have a Porsche GT3 and a Ferrari 430 Scuderia ahead of us
It is just a matter of time until we pass
Lets see how it goes for Mr GT3
Bye Bye!
You feel that the car gets more grip the warmer the tires get
And now we are slowing down to cool the car
Jens, that was amazingly quick
I have never experienced power and control like this, ever!
Jens: It was only 80% of what the car can do
You promised to take it easy. But this was completely mad!
Jens: stop whining. I wasn't going that fast at all.
But, it is not your car
Jens: exactly
And then you take it easy.
Thanks a lot for the ride. It was fantastic!