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Aligning Wtih Your Veritable Fortune
Good morning.
We are extremely pleased
that you are here.
It is good to come together
for the purpose of cocreating.
Do you agree?
You are knowing
what you are wanting?
Well we believe that you believe
that you do
to some extent.
In other words
knowing what you don't want
helps you to know
what you do want
doesn't it?
Someone said to us one day
when we were trying
to get them to focus upon
positive things
and we sort of laid out
a list of positive things
that she might think about
and she said
oh Abraham I don't want those
I've already got those.
And what she really meant was
the things that I want are
the things that have not yet happened
and we want to help you to realize
that if you're thinking about
things that you want
from the standpoint that
they have not yet come to fruition
that they are still missing
in your experience
then you're holding it
in a sort of
suspended position where
the distance between
where you are and where it is
is not closing.
So what we're wanting you to realize
is you have these patterns of thought
and Law of Attraction is helping you
to sustain the pattern of thought
that you have.
A belief is just a thought
you keep thinking.
And so early on in your experience
by your exposure to life
you began developing
some patterns of thought.
Sometimes they were
carefully taught to you by others.
Sometimes it came because of
something that you observed
and then talked about
and then remembered
and then attracted again
and then talked about it
and remembered and attracted again.
In other words
life is very interesting here
isn't it?
Because you can't talk about
anything for very long
before it begins to replicate itself
in your life experience.
And it's what makes you
develop your patterns
of what you call truths.
You say, at first I wasn't sure
and then I pondered it for a while
and once I gave it my attention
I began seeing evidence of it everywhere
and now I believe it
and now that I believe it
it's manifesting in my experience.
And we say
that's really wonderful isn't it
if it's stuff you want
but if you are repeating
patterns of thought
about things you do not want -
and in your environment
oh you are very very good at that.
You have this
sort of mass consciousness theory
that goes like this
if we don't beat the drum
of our history
we are sure to repeat it again.
And we say
the contrary is true.
The more you beat the drum
of anything
the more you activate it
in your vibration.
The more it is activated
in your vibration
then the more Law of Attraction
is matching you up with things like it
and the more Law of Attraction
is matching you up with things like it
the more you observe it
and the more you observe it
the more you talk about it.
The more you talk about it
and observe it
the more you beat the drum of it
or offer the vibration of it.
The more you offer the vibration of it
the more Law of Attraction matches
you up with it.
The more Law of Attraction matches
you up with it
the more you're living it
the more you're talking about it
the more you're beating the drum of it
the more you're offering
the vibration of it.
The more you're offering
the vibration of it
the more the Law of Attraction lines
you up with it.
The more the Law of Attraction lines
you up with it
the more you notice it.
The more you notice it
the more you talk about it.
The more you talk about it
the more you offer it vibrationally.
The more you offer it vibrationally
the more Law of Attraction lines
you up with it.
The more Law of Attraction -
We could go on.
Your life experience
is showing you that
you just can not keep telling
the same story without continuing
to live the same circumstances.
And so this gathering
we're calling it 'The Art of Allowing'
but what it really means is
the art of telling a different story.
The art of telling the story
the life has helped you carve it out
incrementally but telling the story
with your words
with your observations
with your expectations
with your vibration.
Then when Law of Attraction is responding
to your deliberate offering of thought
now you're getting what you want
not just what you are observing.
Are there things in your life
that are as you want them to be?
Keep telling that story.
Are there things in you life
that are not as you want it to be?
Don't tell that story.
You can not choose
something that feels better
until you are aware
of what you are choosing.
So relief is the order of business.
What do you want to talk about?
Oh you have come with some things.
Thank you very much.
Um this veritable fortune
that I've been amassing for so long -
I was -
Don't use sarcasm now.
Oh -
I'd love a little bit more
of your experience
on how I can deliberately be leaning
a little more towards allowing it.
Now anyone who listens back -
and especially those who are sitting
here in the room -
You - you might feel yourself
wanting to say -
especially by the end of the day -
Abraham is really nit-picking here
but we want you to feel if you can
the feeling place from which
that question comes.
In other words
this veritable fortune -
and we - we sensed -
we sensed a sort of mocking tone.
If there's -
Where's my stuff?
If Law of Attraction is as you say
and I've been amassing this fortune then
where is it and how can I get to it?
And we want you to just feel for a moment
how -
What is the dominant vibration
within that sentiment that you offered?
Was he offering the vibration
from the lack of the money
or from the having of the money?
And we know
you say, well of course he is because
it isn't there yet
so how can he offer a vibration
about a state of being
that is not yet achieved?
And we say
you've just got to figure out how to do it
because until you do
you can't have the state of being
that you want to achieve.
You have to find the
vibrational essence of it.
And so the work is
you have to find a way
of distracting yourself from the
absence of the money
while you activate within yourself
a feeling of the money.
So things like feeling appreciation
for the prosperity that you are living
feeling appreciation
for the possibility of more coming.
In fact we'd like to say
that even when you get into
an attitude of hope
you're much closer in vibration
to allowing it
than when you are in the vibration
of doubt.
So we teased you about
a little bit of sarcasm about
this veritable fortune
but we want you to realize
that when you feel sarcastic
when you feel pessimistic
it's a far cry from feeling optimistic
and hopeful.
So the answer to your question
how do I let my fortune come to me
and me come to my fortune -
It's by pretending
that it's already done by -
by taking piece of -
pieces of the fortune and
mentally expending it.
By imagining
how much fun it will be to have it
to enjoy the feeling of relief
even before you have
the actual reason to feel the relief.
By caring so much about the way you feel
that you guide your thoughts apart
from the reality.
We love your question.
We love the question
how do I get from where I am
to where I want to be?
And the answer is
look in the direction
of where you want to be
and speak in the direction
of where you want to be
and never again look
back over your shoulder
about where you have come from.
And if you can pull that one off
as soon as tomorrow
you'll have evidence
of your veritable fortune.
Thank you.