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(male narrator) Today, many tales are told
of just how it all started.
Fisherman Jimmy Poland gives his version.
(Jimmy) We were painting a boat at Monkey Mia
and the dolphins used to come in and frighten us.
We were always thinking about sharks. We'd seen sharks there.
And it was a dolphin all the time.
The chap with me was from Mandurah,
and we decided to catch the dolphin.
So when he came in we made a yard, three or four of us,
and caught it.
It made no attempt to get away.
I held my knee in water and pulled him across my knees
and examined him -
tapped his blowhole and poked him in the eye -
and just let him go.
They named the dolphin "Old Charlie",
and he visited the fishermen for nearly ten years.
By the time he died in the 1970s,
other dolphins had joined him in his encounters with people.
And amongst the people, word spread.
(male narrator) In winter, humpbacks migrate to their breeding grounds
in tropical waters such as those around Hawaii.
There, the males strike up their love songs.
These songs can last as long as an hour
and are composed anew each year.
[whale song - high-pitched squeaks and roars]
[whale song continues]
[singing continues]
These aerial photos were taken of the largest animal ever -
the blue whale.
The blue whale can reach a length of 30 meters
and can weigh as much as 130 tons.
Its heart is as tall as a small car.
These giants feed on plankton and oceanic microorganisms.
Presumably, there are only about 1,000 blue whales
left in the world today.
(male narrator) Fascinating marine fauna
can be found in the coastline's shallow water
with the aid of a diver's mask, a snorkel and flippers.
Even without the variety of fauna along the coastline,
the Mediterranean still has a lot to offer.
Many things can be discovered by walking along the water's edge.
Some creatures have very effective weapons.
Those of the sea urchin evoke unpleasant memories in many.
A poisonous secretion on its spines
makes even small wounds extremely painful.
Weapons also are frequently used to obtain food.
Crabs, for example, use their claws
for eating and in self-defense.
The poison capsules of the stinging jellyfish
have this same duel function.
When touched, they eject their venomous tube.
These feathery structures, colonies of cnidaria,
are also well protected.
Only this sea slug can outwit them.
It manages to eat the cnidaria,
without their poisonous capsules taking effect.
The capsules pass through the sea slug
and adhere to the filaments on its back.
I'm afraid I'm ruined.
My grain's on those boats down the river, going bad.
I can't get it through New Orleans.
I don't know what I'm going to do.
(male narrator) Why did the Spanish do this? The truth finally came out.
Two years earlier, Napoleon Bonaparte,
the powerful, ambitious French dictator,
had made a secret deal with Spain
that would return Louisiana to the French.
So French officials, not Spanish,
were back in control of New Orleans.
Although most Americans didn't know who was in charge,
they were outraged that the port was closed,
and were ready to fight for free passage.
It's time to stop talking about it and act.
We might be able to take that port before the fall crops.
This worried President Jefferson.
A raid on New Orleans would surely mean war with France.
Jefferson understood the danger of the situation when he said,
"There is on the globe one single spot
"the possessor of which is our natural enemy.
"That is New Orleans, through which much of our produce
must pass to market."
Jefferson also hoped that the open land of Louisiana
would give America room to grow and land to farm,
so it could realize its democratic ideals.
There was still one other option to taking New Orleans by force.
That's right. The US could approach Napoleon
and offer a purchase to buy the area.
(female narrator) Jefferson sent James Monroe to Paris
with the authorization to spend up to $10 million
for New Orleans and West Florida.
When Monroe arrived in Paris,
he heard startling news from Robert Livingston,
the American ambassador.
France wanted to sell far more than just New Orleans.
"What would you offer for the whole territory?"
said Napoleon's prime minister, Charles Talleyrand.
The American negotiators
were shocked but pleased with this counteroffer.
What had caused Napoleon to change his mind so suddenly?
(male narrator) He was in deep financial and political trouble.
Napoleon's army had been sent to Santa Domingo in the Caribbean
to quiet a slave revolt.
The plan failed and his army was virtually wiped out.
Napoleon knew that if a small island was hard to control,
a territory like Louisiana would be impossible.
And it would be expensive.
France had also been fighting for years with Great Britain,
and that conflict was about to become more serious and costly.
(male narrator) To investigate Americans in Texas,
General Mier y Terán went more than 1,000 miles to the north,
far from Mexican government.
He saw signs of Yankee dominance everywhere.
Mexican influence was declining.
Americans seemed determined to take over the country.
Terán advised the president
to make changes or Texas would be lost forever.
"I am warning you to take measures.
Texas could throw the whole nation into a revolution."
Controlling American colonists at a distance was difficult.
But in 1829 and 1830,
the Mexican government passed laws in which...
(female narrator) This is a region of dramatic contrasts.
At the highest altitude, the crowded peaks of Venezuela.
Jutting from the Guiana Highlands
are giant mesas called<i> tepuis.</i>
A fog forest covers the flat tepui summit
with plant life from the world of science fiction.
Supplied by year-round rains,
numerous waterfalls wear down the steep tepui slopes.
Among them, Venezuela's Angel Falls,
the highest in the world.
Beyond the highlands and tepuis,
a third of Venezuela is covered by tropical grassland.
During the rainy season, many rivers overflow,
flooding the grassland for months at a time.
But the rivers retreat when the rains stop,
and the dry season turns the land to dust.
[controls beep]
[engine roars]
(Control) Falcon 5-2-9. Proceed to Checkpoint. Over.
That's a big rog, Control. Will proceed as instructed.
Hey, Cobra. We've got five minutes to checkpoint.
- You up for it? - I'm waiting on you, Thumper.
Let's put it at 9.5.
These are F-16Cs, Coop.
The texts say that breakpoint's at ten and a half Gs.
