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''Blow gently, O Easterly. . . ''
''for Anarkali rests here''
''With Salim's dreams in her eyes, Anarkali rests here''
''This is the tomb of those martyred in love. . . ''
''blow with respect while you are here, O breeze''
''Maybe you forget. . . ''
''I remember her story''
''I still remember the moment. . . ''
''when she attracted his eye''
''Her beauty stood against the Taj. . . ''
''their love stood up to the regime''
''Salim said, with all his love. . . ''
''to his beloved Anarkali. . . ''
''I shall bring the stars for you, if you so wish''
''I shall abdicate, if you so wish''
''What winds were they that blew then. . . ''
''Salim's no more, nor is Anarkali''
''But this tomb bears testimony to their love''
''Of their labour of love''
''Waiting for the bee. . . ''
''lies here the bud of the pomegranate tree''
''Blow gently, O Easterly. . . ''
Not every memorial of love is a Taj Mahal
This tomb is a tear from the eyes of lovers. . .
that the world's contempt has not been able to destroy
As someone said. . .
''these ruins have seen Spring earlier''
The one who rests here was once the spirit of the Spring
She fell in love with Salim, taking him to be only a soldier
Little did she know that the soldier was the crown prince of Hindustan
''True life is his. . . ''
''who gives himself up to someone else. . . ''
''and loses himself in love''
''This Spring, this moment. . . ''
''asks us to fall in love. . . ''
''to make our hearts pine for the beloved''
''Life is unfaithful. . . ''
''so enjoy the pleasures of love, while you can''
''True life is his. . . ''
''who gives himself up to someone else. . . ''
''and loses himself in love''
''My heart is pounding, but that is all right. . . ''
''do not keep a count''
''When again will we have such times for ourselves?''
''When again will we enjoy such lovely nights and days?''
''I implore you. . . ''
''to give yourself up to the pleasure of the moment''
''True life is his. . . ''
''who gives himself up to someone else. . . ''
''and loses himself in love''
Splendid !
Was that a voice or the mesmerising song of a nightingale?
Follow me. I must see who this beautiful girl is. . .
whose voice has enthralled Emperor Akbar
Who are you?
Who are you? Who?
I beg your pardon for appearing without notice
How was I to know. . . - What brings you here?
I did not come on my own. It was your voice that drew me here
I'd like you to sing the same song again
Why must I sing it? ''Sing the song again''
Beware, lady!
You ask a girl to sing a song and even flex your muscles?
Aren't you ashamed? - I seek forgiveness on his behalf
Indeed ! You consider yourself royalty and look down upon me!
As if you are an Emperor!
What can I say to you?
Go away! - what if I refuse to leave?
I'll have to report you. - To whom?
To Emperor Akbar. I'll ask him to punish you
Please don't do that. I fear Akbar's sense of justice
Your Majesty. . . - What news do you bring?
We have looked everywhere for Prince Salim, at your behest
But I was not fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of him
Wherever he is, take my orders to him
Mercy, Emperor! Mercy!
I have committed a blunder! I have been insolent, Your Majesty
I am pleased with you, girl. Very pleased
You don't mind singing now, do you? - How will I sing?
Why not?
It's not I who sings. It's my love that sings
It isn't I who dances. It's my heart that dances for someone
And that can happen only when my beloved is with me
Your love is indeed laudable. It is so sacred
Does your beloved love you as much too?
Much more. - No
It's true, Your Majesty. He does. - His is a weak love
He's selfish. - His is a selfless, sacred love
Do you know why he left? - No, Your Majesty
He was scared of me. So he ran away
If the fear of you can scare him away. . .
my love can bring him back too
Losers never return
Do not challenge those in love, Emperor
You will lose the bet
''May the sanctity of love be preserved. . . ''
''come to me''
''If you do not come back. . . ''
''love. . . ''
''might have to hang its head in shame. . . ''
''before the world''
''So come to me, my love. . . ''
''come to me, O sweetheart''
''Let's prove to the world the power love wields''
''Let's lay the world at the feet of our love''
''Come to me, O love. . . come to me, sweetheart''
''You will have to come to indulge me''
''You have loved me, you must keep every promise''
''Let's even stake our lives for the sake of our love''
''Let's even stake our lives for the sake of our love''
''Let's lay the world at the feet of our love''
''Come to me, O love. . . come to me, sweetheart''
''Let's face every storm of love together''
''Break every shackle and norm to come back to me''
''If you are a true lover, give up everything for your love''
''If you are a true lover. give up everything for your love''
''Let's lay the world at the feet of our love''
''Come to me, O love. . . come to me, sweetheart''
''My beloved is afraid, he waits somewhere''
''Somewhere in the recesses of royalty lies hidden my love''
''Make royalty itself bow to our love''
''Come to me, my love. . . ''
''let's make royalty bow to us''
''let's make royalty bow to us''
''Come to me, my love''
He's here! The lord of my music is here!
My love has won ! My love has triumphed !
Where is he? - Right before my eyes
Didn't I tell you, Emperor? Do not challenge those in love
You have lost, Emperor! You have lost!
I will gladly accept defeat
But can you prove your beloved's presence here?
This is the hand that lovingly touches me
These are the feet I kiss
Do you now believe me, Emperor? - Oh yes, I do
Someone who cowers in such fear can only be your beloved
You must bow before true love, Emperor
Love has triumphed today. And you have been defeated
I bow my head, girl. And the whole of Hindustan. . .
bows to your sacred love
For the first time in my life, I have been humbled today
I realise that there is a power even greater than the throne
The power of love
I shall give you a reward today. As long as the world exists. . .
as long as the name of the Moghuls lives. . .
as long as the names of Babar, Humayun, Akbar and Akbar's courtiers live. . .
your name shall also be remembered by all
Seek! What do you want?
The pomegranate flower, Emperor
Bless you ! Had you wished, you could have sought Hindustan's treasures. . .
or even my empire from me! But you sought something that is. . .
far more beautiful and immortal than wealth and power!
And I shall bestow upon you the wealth, girl
I give you the title of the Pomegranate Flower
You shall be known by this name for as long as the world exists
And people shall admire my tastes for the fine arts
Long live the Pomegranate Flower. - Long live the Pomegranate Flower
Long live Emperor Akbar. Long live the Moghul kingdom!
Do not go away, soldier. Do not go away
Stay right here. . . I'll be back very soon
Really? - Oh yes
You won't be late, will you? - No
I hope I don't keep waiting for you and. . .
Don't you believe me?
