iPhone 5 Camera Test

Uploaded by snoopy4lb on 26.09.2012

Hey how you guys doing so before I start this demo I just wanna thank all my new
subscribers and viewers I appreciate the support
thank you for sharing my videos on your social network and also giving them thumbs up
so let's get started
so here we have some of the main specs on the iPhone 5 camera
and even though still has an eight mega pixel camera you can definitely tell the
difference in the image quality as you can see from this clips
and just like Apple said "the colors do look brighter and people do look happier"
and with the combination with the new camera lens cover
and the A6 chip on the new iPhone 5 Apple still has one of the best
cameras on any smartphone on the market
Apple also improve
the image stabilization
and now you are able to take still images while you're recording
here is an example of that
I also added some pictures so you can have an idea of what to expect from it