aetbaar part 2 w/eng subs

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What's up, Freddie?
You look disturbed. - Oh no, it's just that...
the kids are growing up
This sort of a thing will keep happening
What happened? Firoz is okay, l hope?
Yes, Firoz is okay, but not his friends
l can't understand where this generation is headed
They come from nice families, they are all educated...
they keep visiting your houses, and are very respectful
But the truth is never written on anyone's face
Sir... your article has been published in the newspaper!
As you were saying...
what has Firoz done to make you so...?
They were caught in the possession of drugs
When the police asked them where they coming were from...
they named Firoz
Thankfully, the Commissioner of police is a very good friend of mine
Firoz was allowed to go after some questioning
Else, there could have been a big hue and cry
l don't know where this obsession with discos is taking our youngsters
lt all begins with a fondness...
and the fondness then grows into a habit
And to keep the habit going...
the youngsters can do just about anything
lf l could help it, l'd have all the discos in the city closed immediately
Are you still angry?
l've come following you
What...? Following me? But you don't even know me
Ria. Ria Malhotra
That's what was written on your book
And you're all alone right now. lt's written on your face
Wrong. l'm here with my friends
You can be lonely despite being with your friends
Where are you taking me...?
where are you taking me?
Look... l can't dance
You don't need to learn dancing to actually dance
Look... l'm feeling very awkward. - Look in my eyes
Look in my eyes
Look in my eyes!
Forget everything else
Just feel it
to your heartbeat...
which is trying to say something every time you breathe
What do you hear?
What does your heartbeat say?
What does your heart say?
My heart...?
Tell me
My heart...
Are you Ms Ria? There's someone outside to see you
The name is Aryan
Actually, l...
l was returning from the hospital, when l saw this shop on my way...
where they gave me a discount of 20%
l thought of making the best of it and bought this family-pack
On my way home, l suddenly realised...
that the family wasn't at home! What would l do with this pack?
So l thought of picking you up on my way...
l'd meet my family and we'd also eat the ice-cream together
Papa, couldn't you find a better excuse to take me home?
To be honest... l didn't
What can l do? When you're not around, l just don't feel like going home
Hey Chaubey... - What is it, Debu?
My brand! - Coming up, Debu
Here you are. You owe me already
We'll settle it all... once we hit big-time
We'll buy out your whole shop!
You've grown up so much? Are you taking the shots?
Shut up! What rubbish!
Hey aunt... it's going to her head
Time she did some exercise!
Aunt, have you any new stuff...? They're all old and stale
No way! This one's a matchstick!
Touch her, and she'll set you on fire!
Chanda, Mumtaz... take these three guys inside. Hurry
Rather we take them inside!
Want a soft-drink, sonny?
You go on inside, l'll take care of them
Saira, give him a movie mag. He'll look at the photos!
Here you are
Useful for you
105 ways of satisfying a woman!
Read it. Go on!
Let's go inside... c'mon!
lf l don't make a man out of you in one attempt...
l won't be Saira! C'mon!