I do, I do, soldier
May God protect you. - Ma God protect you
However, I always dread. . .
you are a soldier and I am a gypsy
If we are separated, it will be difficult for us to meet
No, Nadira. That will never happen
Until you return. . .
my eyes shall wait for you to return
Go on, soldier. Go on
His Majesty is waiting for you. He's angry
That's what I've been waiting here to tell you
I am grateful to you
To serve you, is my good fortune
Shekhu hasn't arrived yet, Queen. - He should be here any moment
Your Majesty. . . - Where have you been, Shekhu?
What has happened to my child? - I've suffered an injury, Mother
It's just a scratch
You must never tell your mother when you are hurt
Mothers have a weak heart
I regret, you could not go out with me today
I happened to see a miracle today. A very strange thing
Have you been to the pomegranate gardens here?
Yes. . . excuse me, Your Majesty?
Your Majesty. . . ?
Raja Man Singh. . . - Yes, Your Majesty?
I have just one son. I yearn for him to call me father
But he never seems to forget that I am an Emperor
Brother, is that the son's fault? Or is it the father's ?
I bring word to His Majesty. The troops are ready
Your Majesty, I await royal orders
Raja Man Singh, I wish to send Prince Salim with you. . .
on your sojourn through Kabul. - Father!
Your Majesty
My Lord, you have considered my son worthy. . .
of bearing the burden of the Empire with you
My son has grown up today. - Our son has grown up today, Queen
It's going to be a very difficult journey, Your Majesty
When there are other daring men, why risk the heir to the throne?
However difficult the journey is going to be. . .
to keep one's own son safely protected. . .
while others brave the odds, is an act of selfishness
I can make no concessions to myself
Before winning over nations. . .
Emperors have to first strengthen their hearts
Very well. My son shall go the battlefield and display his valour
You will, won't you son? - Mother. . .
He certainly will
Where are you, soldier?
Where are you. . . ?
Desires met with disappointment
There was the caravan of Anarkali's shattered joys. . .
and the never-ending search following the separation
The caravan wound its way through the hills, across the deserts. . .
and soon crossed the borders of the empire
If Anarkali pined here. . .
Salim was in agony, tormented by the separation
One night. . .
A golden bird ! Grab her!
Far away from Hindustan, across the border. . .
watching this sickening sight of perverted men. . .
there rose in Anarkali's heart a cry for her beloved
As they say, a heart reaches out to a heart
Perhaps her agonising cry would reach Salim's heart
Was I saying anything wrong?
Now listen to the mesmerising songs of this nightingale. . .
and watch her tantalising dance. She is incomparable
She is beyond compare in the whole world !
Dance. . . and show your admirers your beauty
Won't you sing. . . ?
''Come to me. . . ''
''come at least now''
''Come to me, save me''
''You who will buy my destiny, come to me''
''Come to me, save me''
''You who will buy my destiny, come to me''
''Love is on auction in the market place. . . ''
''come to me''
''Everyone makes his bid, his eyes filled with lust''
''But I belong to you, although the world does not know''
''The cruel ones who bid for me are naively deceived. Come to me''
''Come to me, save me''
''You who will buy my destiny, come to me''
''My youth is full of desire, beauty and charm''
''Wondrous dreams fill my heart''
''My world is about to be shattered, come to me''
''Come to me, save me''
''You who will buy my destiny, come to me''
Name the price, gentlemen
One thousand. - 2 thousand
3 thousand. . . - 10 thousand
15 thousand. - 15 thousand?
For this beauty from paradise, just 15,000 ?
Either a king knows the worth of a pearl, or its finder
15,000 - first call. 15,000 - second call
50,000 !
60,000 ! - 7 0,000 !
80,000 ! - 100,000 !
1 10,000 ! - 200,000 !
200,000 ? Only 200,000 for this beauty from paradise?
Where are those who admire beauty? Where are those with large hearts?
200,000 ! 200,000 - the first call
200,000 . . . second call. Sold for 300,000 !
Welcome, sir
This way, please
Let me go! Leave me alone!
My daughter!
Have you seen my daughter? - No, who is she?
My daughter. Nadira. The one whom the Emperor gave the title of Anarkali
The Emperor? - He gave your daughter a title?
She's out of her mind
Feeling shy? All right
Your lovely voice. . .
your eyes that are lowered with modesty. . .
your beauty, your youthfulness. . .
you are incomparable!
No, let me go!
Mercy! Have mercy on me!
Why? Have I inflicted any tyranny on you?
I have spent so much of money on you. To save you. . .
I've taken on a dozen men. All alone. I didn't even care for my life
I will not make you sin. I will marry you
Do you agree?
I wish you knew, a woman takes the hand of only one man in her lifetime
He's the one she worships after God
Nice excuse you've found to escape. - Please don't think it's an excuse
If you do not believe in my love, you might as well strangulate me
You will see that in every cry of agony, I will cry for my beloved
Every word you utter is as beautiful as your body
But it has no effect
If your love is true, why does it not strike my heart?
Lord Almighty. . .
you are the protector of those in love
Have mercy on me
Show me the light, Lord. Show me the light
''What is love. . . ''
''you shall know when you fall in love''
''When you shed tears, when you smile for love''
''The firefly burns. . . ''
''but what does he burn for?''
''If you must know secret. . . ''
''you should burn in the fires of love''
''Do not ask me what my love offers me''
''It's a flame that I hide in my heart''
''With love in my heart, with my desires. . . ''
''I have brought the wilderness alive''
''Do not ask me what my love offers me''
''That which the world looks forward to destroying. . . ''
''is a memory I hold to my bosom''
''Do not ask me what my love offers me''
''I swear it on my love, to those that look at me with lustful eyes''
''It is the sweet ache of love for which I've forgotten the world''
''Do not ask me what my love offers me''
Enough, Anar. . . enough !
My Anar. . . I'm your soldier ! It's me!
I'm back!
Raja saheb. . . - Follow me quietly
Raja saheb. . . - Your absence. . .
and what I saw here cannot be forgiven
She's the girl the Emperor bestowed the title of Anarkali on
There's no need to say anything more. - Mercy on our innocent love!
Look at her. She's asleep after days of waiting for me
For the sake of my love, she has gone through so many atrocities
Have mercy on us, Raja saheb!
An empire runs not on mercy. It runs on laws
The law is your prerogative. - And the Emperor's justice?
You can reason with him. - How about my duties?
And what is your duty? - To take you away from here
Should I refuse to go? - You will be arrested.
And this girl who has driven you to rebel will be killed.
