Training your puppy to come when called & walk on leash

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You're awesome.
You know how I know? It's because you're watching Hound TV - the world's first
video podcast just for dogs... and dog lovers. And that in my books is a sure
sign of exceptional taste. Now today on the show we're going to check in with
our resident dog trainer Sidney Aarons, who's going to give you some tips for how to
get your dog to come when called, and to walk nicely on a leash. And I'll see
you on the other side.
Hound TV
because every dog has its day.
Now, there's nothing worse than a badly behaved dog. They're a danger to themselves,
to other dogs, to kids, and they're not much fun to be around. That's why we've got
professional dog trainer Sidney Aarons joining us every week to give you some tips you can
put to work straight away.
Here's Sidney...
Now, isn't there a saying about sleeping dogs?
Wake up, Maverick! Wake up!
Hi, my name's Sidney Aarons. I'm a professional dog trainer, qualified through
National Dog Trainers Federation.
Each week, what we're doing is giving you practical tips you can use with your
Very own dog. So this week
we've got 8-week-old Maverick, He's a Rottweiler male puppy
First we're going to be working on his recall, and first of all, he doesn't even know his own
name yet, he only got named last night, so we haven't had a chance to teach his
name yet
and it's a perfect way to teach a dog's name the same time it is the recall
and we're going to demonstrate that for you right now. So why it's important to do the recall, is
firstly, obviously to keep the puppy out of harm's way.
Dogs don't understand that
cars are natural predators, as to being a man-made invention
the only way a dog becomes fearful of a car, is if it gets hit by a car, so
it's certainly one thing we don't want to happen.
And second of all, it's one of the biggest complaints that i get is "my
dog does not come to me when it's called"
So, primarily, that's what we're going to work on today
and also getting the dog to walk on-lead.
OK, setting yourself up for success and your dog's own success is the most important thing.
First, set yourself up: have food. I personally use dry liver - it doesn't go off
doesn't smell - well, does smell bad, but
it doesn't get any worse. Have minimal distraction, which is always best so your
dog can learn quickly as possible.
Have your dog on-lead so it can't escape from you
and again - with food, and motivation. Be excited about training your dog,
your dog will really enjoy it
So... as I'm about to demonstrate with Maverick now. Maverick!
Come on - good boy!
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anyway that's it for today
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