CGRundertow DAMAGE INC. PACIFIC SQUADRON WWII for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 09.10.2012

This is Russ for cgrundertow, today i have a part flightsim part arcade flight shooter.
The game is Damage Inc,
And it seems to have been made to sell a flight stick for the PS3 and Xbox 360. But is the
game any good? Well yes and no,
the story features some really hammy voice acting for starters, It sounds like there
speaking on old timey radio!
While the writing is very very standard war stuff. Damage Inc does a surprisingly good
job at giving interesting and correct information about World War II.
The Single Player Campaign which can also be Played with up to 4 people, takes you through
the pacific theater.
From the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor to the Battle of Wake Island and the daring Battle
on Iwo Jima.
The levels are well designed and offer a great amount of authenticity to the areas you fight
in. However upon closer inspection of most of the levels,
you start to see a lack of detail a lot of poor textures and often static environments.
While there is some decent effects during the Bombing of Pearl Harbor, theres just a
lot of rough edges to the level design.
Now for the planes there well designed and feature a lot of detail, however i was a bit
underwhelmed by the effects upon taking down a fighter.
While you may see an explosion from time to time, or even the pilot parachuting out of
there destroyed aircraft. Sadly it just lacks a bit of oomph.
You will be in aerial combat and even taking down some ground targets during the game.
Gameplay can either be arcade in style or played like a simulator.
The game is not a full blown sim, but does a decent job of providing either a fun arcade
shooter or a entry to mid range flight sim.
When all is said and done the game’s campaign lasts around 8 hours and does have some great
It’s also for the most part a fun experience and the game has a lot of charm and manages
to show history well.
Its first impressions are rough and may put off some players, but the more i played the
more fun i had with this well made game.
Make no mistake what it lacks in polish it makes up for with solid gameplay mechanics.
It features the odd audio glitch here and there, but nothing too bad and it did keep
a solid frame rate.
The flight stick which was made by Mad Catz to be sold with this game, Is well made and
adds a lot of fun and immersion to the game.
It takes awhile to get used to using the flight stick and is not natural at first. Once you
get accustomed to the flight stick, you won;t ever want to go back to your standard controller
ever again.
Damage Inc will not win any awards, but for history buffs or just someone looking for
a good flight sim its a solid choice.