In that case, you will take me dead. Not alive!
Prince! This is a rebellion ! - This is the justice of love!
Do not compel me to fight back! - You are doing that!
Raja Man Singh can't tolerate a rebellion !
And I can't bear to see my beloved being separated from me!
Soldiers! Arrest him!
Take him away! Go on
Where are you, soldier? Where are you. . . ?
I can't live without him! I can't. . .
Soldier. . . !
A strange unconsciousness. This medicine never fails
May God protect him, his face is drained
His pulse is sinking. - So do something, physician
Find a medicine to bring him to consciousness
All my medicines have failed, Your Highness
No medicine can bring him to his consciousness
That cannot be true! It is not true!
There must surely be a medicine? A cure. . . ?
I am helpless, Your Majesty
To bring the Prince back to consciousness is beyond my capacity
Are you telling me that Shekhu will never regain consciousness?
The medicines have all been tried. The patient now needs prayers
Raja Man Singh. . . - Your Majesty?
Arrange for charity immediately
Give away all the royal treasure to the poor and the orphans
Release all prisoners, also those who have been sentenced to death
Implore everyone to beg for the life of Prince Salim
Ask the Hindus to pray in temples. Ask Muslims to offer prayers
Ask our subjects to beg for the life of their crown prince!
''True life is his. . . ''
''who gives himself up to someone else. . . ''
''and loses himself in love''
Lord, my son is regaining consciousness
That very voice. . .
it's the magic of that very voice! Let her in !
Come immediately. The Emperor has sent for you
Anarkali. . . !
Lord !
Thanks to your voice, the Prince has seen a ray of hope
You have perhaps appeared in answer to our prayers
As an errand of mercy, save my son's life!
Delay it no more! Please! - Please come, Anarkali
Having heard your voice, my son has called me ''Mother'' after ages
Maybe you will give my son back to me
I am helpless! Give me back the one I live for, Anarkali
Sing, Anarkali. Please sing
''Pray, O sorrowful heart. . . ''
''pray to God''
''Spread your hands in helplessness and despair. . . ''
''pray, O sorrowful heart. . . ''
''appeal to God''
''Let lightning not strike these palaces. . . ''
''let it instead strike my humble abode''
''Pray, O sorrowful heart. . . ''
''pray to God''
''May you live forever. May I lose my life''
''Let at least this be the excuse that gives me death''
''What will I do with a few more breaths?''
''Pray, O sorrowful heart. . . ''
''pray to God''
''What will I give you?''
''Everything I possessed has been snatched away''
''What have I, save for a few prayers?''
''God is the one support the poor have. . . ''
''and yet, I beg You. . . ''
''do not break my heart, now that it has found succour''
''Pray, O sorrowful heart. . . ''
''pray to God''
''Spread your hands in helplessness and despair. . . ''
''pray, O sorrowful heart. . . ''
''appeal to God''
Shekhu. . . - My son. . .
Long live the Prince!
Long Live Prince Salim
Long live the Crown Prince!
Where is she?
Anarkali. . .
Your Majesty?
The Prince wishes to see you
What is the matter? - Please grant me your leave
Stop her, Mother. Please stop her
Please come here, my child
Long live the Prince!
Long live Prince Salim!
Anarkali, what are you grieving?
You were in love. You were always so happy
My beloved was with me then. - And now?
Now. . .
he has become a very big man, Your Majesty
He has become too powerful. - However powerful he has become. . .
I will bestow upon you royal riches and make you even richer
No, Your Majesty. He has gone too far away from me
I'll have the whole of Hindustan searched. . .
and have him brought to you
In the hope of meeting him, I have lived through these days
But he will never return to me ever again, Your Majesty
May God give your prince a long life
Please grant me your leave now. - How can I do that?
Make an announcement
The prince's recovery will be widely celebrated
Do not be afraid, girl. I am Raja Man Singh
Raja saheb. . . ?
Although this is against royal protocol. . .
it's helplessness that has driven me to come here
I don't understand
I hope you will understand without having to utter a word
I. . . ? I don't understand anything
Don't you. . . ? Or don't you want to understand anything?
Do not talk in riddles, Raja saheb
Tell me clearly whatever you have to say
I admire your audacity, girl. But it could even take your life
The emperor might believe it, even the world may believe it. . .
that you're only a tribal girl who has wandered into the Capital
But I won't believe it
I know the secret of your love
What do you know?
I know that you are an ant that has tried to climb a mountain
That despite being a gypsy, you have dared to ensnare a prince in your trap
To become the Queen of Hindustan. For all its comforts and luxuries!
You have been driven by your lust for wealth !
Here is the wealth !
Go away from here and sate your lust!
You may keep your wealth !
It's the rich who lust for wealth. Not poor folks like us
I don't want your wealth, nor do I seek the comforts and luxuries of the palace
All I want is my love. Not from the Prince. . .
I want love from the soldier in whose garb your prince feigned love for me
He betrayed me
He played with my feelings and ruined my life to sate his lust!
And today, he lives in the palace!
I ask, is it a sin for the poor to fall in love with the rich?
In that case, isn't it a sin for the rich to deceive the poor. . .
in order to sate their lust?
Does your law have a punishment for this crime?
Why are you silent, Raja saheb? You are a law-abiding general !
Tell me, can you punish your prince for his crime?
I am ashamed of myself, girl
But for your own welfare, I'd still advise you to go away
Or calamity will strike. - Calamity?
What bigger calamity can I face than my beloved betraying me?
My beloved has betrayed me!
You can however rest assured
Why leave after the celebration? Why not go away right now?
I ask, why leave after the celebration? Why don't you leave right now?
The Emperor's orders. . .
Go away! The shackles of love have broken
You are ruined. So what are you waiting for?
Waiting? No, I wait for nothing
You can deceive yourself. . . not me
I see a ray of hope in your eyes
Yes. Maybe he will return. - No, he is not returning
Your world is plundered
He has forgotten you ! He has gotten over you, Nadira
No! He was in love with me! - Love. . . ?
A prince falling in love with a nomad ?
You have been subjected to a cruel joke, Nadira !
A prince falling in love with a nomad ?
You have been subjected to a cruel joke, Nadira !
What a joke!
Anarkali. . . ?
She suddenly took ill and could not attend, Your Majesty
Her absence at an occasion like this would appear to be ominous
Let the celebrations begin
Wonderful ! That was splendid !
Anarkali !
