How to Fit A Belt to a tumble Dryer changing and replacing

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bjbj Hi welcome to this apart4u video tutorial, This video tutorial is on how to fit a belt
on a Hotpoint TDL range of tumble dryer, but would also cover some Creda, Indesit and Ariston
models as well ,Before you start turn off the power to the machine and remove the plug,
it would also be a good idea to have a small container on hand to hold the screws when
you remove them. The lid on this machine is held on by 2 screws under the ledge at the
back but some have 3 screws With this lid you have to lift it slightly and push it backwards
but other models vary in how they come off. This consol panel is held on by these two
screws on the left side be careful when you unscrew them that they don t drop inside the
cabinet, because they are sited right next to the pointed end of two other screws which
make them hard to hold. Therefore a Philips screwdriver with a magnetic tip would be very
handy in this situation like this especially when refitting the screws Pull the timer knob
off by using a piece of rag between the jaws of a pair of pliers this will prevent damaging
it. You can now ease the panel to the right and lift it off The two wires on the half
heat button just pull off If you have more than one switch then label which wires fit
each one s not important which terminal on the switch they fit on but it is important
to get the correct switch Undo the screws holding the door lock in place s easier to
remove it now while the panel is still attached to the cabinet, the switch cables are normally
held by a piece of wire attached to the panel, so it will stay put when undone The kick strip
just pulls off grip either side and ease it out There s a number of screws on the bottom
of the front panel that need to be removed and it s better to take them out first before
the top ones so you can hold the panel and save it from falling if needed. Don t undo
the screws on the far outside of the silver panel they hold part of the cabinet together
That s not to say the machine will fall apart if you do remove them, but it could make refitting
the front a little more awkward Now you can undo the screws on the top of the panel, under
normal circumstances the front panel will stay put until you pull it out, because the
drum is resting on it so grip the inside of the door opening and ease it away from the
cabinet .it wont come far because of the wiring which is still hooked up to the switch and
exhaust thermostat Untie the switch wires and unplug the thermostat wires now it can
be put to one side Remove the internal air ducting tube and put that on one side also
that will be refitted from the back when the machine is reassembled ll always get a build
up of fluff in tumble dryers and this one s no exception so remove as much as possible
by hand and vacuum the rest out. It really is good policy to clean the inside of the
cabinet as thoroughly as possible before reassembling it after a repair of any kind. It may well
have been the build up of fluff and grit that could have stopped the drum from turning and
caused the belt to snap in the first place. Run a cloth over the drum as well because
this will also have a layer of dust on it. The belt on this Hotpoint tumble dryer is
one of the stretchy types that fit directly around the drum and motor pulley but there
are ones that use a tension pulley or pulleys to take up any slack in the belt Loop the
new belt over the front of the drum and slide it back to the mark left by the original belt
Now stick about three pieces of tape over the belt and onto the drum this will hold
it in place if you need to turn the drum while fitting it to the motor The easiest way to
find the part you need is to just enter your model number in the search bar on our website
at and a list of parts for that model will be displayed Use a screw driver as a lever and place it
between the drum and the belt Hook the end of it under the motor shaft and lever the
belt down You can now slide the belt onto the motor shaft and withdraw the screw driver
rotate the drum a few times to line up the belt on the drum and motor if the tape is
still in place remove it and turn the drum again just to make sure it s not about to
jump off Make sure the exhaust vent area and thermostat are clean and clear of fluff Connect
the wires onto the exhaust thermostat Hook the door switch into the hole in the front
panel these switches have a lip on the front of them that helps in there location into
the front panel and must be correctly inserted before the screws are fitted, otherwise it
won t fit properly and the door won t close When the switch is in place you can fit the
screws m standing behind the panel to do the screws up for the sake of filming, but you
ll be directly in front of it and it ll be a lot easier from that angle. Although you
will have to hold the switch with one hand while you put the first screw in. The bottom
of the panel rests on two ledges at the base of the cabinet when it is in place lift the
drum slightly and the panel will slot inside it When you have the panel sited correctly
fit the screws along the top first, this will hold it in place for you to refit the ones
underneath The lower screws are normally located in the same position as the ones on top
Before refitting the consol panel connect the wires to the half heat button And if you
have any other buttons, connect the wires to them also you should have labelled which
ones fit each button when you removed them This lip on the facia panel hooks into the
cabinet just here Hook it on and replace the two internal screws Be extra careful when
replacing these screws that they don t drop inside the cabinet or you may have a job retrieving
them another plus for a magnetic screw driver tip Refit the timer knob ll only fit one way
so check that the flat side is in line with the shaft before pushing it on Fit the top
and screw it down then fit the kick strip which only pushes on Just one job left to refit the vent pipe remove
the collar and slide the tube into the machine you will probably have to put your arm inside
the tube to get it to fit properly on the exhaust section at the front of the machine
when it s fitted onto the lip correctly the outside edge at the back of the machine will
be flush with the cabinet. ve tilted the tumble dryer forward so you can see what s happening
but you wouldn t need to do this. When you put your arm through the tube you can feel
the lip on the exhaust manifold on the front panel, this makes it easier to fit. Replace
the collar and fit the screws We hope this video was useful to you and remember to shop
online at because this is how were able to finance making these videos Thanks
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