Kpop Music Mondays - Big Bang "Bad Boy"

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This week's Music Monday is the Bad people edition with Big Bang's Bad Boy
Big Bang is back with their second video of the year,
Bad Boy, which is a totally different song and video from Blue.
While Blue was more of a deep and emotional song with hints of electronica in there,
Bad Boy is more hip hop.
Where Blue was all meek and timid,
Bad Boy is booming and bragging
Despite their being constantly rejected.
Now, although I don't like it as much as Blue,
this song is still a great song.
Love the MOYA MOYA MOYA! in there.
The beat is so fun, and G Dragon's perfect in it,
mixing both rapping and singing seamlessly,
and it's great to see Big Bang being swag and confident in the song.
Unlike Simon, I loved this song.
When I first heard the teaser I was like, oh this doesn't sound very good,
but once I heard the single I was soooo hooked.
Unlike Blue, which almost merged the members of big bang into a single song,
I found the distinct sound out each member really stood out from one another,
and kept this song from being boring or receptive.
I think that's part of the charm of Big Bang,
whether you're a fan or not, you can hear the difference between each member's style.
We do like this video a lot more than we liked Blue, though.
The videography was nothing fancy, just a simple walk & follow cam,
but having all the members cut into each other's frames
and take over the camera was a great addition.
Even though this wasn't shot in one take, like the beginning of Infinite's Nothing Sober,
it gave you the feeling that it was.
Also, this might be a moment in kpop history.
Everyone's got their own girl for once!
Amazing…(did anyone else think that some of these girls were really really terrible
But that's okay because Big Bang kinda suck at picking up girls.
Big Bang, forever alone? I mean, I know, surely, all of you would react the same way
if Taeyang or GD tried hitting on you, right?
You'd be all like, don't touch me, I'm not a piece of meat.
Yeah we're joking…it would probably be more like.
"AYO SECURITY" But, um, hey. Big Bang.
I know you're new to New York and all,
but you don't just walk up to girls and try to put your arms around them or hold their
That might get you shanked. Just saying.
And Taeyang: you don't just walk up to a girl
and start doing the Tonto Jump on It Dance…
but I appreciate your enthusiasm.
You just picked the wrong dance.
But out of all the rejections, I came enjoy TOP's reaction the most.
Everyone else is like, head shaking and sad, annoyed to be pwned,
but he tries to brush it off and reverse the situation,
all like "what? OK, don't call me I'll call you."
I can smell that BS from here TOP.
And then he proceeds to break into synchronized dance with his stylish friend friends.
If that's not a smooth recovery, I don't know what is.
Girls just can't keep their hands off me.
Oh! I was just laughing at a joke in my own head!
Now, it could just be me, but doesn't it seem like
the GUYS in New York like Big Bang more than the girls?
I mean, all the girls walk away from Big Bang,
while the guys can't stop staring at them.
Right at the beginning, when GD's walking, you see that guy lurking:
he's totally staring at GD. In fact, look closely at the beginning of the video
and you'll see him reversing his cart, just so he can sneak a peak of GD as he walks by.
And then at 1:05, while the girl's walking away from GD,
that construction worker dude is totally enraptured
and fangirling over him (probably thinking "YO THIS CHICK IS HOT!").
AYO GD CAN I HAVE YO AUTOGRAPH (sorry. That's the best New York accent I can do)
I'll tell you what that guy's really thinking: OMG IS THAT SPUDGY!
Wait…Spudgy isn't a Korean man. Why is wearing Spudgy's fur on his back
Now, I know some of you might be thinking this too,
that Big Bang steals our style, first TOP with Spudgy's hair dye, now GD with Spudgy's
back fur,
but that's not the case.
See, we're actually good friends with all of Big Bang
and we talk to them on the phone regularly.
They called and asked our style advice, so it's all legit.
[shifty eyes]
Nah I'm messing with you! They totally love our style!
What S&M style are we going to see next?
Someone with with my hot pink hair?
Side note: HOLY SNAP! I feel terrible for Taeyang!
It's snowing or at least icy cold, and he's sleeveless?
Seriously?! Look at the steam coming from his mouth.
If I could make a picture to illustrate
how cold Taeyang's nipple are right now it would look like this,
If he isn't freezing it would only suggest one thing: he's a werewolf.
Team Jacob: all the way.
Understandable, because he always seems to be shirtless and okay.
Also, I love how Taeyang starts walking, and he does that cool hat flipping thing
and I'm like "wow. That's pretty slick" I want to see more of it!"
And then his hands are empty.
No, he probably dropped it, and he's too embarrassed to walk back and pick it up.
Now, last week when we reviewed Blue,
we did a giveaway (which we'll be announcing the winners for: stay tuned!)
in which we asked you what superpowers would Big Bang have.
I think this video has the best answer for you: does TOP not move his lips when he raps?
Seriously: he busts out like, full sentences without moving his mouth at all.
How…how does he do that?
And, one last thing. Umm, GD.
Be honest with me here: what were you doing in that car.
I ain't see no drivers in there. GD, were you trying to jack that car like Taeyang did
last week in Blue?
Quick tip: you can't steal it from the back seat. Just FYI.
I really enjoyed the dance in the video,
it coincided perfectly with my gimpy ankle because now that I'm off my crutches
my wonky limp walk can enjoy a full recovery
by simply pretending I'm doing the GD swag move.
Although I can't outright put weight on my leg to do the dougie with Big Bang,
I can at least get Simon to join me and we can do it in full big bang in NYC swag walking
ruin or make it better?
As for the English of the song, I'm gonna give it a 5 out of 5.
But as for the hip hop of this song, I give it a 3 out of 5.
Everyday and night I’m so mean cuz I’m so real
I’m sorry but I can’t change.
I know it sounds good coming out of the mouths of Big Bang,
but my inner gangster had the jibblyhibblies when I heard this
and by hibblyjibblies I mean um (I need a more gangster phrase…Martina?)
Big Bang, I'm sure you've got lots of hoes in different area codes,
but I'm so mean cuz I'm so real? I'm sorry Big Bang. I'm just not buying it.
I just don't' see it that way. You're not selling it for me.
I don't know what to say. I think that they're nice guise!
I can't imagine them saying "I'm so mean cuz I'm so real!"
Yeah, isn't TOP like, a really shy and quiet guy?
I can't imagine him being mean
Last week we asksd you which Sad YG is Sad edition you preferred:
2NE1 with "Lonely" or Big Bang with Blue
And the winner was
it was definitely Big Bang
Although a lot of people seemed very stressed about choosing between the two of them
but all in all they felt like Blue was more emotional
So, Big Bang, I think you all deserve hugs from all of us
Come on everyone. Everyone, get together
Group hug. Group hug! Group hug!
For this week's Bad people edition
we ask you which group pulls off being bad better
Big Bang in Bad Boy, or Miss A in Bad Girl, Good Girl
Leave your votes in the comments, or in our Facebook poll
and we'll announce the winners next week.
YOU DON'T KNOW ME! Cuz I'm sooo meaaan.
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