Khan-saheb, please begin
''Awaken the sweet ache of love. . . ''
''let my heart pine. . . ''
''with the high notes of your tears''
''It took one gaze from you. . . ''
''to put the world to sleep''
''This world is deep in slumber. . . ''
''the skies are deep in slumber. . . ''
''in deep sleep is your love''
''Awaken the sweet ache of love. . . ''
''Awaken the sweet ache of love. . . ''
''Awaken, awaken. . . ''
''Whom shall I tell my story?''
''Whom shall I show my broken heart?''
''Where shall I go? Till far away. . . ''
''there is no light leading me''
''The fires have turned into ashes. . . ''
''let my heart pine. . . ''
''with the high notes of your tears''
''Awaken the sweet ache of love. . . ''
''Such were the winds of misery that blew. . . ''
''it turned my world topsy-turvy''
''All joy has turned away from me''
''Serpents of sorrow continue to bite me''
''Awaken the sweet ache of love. . . ''
''let my heart pine. . . ''
''with the high notes of your tears''
Splendid, Anarkali !
In the eyes of the Almighty and the justice of the Emperor. . .
everyone is an equal
But an evaluation is indeed necessary
I must say, Anarkali has stood out in today's contest
I accord Anarkali the status of the royal courtesan
Long live Anarkali
Come here, Anarkali
I am convinced that in keeping with the royal edict. . .
Anarkali's beloved is present here in the royal court
Stand up
Stand up without a fear
If his love is true, I want to see him
Deceit. Betrayal. Lies
How long shall I carry on with my life with the support of such lies?
Oh unfortunate Nadira !
You shall find no peace and rest in this world
Only despair. And darkness
What has happened to you? - Mother, let's go away
How can you say such things? Think about it
Why must we suffer again? We have every comfort here. . .
there is peace and happiness
Mother, you will have to pay for this peace and happiness with my life
Do you want me to live, or die?
No, my child. - So let's go away, Mother
You have no idea what might happen. Have faith in your daughter
I am deceiving you. I am not lying to you
Please listen to me, Mother. Take me away from here
As you wish, my child
Before we leave, let's at least meet the womenfolk. . .
and thank them. - No, Mother
You can go and see them. I'm not going
Parvez! Anarkali is leaving ! Anarkali is going away!
I'm losing my life! - Oh really
Your heart is sinking. It's a sign of pining, Prince
You're thinking of jokes? - It's time for jokes, Prince
Love, they say, is an affliction of the mind
Do not poke fun at my love. Tell me of a solution, if you can
There are so many solutions, Prince. But I'm afraid, my head might roll
Is that why you call yourself a friend? - I'm not scared of losing my life
If you kill me, you'll be very compassionate about it
But the Emperor will be very merciless when he pronounces my death
To die a merciless death. . . ? Not very appealing
The Emperor? All right, you are helpless before the Emperor too
And I'm helpless because of his terror
Anarkali is going away, so let her go away
Who will stop her? Salim. . . ? That disrespectful Salim?
The unfortunate crown prince of Hindustan !
How I wish I could fall in love like a common man !
I could lay down my life for your tears
Well? What message do you want me to carry?
How will you reach her? How will the message be taken to her?
I have found him! Just give me the message, Prince
Where is the one who will carry the message?
Just give me the letter!
Go to the courtesan's chambers. . .
and give this letter to the most beautiful. . .
the most bewitching women of them all
The one who makes the Moon blush, who is the envy of the stars. . .
Go and give her the Prince's heart
What madness is this? What if the letter falls in someone's hands?
Rest assured, Prince. It's my deer
Its no less than its master in recognising a true beauty
''Dearest sweetheart. . . ''
''the one you condemn to death and go away. . . ''
''seeks from you the right to live''
''If you want to put my love to a test. . .
''light a lamp tonight and wait for me''
''If I arrive, our love is true''
''Or else, the dawn following the night is not meant for me''
She's not going away. - Why not?
Something is wrong
Go and find out. Go on
''I wait. . . ''
''I seek to meet him''
''This lamp burns. . . ''
''and I feel distraught''
''Love is a feeling. . . ''
''that is beyond explanation''
''On the lips, the restlessness of the heart. . . ''
''is never brought out''
''Come to me. . . ''
''my eyes yearn to see you''
''Come to me. . . ''
''My eyes yearn to see you''
''My eyes yearn to see you''
''A desire like mine. . . ''
''you must not spurn''
''My heart worships the very ground you tread on''
''The state of lovers. . . ''
''is not to be revealed''
''Love is a feeling. . . ''
''that is beyond explanation''
Silence! It's me
What have you come here for? - I've come to you, Anar!
To me?
To seek your forgiveness for the sins I have committed
What sin have you committed, Prince?
For you, it's no sin to play with the feelings of a gypsy girl
You have played with my love, you have toyed with my desires
I must thank you for playing this game with me, Prince
Hear me out. . . - Don't touch me, Prince!
I've had enough of this game! What else do you want now?
God and His angels are witness. I have played no games with you
Did you really love me? - Yes
Do not insult the sacred word, Prince. Call it your lust!
Anar! - You remember my love today?
Where was your love when you played with me for a couple of days. . .
and disappeared? I kept suffering in your memory
I was even sold in the marketplace! I bore every tyranny
I ask, where was your love then?
Go away, Prince! The word ''love'' does not sound nice when you utter it
But you have taught me to love, Anar. I beg for your forgiveness!
What a big joke!
The crown prince begs a slave for forgiveness!
You are not a slave. You are the Queen of my heart
And I'm no crown prince. I'm your slave
Forgive your slave, Anar
It's lust that makes you flatter me
Do not call my love, lust. Look into my eyes
Aren't my tears proof of my love? - I have been deceived enough
You even call my tears a deceit?
How can one trust a prince's tears? - I can give up everything for you !
That is a lie! - How will I convince you. . . ?
I want to go away. . .
away from this world of deceit and betrayal !
My love is nothing but lust, my tears are deceit. . . ?
My intentions are evil?
Very well then. Go away, if you wish to
But remember, your picture is etched on my heart
I won't be able to live without you ! - That's what you think, Prince
That is the truth ! I can lay down my life to prove that my love is true
Those that threaten, do little, Prince
So you want proof, Anar. . . ? You want proof?
Soldier! What are you doing?
In my death, you would have believed my love to be true
Soldier,,. my dear soldier
You won't go away now, will you?
How can I ever leave you? - Anar!
It's dawn Anar. I must leave now
Prince. . . - I'll come again
Every day, every evening
Light a lamp in the moonlight every evening and wait for me
I will return with all my love
Girl !
