Garden & Lawn Pest Control : How to Make Your Own Aphid Repellent

Uploaded by expertvillage on 04.01.2009

Hi, this is Yolanda from In this segment we're going to learn about
how to make our own aphid repellent. So there's a lot of easy ways to get rid of aphids. And
just using a garden hose is probably the easiest method. You just hose down the plants where
you see any aphids, do it everyday for three days, and if you still have a problem just
use some regular vegetable oil on the plant. And always mix it with a bottle of water and
spray it on as well, it makes it easier. But I found an easy way to repel bugs off of your
body when you're working in the garden or camping or any way, is just to put some oil
on yourself, because oil is a great repellent. Mosquitoes, bugs, ants, they don't want to
touch the oil. It suffocates them and it breaks down their shells. So, they won't go through
your body to get through to your skin if you just put some oil all over yourself. And the
same with plants, if you have got some house plants or plants that are always having problems
with aphids, just put a little bit of oil on the leaves or right on top of the aphids,
so any type of oil works too, you can use olive oil, pear oil, any types of oils, Vaseline,
anything that can make a barrier between your skin and the outside, and you'll find the
aphids especially won't bother you or your plants.