UCAN Challenge - Pt 3 - Auction Rooms

Uploaded by UCANCAFE on 03.12.2012

Hi. My name's Rhea Caldwell. I'm from Auction Rooms.
I'm about to do the UCAN challenge.
That'll do.
I'm gonna put milk all over myself.
So hard!
OK, done. Stop. (LAUGHS)
I think that was the worst.
Oh, well.
Pouring, definitely, was probably the hardest.
It's really hard, yeah.
You have no idea how full the cup is.
It's pretty funny. It's really difficult.
Um...yeah, I don't know.
I couldn't do it every day.
I think it's amazing.
I couldn't possibly think of anything greater
than someone being able to do that blind.
I don't want to show that one.
That's so embarrassing. Look at that!
SONG: # We'd had enough of other people
# So we moved into the water instead
# Now in the middle of the city
# On the borders we are watching the earth... #