So what I heard is true. You have to decided to stay on in the palace
Why haven't you gone away?
It was the Emperor's order
Didn't you want to leave, despite the Emperor's orders?
I have changed my mind
Looks like you have met Prince Salim already
If I deny that?
You cannot deceive me. Raja Man Singh can very well see the truth
How dare you disobey my order? Who is the criminal who supports you?
Criminal? And what is his crime, Raja saheb?
That he deceived you. He showed you fancy dreams, a pack of lies
If what he said is lies, what is the truth, Raja saheb?
The truth is that you are a slave
And the crown prince of Hindustan can never wed a slave!
Why not? - It is a custom
In that case, he is not the criminal. You are the criminal, Raja saheb
Silence, insolent girl ! Do not cross your limits!
I beg your pardon, Raja saheb, but you are the criminal. . .
who weighs love in the scales of wealth
God made us all equals
It was people like you who created the classes. . .
and erected barriers between them
The royal laws are as firm as God's rules
I can give you no help in this respect
I have no hopes of you, Raja saheb. I pin my hopes on him. . .
who s a human being, despite living in a palace of gold
He is the one with the heart, who loves me. . .
and compels me to requite his love. - He is a fool ! He is blind
He's ignorant of the consequences despite knowing everything
In the garb of love, he's playing with your life!
My life belongs to him. He can very well play with it
Why must you worry? - I don't !
If you want to live in the palace at the risk of your life, you may
But remember, you will be watched. I'll be told of everything you do
So be careful with your step
One wrong step. . . and it'll be your last
Even death at my beloved's feet shall be a celebration of life
''A life full of love lasts but a few moments. . . ''
''even if it's too little, it lasts a lifetime''
''Thrones and riches of the world. . . ''
''nothing is bigger than love''
''A life full of love lasts but a few moments. . . ''
''even if it's too little, it lasts a lifetime''
Anarkali goes to meet someone secretly in the night
It'll be dealt with
He has fled
Whatever you do. . .
you cannot escape my clutches
''A life full of love lasts but a few moments. . . ''
''even if it's too little, it lasts a lifetime''
''Where two hearts full of love beat together. . . ''
''it's the most beautiful celebration of love''
''A life full of love lasts but a few moments. . . ''
''Anar, your love shall await you at the garden tonight''
Salim. . . ?
The prince and Anarkali. . . ? No, this is impossible!
I'm ruined !
Anarkali has robbed me of everything I had !
Don't cry, Gulnar
Yes. . . if there is courage, there is life
Revenge! Vengeance!
Something that will be a testimony of Gulnar's love!
What are you going to do, Gulnar? - She will wait for him tonight
But I will show her the way. - What?
The way to death. I'll lead her to the tunnel. . .
where the prince has his man-eating lion
Anarkali will not get to know. She will receive my letter. . .
and go to the tunnel to meet Salim. There she will confront the lion !
Anarkali's blood-stained remains will give succour to my heart
It's very late, Parvez
When you're waiting for someone, time does pass slowly, Prince
She has come, Prince!
You may leave now. - God protect you
I shall stand guard so that the Prince's fun is not ruined
Guess who it is. . . ? Tell me
Answer me
I'm not the one you think I am
Why don't you speak. . . ?
Oh yes, it's right too. There's silence everywhere
Why must we speak either? Come, let's sit quietly somewhere
Prince. . .
Anar! Who are you. . . ? Gulnar . . . ? !
Yes, it isn't Anar. It's the unfortunate Gulnar!
Let me go!
Do not separate me from yourself! Even if it was by deceit. . .
your embrace was wonderful ! It's so soothing, so peaceful. . .
You dare!
If I'm a slave who dares do this, she too is. . .
Silence, shameless woman ! How can you ever equal Anarkali's sacred love?
You aren't even the dust on her feet! - Why. . . ?
Because her love is successful? And mine has failed?
Prince. . .
Leave me alone! - Prince. . .
Stay away!
Do not humiliate me, Prince. Do not humiliate me like this!
There's no saying what a woman scorned will do
She might do anything ! - You're threatening me?
No, Prince. No
I'm begging you. . . for love. For one moment of love
For one moment of love, give yourself unto me
This moment belongs to me! To me! - Insolent woman ! Get out of my sight!
You have seen Gulnar's love. You will now see her revenge
With all my love, I lay myself at your feet
But you have spurned me. You have humiliated me!
I'm not the one you kicked, you have kicked your own destiny!
What can you do to me? - I can expose your secret. . .
in the whole empire! - What secret?
What proof do you have? - A very big proof too
There were birds flying in the skies. Your pigeons and my falcons
I have in my possession your letters
And those letters can change destiny
It can restore to me my lost pride. . .
and it can make you a slave to me!
But I don't even want you as my slave
I hate you, Prince! I hate you !
Hatred seeks revenge and this revenge shall come from Anarkali !
You know, it's enough for the letters to reach the Emperor
Anarkali will then be thrust into the dungeons. . .
she will be subjected to tyranny, she will be sentenced to death
And I will stand by and laugh
You will come to me in tears, you will fall at my feet
You will say, ''Gulnar, take away everything from me. . . ''
''but please save Anarkali's life''
And I will kick you, like you kicked me
And I will say, I want death. Only death ! Anarkali's death !
She has snatched everything from me! My status, my position. . .
my love and my life!
Anarkali's death will mean life to me!
You want to kill me. . . ? No! You can't kill me!
It's Emperor Akbar's rule! He's the one who'll do justice!
Don't come any further! I'll scream! It'll bring the guards here. . .
and you'll be shamed ! You will be shamed ! Come no further!
Before you succeed in your evil designs. . .
I will finish you !
No, a death like this one is too easy for a sinner like you
I'll throw you to my lions!
They'll calm your fire of revenge with your blood !
They'll maul you ! They'll wipe out every trace of you !
Go away from here! - What are you doing, Prince. . . ?
I'll protect your life by giving her death !
If her death gives me life, I don't want to live at all !
What are you saying. Anar? - It's the truth
I wish you knew, my love means the life to me
And that has nothing to do with death
While I live, your enemies cannot be left alive!
Beware! If you take another step. . .
it'll be as good as strangling my love
Let her go
I have a request to make to you
If possible, please turn this hatred into love
Forgive me, sister! Forgive me for my sin !
Don't say that
You don't know, I'm so ashamed of myself!
Lord, if there's anything in my heart other than love for Anarkali. . .
may I burn in the fires of hell ! May I not find peace even in my grave!