And I hear they're looking for somebody to prove it.
Oh, yeah? I think they just found their guys.
You got something to play, Thumper?
I got something that'll blow the roofs off in Anchorage.
Let's do it.
♪ Running where the boys run free ♪
♪ Burning up the sky ♪
♪ Chasing the angels ♪
[Mike Reno singing "Chasing The Angels"]
♪ Another restless night ♪
♪ That's when I hear those voices ♪
♪ Calling me to push the edge ♪
♪ I wanna feel my blood rise ♪
♪ I feel it in my hands ♪
♪ I make the ultimate escape ♪
♪ Searching for the phantom eyes... ♪♪
That's 9.5, Thumper. Beat it or bail.
I'm going for 10.
If I miss, change my underwear before you bury me.
♪ I'm gonna take my chances and ride ♪
♪ Running where the boys run free ♪
♪ Burning up the sky ♪
♪ Chasing the angels ♪
♪ Be my fantasy tonight ♪
♪ Someone out there waits for me ♪
♪ Got you in my sights ♪
♪ Chasing the angels ♪♪
[engine roars]
[laughs] Whoo!
- I've been to 10! - No way.
If I'm lyin' I'm dyin'. You wanna call it quits?
(Control) Falcon 5-2-9. Do you read?
You're in Soviet airspace.
- Damn it! - Please respond.
Control, this is Falcon 5-2-9.
We strayed off course due to... malfunctions. Will proceed back.
(Control) Proceed nowhere. Hold your position. You've got company.
- Damn it! Cobra, you spot 'em? - I got 'em.
(Thumper) MiG-29. It's two of 'em. Get ready to split.
(Control) Make no aggressive moves.
The fighters are to escort you back to American airspace.
[engines roar]
- I don't like this. - Don't rattle. Stay on course.
We're one minute from Alaskan airspace.
They're moving in. We've got to break out of here.
Control, they're squeezing us. Request permission...
(Control) Negative, Thumper. Do not break formation.
No incident will be tolerated.
[speaks Russian]
[speaks Russian]
They've got lock on me!
They're just screwing with us. Stay in formation.
Shit. There's two more!
We're dead meat! I'm breaking out.
[engines roar]
[controls beep rapidly]
[gun fire]
They're firing, Thumper. Bank right. I'm left.
[engines roar]
I'm on MiG-1.
[speaks Russian]
Come on, baby.
Get in there.
[rapid gun fire]
Thumper, talk to me. Where are you?
What's your position?
I got tone. I'm going for the shot.
Shit, Cobra, I missed!
- Cooper, they're doubling me! - Thumper, get out of there!
I'm coming to you.
I'm out of position but I'm closing.
I'm in trouble, Doug. I've lost throttle control.
Step on it, Cobra! I can't shake 'em!
What the...?
Do it. Do it... Come on! Come on!
Got it!
Where are you? What's your position?
They got lock on me!
- What's your position? - Need your help or I'm burning!
Mr. Secretary, now that we've just about run out of time,
I'd like to ask you about a story that's circulating
that one of our planes was shot down over the Bering Straits
by a Russian MiG.
I can deny categorically any Soviet involvement
in the loss of that aircraft over the Bering Straits.
(Mr. Secretary) What we had was a fuel systems malfunction
that regrettably led to the death of one of our pilots.
Well, thank you for being our guest on On The Line.
(Mr. Secretary) It's been my pleasure.
- Mr. Secretary. - Hank, what are you doing here?
- Have we got a problem? - How can you ask us to do this?
Especially in light of what you know really happened.
Get us a place we can talk. Come on, General. Let's go.
Hank, you know dam well we couldn't go public on this.
The pilots on both sides were way out of line.
If this leaked, what they've done could undermine everything.
That's what makes this type of operation important.
We're trying to nurture a very fragile détente here.
A nuclear warhead has just been tested in their desert,
and you want us to go in like this?
We don't have time for some asinine plan
thought up on Capitol Hill.
Their missiles will be launch capable in three weeks.
This "asinine plan", as you choose to call it,
just happens to have the support of both leaders involved.
Hell, both countries are equally threatened.
From where I stand, I don't see any alternative.
The alternative was submitted to you by the joint chiefs.
Yes, and that's just the kind of pre-emptive, unilateral tactic
this administration is trying to avoid.
Hank, I'm afraid the choice of the executive branch
is simply not open to further discussion.
The operational goals are in the file.
Now, you look after the details and pick the team.
We'll have our representatives on standby.
How lucky for us.
Make it work, Hank. I'm counting on you.
[Brass band plays American parade music]
[music continues]
Welcome to Fowler, General.
The base is ready for inspection. And proud of it.
Inspection is complete. Where can I find Sinclair?
- Sinclair? - Yes.
♪ I'm out here looking for some freedom ♪
♪ Someone please set me free ♪
♪ Why would anybody wanna put chains on me? ♪
♪ Someone please set me free ♪
♪ I'm so tired of being tied up in misery, hee-hee ♪
♪ Hee-hee... ♪♪
Been a long time, Colonel.
Done one hell of a job keeping these memories alive out here.
Sometimes I have to remember myself that it's a museum.
I've made the most of the duty, sir, in light of the situation.
Well, I think it's time we put that little fiasco behind us.
I've come to pull you out of the reserves
and restore you to temporary active duty.
With a raise in rank.
You've been chosen to command a highly classified operation.
With specially selected personnel. It's all in the file.
A few years ago you flew in and kicked some hardcore enemy butt.
Techniques put you in hot water, not me.
But you got the job done.
Now we've got another one like it, only bigger.
So I'm offering you a star for your uniform
and some action for your dignity.
We got you some good men.
They're rough around the edges but that's what you like, right?
Good luck, General. Carry on.
Yes, sir.