【GUMI×鏡音レン】Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat Life - English & Romaji

Uploaded by naruto44355 on 13.07.2011

Well that's a cute young lady!
Your white fur is lovely indeed
In this night illuminated by a beautiful moon,
Would you like to play with me?
A cat has only got to live once
So having fun is our purpose
May I rip that collar around your neck
Using my teeth?
Being a rogue rocks! Nyan nyan nyan~
I steal my fish, I chase my pigeons.
And while watching working people from afar,
I take a nap.
You are free too! Nyan nyan nyan~
Here are some nice fellows I'd like you to meet.
Now, open that window,
And jump out!
Well that's a carefree Mr. Rogue!
With his eyes glowing in the dark.
You surely know how to open your mouth,
But I ain't a stupid lady.
A cat has only got to live once
That's why I'm just a pet
Do you even have a clue
How expensive this collar brand is?
I'm elegant! Nyan nyan nyan~
I get to eat delicious meals and sleep on comfy beds
Even though I don't like water,
I take a shower every day.
Unlike me, nyan nyan nyan~
Is there someone who can keep you safe?
Maybe tomorrow,
You could get hit by a car!
Your stubborn self is also lovely,
It pulls at my heart strings.
Oh, how fake you are, but this behavior
Ain't making my heart beat
My dream, nyan nyan nyan~
Is to leave this town one day,
Travel the country to the north
And watch the aurora lights shine.
If you could, nyan nyan nyan~
Come with me, it'd be fantastic
But I think it's impossible...
My way of living, nyan nyan nyan~
Can't change in the blink of an eye.
Even so, I can't just simply
Abandon my owner like that.
I'm still talking to you, nyan nyan nyan~
Are you leaving already? Hey, wait!
You can come visit me tomorrow if you'd like
I'll be waiting for you...