Let's go, Anar
Where is the letter?
I swear, it's not with me
All right
It's not with me! So why're you running away?
Will you give it to me or must I find it myself?
I'm giving it to you !
Anar, you don't know what a dangerous woman Gulnar is
She's a venomous snake. - God protects those in love
I have made up my mind, Anar. - What?
It's time now for the Emperor to get to know about my love
Really? And how? - The Emperor's birthday. . .
is fast approaching. On that day, he forgets the worries of the world. . .
and gives himself upto joy and merriment
Where the Empire goes to sleep, love is awakened
Will you then. . . ? - No
At the celebrations in the Glass Palace. . .
an Anarkali, high on love, will dance and to regale the gathering
Everything in the world will be swaying and dancing
All the courtiers and distinguished elders. . .
even the Emperor himself will come alive to the revelry
At a time like that, I will ask him for your hand
And he will not be able to refuse you ! - No, never!
The Glass Palace will bring for us the message of a new life
The Glass Palace will bring for you not the message of life. . .
but the message of death
You are kicking up a storm today
Wait till she gets ready. You will then see
The charm, the airs. . .
whom is the lightning going to strike?
If I have the permission, may I dress her up?
She's ready already. See if there's something lacking
No one survives this intoxication. Go on
Once the intoxication works, her feet will falter. . .
her eyes will go awry and the secret of her love will be out
''Where has my destiny. . . ''
''brought me today?''
''Glass everywhere. . . ''
''makes a mockery of me''
Anarkali, get a hold on yourself
''Do not blame me. . . ''
''for passing out''
''It would be an insult. . . ''
''to my helpless love''
''In my love, my feet stagger. . . ''
''and the world thinks I have arrived drunk''
''One who sheds tears all day and night. . . ''
''is ordered to make people laugh''
''The world thinks I have arrived drunk''
''Helplessly in love with someone. . . ''
''I have walked to him, but he does not come to me''
''The world thinks I have arrived drunk''
''The one I have ruined my life for. . . ''
''sits there, with the heart he has stolen from me''
''The world thinks I have arrived drunk''
''For how long shall you hide? Look at me in the eye''
''Meet my gaze''
''But you wouldn't even care if I lost my life''
''The world thinks I have walked in, drunk''
''In my love, my feet stagger. . . ''
''and the world thinks I have arrived drunk''
Anarkali !
It's only about love
Take her into custody!
Take away everything from me! The throne of Hindustani. . .
the luxuries of the palace and the riches! I want nothing !
I want only Anarkali ! I will think you have given me everything !
What if your father does not agree? - You can tell him then. . .
that he won't find me alive. He'll find my corpse tomorrow
He can then take out a procession of my funeral and have his way!
You want me to give Anarkali to Salim?
And make a courtesan the Queen of Hindustan?
You know what a queen is?
She's a goddess of virtue and sacrifice
She's a mother to her subjects, Like you are, Queen
Not a tramp, a woman who is nothing but a plaything !
I wholeheartedly agree with what you say
But if you had any idea of what I am going through. . .
What is the matter? Tell me
I will rescue you. We will then not be so helpless and distraught
Love shall be free again. And there will be only you and I
That's what you always say. You're a prince, after all
That's your compulsion. - Compulsion? Because I'm a prince?
The only son of Jalaluddin Akbar. The only heir to the Moghul throne!
The heir to Hindustan's throne!
Is that is why you have been tied in chains, Anar?
I swear it on you ! I will bring about a bloodbath !
This regime will exist no more. The Moghuls will cease to be!
There will be no Akbar, no Salim. . . - Come to your senses, Prince!
What are you talking about? Those in love don't talk about bloodshed
Don't say such things, Anar
It's precisely this attitude that has weakened my resolve
Whether the regime exists or not, whether the empire exists or not. . .
whether Salim becomes the emperor or not. . .
you and I will live and die together. That is what I have decided
This is a rebellion ! - No
It's the call of love!
Your Majesty. . . - You dare!
The Prince has declared a rebellion against you
He's leading troops to attack the royal palace
Salim has rebelled?
Man Singh !
Hear that, Queen. . . ? ''Salim is still a child''
''He does not know many youngsters of his age''
''I will go and placate him''
What have you done, Shekhu?
A son brings pride to his mother before his father
And you make me bow my head in shame forever
Defeat! Defeat for Akbar!
Defeat for the Moghul empire! From whom. . . ?
From a trampish slave!
For the sake of a slave, he wants to fight against his parents
He wants to wipe out the Moghul empire
At your service, Sire. - Man Singh. . .
take royal troops to combat Salim. Bring him here, dead or alive
No, brother! You are Salim's uncle!
Do not kill my son !
It's the order of the Emperor, sister. - Do not be so cruel, Emperor!
How will Salim ever fight the royal forces. . . ?
I will brook no rebellion. - It isn't anyone else. . .
who's rebelling. It's our own flesh and blood, Salim!
Even if he brings his troops, captures us and kills us. . .
he'll still remain our son, we are his parents
We will lay down our lives for his happiness
Is that a Rajput woman speaking? A lioness? The Queen of Hindustan?
Yes. Because I'm a mother first. Everything else comes afterwards
A mother can give away all she has for the sake of her son's life
I don't want the regime, I don't want these luxuries!
All I want is my son ! Only my son !
You had once yourself told me. . .
that the scales of our justice must never waver, even for our son
Do you want history to say that when the occasion arose. . .
Akbar's life was blotted with the love of his son?
You say that because you are only an Emperor. Not a father!
Give it a thought
Did we seek favours at temples and mosques. . .
did we invoke the Gods for a son. . .
so that our own forces would one day turn his enemies?
Think of those days when Salim used to fall ill. . .
and we spent days and nights sitting at his bedside
We used to pray for his life
Was it so that our royal forces will claim his life today?
Very well, Queen
I will personally go to battle with Salim
All alone, at that
No, Emperor. . . You cannot go!
Salim is a rebel. His blood is boiling
He might raise his hand at you ! No, I'm not letting you go!
What do you want me to do, Queen?
Your decisions are all very strange, Emperor
You want to gift me my son and snatch my husband's life from me
But a Hindu woman has forever sacrificed her son for her husband
Man Singh, the Queen of Hindustan orders you
Take the royal forces to combat the rebellion started by Salim
Bring that worthless boy here, dead or alive
The Emperor of Hindustan wishes to go to battle himself, Queen
If Salim, with Moghul blood in his veins, can get down to a rebellion. . .
he is also the son of a Rajput woman
His eyes will certainly show respect and honour for his father
What father and what son in a battle, Emperor?
