Homemade Cake Decorating: Difference Between Dog Treat Icing and Dog Treat Frosting

Uploaded by TheFrostingGuy on 25.06.2012

Hi. The Frosting Guy here for DogCakeWorld.com. Today we’re going to talk about how to make
a dog cake. Or more specifically, we’ve already made a dog cake. We’re going to
talk about how to frost a dog cake. This happens to be a Bundt cake that we made and we use
this for any type of celebration such as a dog birthday cake, or a graduation from obedience
school, could be a wedding, you name the event, the cake is great. Now. I want to show you
the difference today between dog treat frosting and dog treat icing. What I have in the bowl
here, is I’ve premixed some Fido’s Frosting Royal Icing. Now what I want you to notice
is when I lift the spoon, you see how easily that flows off the spoon? The royal icing
is designed to flow like that and for cakes you can use it as a glaze. We’ll talk about
that in just a minute. The frosting, I happen to have here in a piping bag. The frosting
is much thicker and we’re gonna see how that works also in just a minute. Before I
do that I wanted to show you how easily this type of frosting or icing takes color. I have
here, we’ll be using lemon yellow today, a powdered food coloring and this is very
concentrated so you just need to use a little. How much you ask? Well, how about a smidgeon.
Well, what’s a smidgeon? Well, at K9Cakery, we sell this great little tool. It’s got
three measuring spoons: a pinch, a dash, and a smidgeon. Let me hold that up so you can
see that on video there. And no more guessing! You know exactly how much to add. This is
a great handy tool. So I’m going to take a smidgeon of yellow food coloring and add
it into the royal icing. And now take a look here. I want you to see how quickly and easily
this blends in and turns the natural white frosting into a yellow frosting or in this
case a yellow royal icing. So with just a smidgeon of powdered color we’ve got a nice
creamy lemon yellow colored glaze. Now. We’re going to take this over to our cake. We’re
going to take a spoonful and we’re just going to let it drip over the cake like you
would with any other type of glaze. And you see how nice that looks. We don’t need to
overdo it. We’ve got a nice, lemony glaze over that cake. But you notice how this has
flowed down and it’s very, um, I don’t want to call it watery, but it flows easily.
Now, I’m going to show you some frosting. And I’m just going to put some flowers on
here using a regular star tip and Fido’s Frosting. And you notice, how when I pipe
out the frosting, it maintains its shape. If I were to try to use the royal icing for
this, it would just flow right down the sides of the cake like you see the lemon yellow
frosting or icing. So there you have it. The difference between frosting and royal icing.
The royal icing flows like the lemon yellow. Frosting maintains its shape like the white
flowers I placed on top. Now if you really want to be festive, we sell sugar-free colored
glitter. And I’m just going to sprinkle a little bit of that around the cake here.
You get a little bit of that carnival color, and you end up with a beautiful cake that
you’d be proud to serve at any dog party. So again, if you want to know how to make
homemade dog treats, DogCakeWorld is the place for you. Enjoy this beautiful dog birthday
party cake. Thanks for visiting.