Amazing Triple Crown Prophecy from God to Barack Obama

Uploaded by thirdeaglebooks on 28.04.2009

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled,
This is Kentucky Derby week,
and I thought I would make a program
on the amazing prophecy
that God gave to the world,
and especially to the United States,
last year through the Triple Crown races.
As you remember, the first of the 3 legs
of the Triple Crown, was won by a horse
named "Big Brown". He won the Kentucky Derby,
and beat a horse by the name of "Eight Belles".
"Eight Belles" was the only filly in the horse race.
We've come to find out that "Big Brown"
symbolized Barack Obama.
"Eight Belles" symbolized Hilary Clinton.
And this first horse race of the Triple Crown
symbolized the American primaries of last year.
"Big Brown" defeated "Eight Belles",
just like Barack Obama defeated Hilary Clinton.
"Eight Belles" not only lost the race,
but she broke both of her ankles
and had to be euthanized
following the Kentucky Derby.
The 2nd race in the Triple Crown
is the Preakness Stakes,
and "Big Brown" won that also,
handily, last year.
This 2nd race symbolized the presidency,
and like "Big Brown",
Barack Obama won the 2nd race.
The 3rd leg of the Triple Crown
is the Belmont Stakes.
This 3rd horse race symbolizes World War 3.
"Big Brown" was a big favorite
to win the Belmont Stakes.
But, as you may remember,
"Big Brown" did not even finish the race.
"Big Brown came in dead last.
And what was the name of the horse
that beat "Big Brown" in the 3rd horse race?
The winner of the 3rd horse race
was "Da' Tara"!
"Da' Tara" obviously symbolizes "The Terror",
in other words, "terrorism".
This 3rd horse race symbolized World War 3,
and God was telling us,
in this amazing prophecy,
that Barack Obama will lose World War 3,
just as I have been saying all along in my videos.
That is because Barack Obama is the "Leopard"
in Daniel chapter number 7,
and the "Last King of the South",
in Daniel chapter number 11.
The Triple Crown horse races of last year
were NOT accidental.
"Big Brown" should have won the Belmont Stakes,
by any stretch of the imagination.
No one would have ever predicted
that "Big Brown" would finish last,
or that a long shot like "Da' Tara"
would win the 3rd horse race of the Triple Crown,
but God had other plans.
God was telling us that
Barack Obama will not win World War 3.
God was telling us that
"the terror" will win World War 3.
Now, do you think this was just an accident
that "Da' Tara" beat "Big Brown"?
Well, let's look at the races
that followed after the Belmont Stakes:
"Da' Tara" did not win another race!
"Big Brown" won ALL the rest of his races!
Obviously, this was a tremendous upset.
"Big Brown" should have won the Belmont Stakes.
He should have won the 3rd horse race,
but there was something else happening here:
God was using the Triple Crown
to prophesy the destruction of America,
and the defeat of Barack Obama.
The end is coming soon for America!
You need to realize that we are in the End Times.
You need to realize that Barack Obama
will be our last President,
and he will lead America
to defeat in World War 3.
You need to understand
that God is trying to warn us.
The Triple Crown prophecies
are extremely important,
but you did not hear about these prophecies
from any Pastor, from any news media,
and you will only hear about it on this program,
and on others on YouTube.
And before I close, let me remind you,
that this prophecy was first presented
by a channel known as "knowjesusknowpeace",
and I thank the "Man From Modesto"
for bringing this amazing prophecy
to the attention of YouTubers,
and to the rest of the world,
and I have it on my channel "favorited",
if you would like to see that earlier version.
And if you would like more information,
simply write to the address you see on your screen.