Whose life will I pray for?
Your husband has a request to make of you, Queen
You must pray for Salim's life. It's okay if I die
But if something happens to Salim. . .
the Moghul empire's heir will be wiped out!
To Salim, the Emperor of Hindustan. . . - Glory be!
To the Moghul empire, glory be!
My dear man, you have taken the most important step of your youth today
I want to congratulate you
One who comes alone either comes with a message of peace. . .
or wishes to prove his supremacy
No, Emperor Akbar has come to test the daring of a rebel
You can test my daring only in the battlefield
Salim, to fight the Moghul forces is not an easy task
As a father, I do not want my son to face defeat in the battle
I want to see you succeed, Salim
But Salim will not capture a lone man. . .
and insult his bravery!
Insult for a rebel. . . ?
A successful rebel is not a rebel !
True, but success you will have. . .
only when you apply your father's blood on your forehead
Shekhu, your mother wishes to light lamps for your success
Go and light those lamps. Give her the news of your success
Pick up your spear, Shekhu !
A father's chest eagerly awaits his son's spear to pierce it!
This is the chest on which you once rested your head, Shekhu
O soldiers of Emperor Akbar. You have been misled
Your chief is helpless
To Jalaluddin Akbar, the Emperor of Hindustan. . .
Glory be!
Present the offenders in court
My child !
The accused Nadira, alias Anarkali. . .
is accused of treason, ensnarement and a rebellion
The accused Salim. Crown Prince. . .
son of Jalaluddin Akbar. . . - Hold it
I have no parents
It is my misfortune that I have no parents
If I had any parents, they would have been here with me
Like that mother there. Sorrowful, grieving. . .
at her daughter's plight, almost going mad
If she could, she would bite open the shackles at her daughter's feet
Else, she'd bang her head on the ground and give up her life
My son !
Please enter it in the records. The accused Salim has no father
I'm a rebel ! I know a rebel gets a death sentence!
So give me a death sentence!
No! The confession to a crime is not evidence of the crime
My Lord, what would the accused have gained from a rebellion?
Riches, throne. . . ? What was it that he did not have. . .
or that he did not have a right to? So why did he rebel?
For the sake of love. - Exactly
For the accused, the rebellion was an act of emotions
He did take up the arms, but out of innocence
His rebellion is nothing more than an act of rebellion against a father
Parents do always forgive their children's trespasses, Lord
The accused is indeed at fault, but he's not guilty
I beg the royal court for a pardon to the accused Salim, Lord
What do the other courtiers have to say?
Lord, the accused Salim be released
He maybe forgiven. - He may be spared, Lord
Issue the orders, Lord !
Issue the orders of his release, Lord
To acquaint the court with the truth, I will now tell you. . .
something that goes against the grain of the Rajputs
But it's a question of Hindustan's future
May God forgive me
It's Anarkali who instigated Salim into a rebellion !
That is a lie! A fabrication !
Silence. You may carry on
She's the one who committed the crime, who wouldn't relent despite warnings
But she thought a rebellion was a better option
She had strung dreams around the rebellion. . .
and she instigated Salim to rebel, so that her dreams would be fulfilled
Anarkali is the offender, not Salim! - Justice, Emperor! I want justice!
Everyone saves his own kin
But to be compassionate with others is the hallmark of a emperor
You know what your son has done
But it is my blood that runs in my daughter's veins
I swear it on that blood ! She is not guilty!
She's the one you gave riches to, but she rejected them
If she wished, she could even have asked you for your throne
And you couldn't have refused her
But she wouldn't even take love as charity
If she is guilty, I ask the world. . .
who is innocent? What is law? Where is justice?
Before you declare my daughter a criminal, you must. . .
Before you snatch my daughter from me, you must snatch a son from his mother!
No, Mother! Don't say that!
No one is the criminal. Not the prince, not me
But if love is a crime, we are indeed criminals
But I ask you, Emperor. . .
Why do you hold me guilty of this crime?
It's because you do not like the idea of my love
The love of a slave with a prince
The love of the poor with the rich
But I ask you again, Emperor. Are the poor not human?
Was it God who made differences between the rich and the poor?
Do not grief and sorrow affect the rich and the poor alike?
Is the blood of the rich, blood? And ours. . . water?
So why these differences between the rich and the poor?
Why do we face these consequences when we fall in love?
If there is a law that declares such a love to be a crime. . .
it stands on a foundation of injustice
It is the duty of human beings to fight against it
Girl ! You will be punished with death for offending the law
I will say it again ! At the top of my voice
Ours was not a rebellion ! It was the call of love!
It was a struggle for justice! It was a war against tyranny!
O Lord of Justice. . .
before you do justice, do remember. . .
that this is not the last court
There is a court far greater than this court
The Court of God
There, you shall be asked to account for your justice
Lord Almighty. . . grant unto me strength and wisdom. . .
I find myself to be a weak father
It is proved that the accused Salim and Anarkali. . .
showed no faith in royal justice, took the law into their hands. . .
and staged a rebellion against the regime
The accused Salim and Nadira are guilty of treason, disobedience. . .
contempt of court and insult to the Emperor Akbar
Both are sentenced to death
Lord, the courtiers seek an audience with you
Queen, stay with me
The courtiers have assembled here to request Your Majesty. . .
to reconsider your decision
Should it be considered then that the Emperor did not issue the decision. . .
after due consideration?
We come only with a petition of mercy, O Queen
But rebels have always been given a death sentence
There is difference between the prince and other rebels, Your Majesty
Why? - He's dear not only to you. . .
he's dear to all of us. He's the heir to the throne of Hindustan
In the eyes of the law, however, he is a criminal
There is no law for kings and emperors, Lord
Is that what the courtiers of Akbar say?
Nobody is above the law. Not you, not I, not my son
Undoubtedly. But the laws have to be compromised at times. . .
to save the situation. - What does that mean?
The Prince is the only heir of the Moghul empire
If he does not live, the lineage will cease to exist!
This empire will cease to exist. - It isn't families that run empires
It's principles that run it. To save my family. . .
I cannot ignore the law
I cannot betray my conscience and compromise my integrity
God has given me the power to sit in justice
Will I be able to face God on the Day of Reckoning. . . ?
My forefathers' souls will heap ridicule on me
They will say that I killed justice for the sake of my son's life
But. . . - I don't want to listen to anything !
Even if the name of Moghul is wiped out. . .
it's impossible for me to spare Salim's life
That is not possible!
