Eric Saade being kidnapped + Interview

Uploaded by EricSaadeorg on 03.09.2011

Vah?, No, is it HD? It is HD!
We wanted to travel Paris wheel with you.
No, now we'll do the interview here, I'm going up on stage.
but you can't just ...
But what is this, HD comes with red blankets for the kidnapping,
no, give me some love now we're in Helsingborg.
It hadn't been so good, I shouldn't be seen out there, it is the foremost show and it could have gone anyway,
simply, when you are up on hills and stuff and here and there, it can not handle me.
So Eric was able to convince us not to kidnap him in Paris the wheel and the reason is quite simple.
In a pop show, which in most contexts as he can and what can I say,
you have directed an intro that will shock people or to be as cool as it is
and if you want it to be one of those peak when the concert begins,
then you can not have been visible to the entire area so that everyone has already said hello to you.
Eric and it was really great to play at the Helsingborg Festival.
Today I am as I said at home and this type is one of the greatest stuff I've done so far in my career,
it feels really weird to say considering that I have been doing so much great stuff.
But for me a hometown will always be a hometown and to have a concert here, which is free for all.
Moreover, for me it's so big. First, I will scream in the first of the talking is home sweet home,
because I have not been here for months now and I miss Helsingborg each passing day.
Tonight I am here to give back, tonight I am here to give them a fucking show that they will never forget as well,
there is no doubt about it I will do everything for everyone to go home with a smile.
I have never seen so many here at home than I do today, here on the stage before all of you.
Thanks as hell that you have come here.
What was your first concert?
Oh, here I don't know, we ran course on Rix FM Festival that was here then, well who have been here ...
Salem Al Fakir has been here some time, I remember having when I was a little older, when I checked, I like Salem.
ehh ..... my first concert what was it? No, my first concert was ... when I was still young,
but then I saw Rhapsody in Rock, but it was not here it was kind in Båstad, the tennis stadium.
I think it was my first concert and then I was kind of 10 years.
will you stay in Helsingborg after the concert?
Absolutely, I will stay for a while but I won't say how long.
What will you do?
I will .. oh I don't know, just focus on stuff and turn off the phone ... I will do, hehe!