As much right as you have to Salim, we Rajputs have a right too
Salim is a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity
The Rajputs got their daughter married to you. . .
because the son of the Rajputs and the Moghuls would be the ruler of Hindustan
And the Rajputs had put their swords back in their sheaths
You want to wipe out that fact from history
But we Rajputs will not let you do that
The Rajputs might very well draw their swords again to save him. . .
Raja Man Singh !
Do not cross your limits
Emperor, Queen. . . we have erred only out of emotions
Do not let your emotions carry you away
Look at the Emperor's state
At daybreak tomorrow, his only son will be delivered to death
You may leave now
Prince. . . give me death ! I am the reason for your ruin !
I was the one who exposed your secret!
I am the one who's responsible for your impending death !
Kill me! Please! Deliver me from this life!
No! After a few moments of our death, Anar and I will be united again
We shall be rid of the world. Forever and for ever
Away from the eyes of a filthy woman like you !
I don't want to kill you. Else, your soul will follow us even there!
Go away, Gulnar. You shall live on
All alone. - No, Prince! No!
I'm in love with you too. I can't live without you !
Exactly! You will live and burn in the fires of hell !
No, Prince. - Soldiers!
Do not separate me from you ! - Take her away!
I'll go mad, Prince! I'll go mad without you !
I'll go insane!
''Life is rendered helpless. . . ''
''all we have is despair''
''Are we the only ones who suffer this fate. . . ?''
''or is God above watching us?''
''O Lord, what has life brought us to?''
''Why is life a story of sorrow and helplessness?''
''Even as You watch. . . ''
''the world continues to punish us''
''Is love a crime? Do please tell me''
''Why is our happiness plundered even as we reach our goal?''
''O Lord, what has life brought us to?''
''Why is life a story of sorrow and helplessness?''
''I have just this request to make of You. . . ''
''Allah, do keep alive in the world the name of lovers''
''Or else, death is the only consequence for those in love''
Anar. . .
Prince. . .
It's time for us to travel together
I'm lucky. . .
that you spared the time for me
A slave is not worth the price you are paying for me
This is too little, Anar. I'm ashamed. . .
I have nothing more precious than life to give away for you
I have been so unlucky for you
Don't say that. Unless love is painted in the hues of blood. . .
it is no fun
You ought to be happy. - Yes
On the one hand, I'm happy to have your heart
On the other. . .
I can't be happy to take your life
Do not grieve, Anar
Lovers are often star-crossed
It's a matter of pride that I walk with you
You must congratulate me for my loyalty
That's what I'm thankful about
But how I wish you were unfaithful
Are you afraid of the journey ahead?
Of death? Not at all
That you are with me. . .
your memories, your thoughts, are all with me
Go away now. Someone might overhear us
May God protect you
May God protect you
To those who are to die. . .
may God be the protector
Has the Queen been widowed even as Emperor Akbar lives?
No, Emperor. My husband still lives
So what makes you wear that attire? - It's my son's wedding
Present the offenders
The mother may bid her son farewell. I give her permission
Shekhu !
My son !
Look at the mother who comes to bid farewell to her son
But where are you going anyway, my son? From one mother's lap to another
Mother, my son has been brought up with a lot of love and care
Take good care of him
My son, remember your mother's helplessness
It'll make your journey easier
To the lord of riches, and everyone present here. . .
I extend my congratulations on this happy occasion
The Prince, whom everyone in this great land. . .
wished to see some day on the throne of the mighty Moghuls. . .
to keep the justice of the Emperor alive, is being sacrificed today
Perhaps there are some who doubt the Emperor's sense of justice
They are mistaken. Because the Emperor never makes a mistake
Man Singh, this is no time for sermons. Obey my command
What do I see, Man Singh?
Silence. . . ?
A silent rebellion?
But that is not happening !
Akbar's orders shall not be disregarded !
Shahbaz Khan !
Jashn Singh !
Obey my orders!
Man Singh, I entrust this task to you
Emperor, we Rajputs wield the swords only on the battlefields
Please spare us the torture of those that behead
Man Singh ! I will blow this conspiracy to smithereens!
I will trample this dangerous uprising under my feet!
Emperor Akbar shall not see the walls of the mighty Moghuls. . .
crumble, while he lives! My faith shall not crumble before my eyes!
Raja Man Singh, I will today write a new chapter in Hindustan's history
I will myself take this sentence of justice to its logical conclusion
Allah, Your humble servant. . .
strives to uphold Your laws on earth
If my voice be Your voice, if my verdict be Your decision. . .
grant strength to my hands and courage to my heart
Emperor, your prayer has the same effect. . .
that Hazrat Ibrahim's prayer had, when he sacrificed his son
History is witness to how the son accepted death with a smile
And history shall bear testimony to the fact. . .
that a son today yearns to fulfill his father's sense of justice
Step forward, Emperor. If it is my face that prevents you. . .
if it is the blood of your son that weakens you. . .
blindfold your eyes and mine. It will make the sacrifice easier
Allah ! The pride of Emperor Akbar is reflected in a criminal's eyes
That I face defeat in my endeavour is proof of my wrong decisions
My weak admission loses to your resolve
I set you free
Release the poor Anarkali too
Where is Anarkali? Where have they taken her?
Why don't you speak? - I don't know, sire
Orders were to take her to an isolated place. . .
to be buried alive. - Allah !
Go immediately and look everywhere! Set her free, wherever she is
Those are the royal orders!
''True life is his. . . ''
''who gives himself up to someone else. . . ''
''and loses himself in love''
''Heart that could not meet in this world. . . ''
''shall meet God's world''
''Love shall blossom. . . ''
''in God's paradise''
''Even if life is gone. . . ''
''even if life is lost in love, it matters not''
''True life is his. . . ''
''who gives himself up to someone else. . . ''
''and loses himself in love''
''My story shall make them weep. . . ''
''so will the lamp that is lit on my tomb''
''Even in wilderness shall this bud blossom''
''Do not call this a tomb. . . ''
''it's a palace of love''
''True life is his. . . ''
''who gives himself up to someone else. . . ''
''and loses himself in love''
''Twilight, I welcome. . . ''
''I embrace this evening of my life''
''In you, I shall immerse myself''
''I shall forget the world''
''If only I could see him once. . . ''
''I'd say good-bye''
''Good-bye, good-bye''
''This grave is a symbol of love''
''Of the poignant saga of love''
''Of the wait for the bee. . . ''
''lies here Anarkali''