Blonde Ambition: Meet meghanrosette - D-trix Presents Dance Showdown

Uploaded by DanceOn on 03.10.2012


My name is Meghan.
I'm from Northern California, so kind of
around the Bay Area.
And my YouTube channel is Meghan Rosette.
I think what I'm kind of known for on my channel is doing the
typical hair, makeup, beauty videos.
But I'm really all about being totally honest and having a
Very pretty true pink.
It's gonna make you look alive and bright and actually like
you're excited to go to school, when in all actuality,
you're probably dreading it, and you just want
to get back on Tumblr.
I gravitated towards making beauty videos because I've
been a shopaholic since I was probably three.
The summer before my senior year of high school, I
actually got diagnosed with mono.
All of my friends were off having fun and doing all this
stuff, and my mom was actually like, hey, you watch all those
YouTube videos for hours on end.
Why don't you make some of your own?
On a whim, I just uploaded a YouTube video.
And that was two years ago.
It kind of took off from there.
When I posted my first video, I was so awkward!
And this is going to be my first official YouTube video
as a YouTube guru makeup, beauty, fashion thingy.
It took me probably 15 takes to get a solid two minute
video that's literally me like, [SOFT VOICE]
Hi, guys.
My name's Meghan.
I'm going to do videos.
Just like that!
Just like that!
I think my favorite video of mine is probably the most
Everyone wants to see, like, oh my god,
show us your boyfriend!
I'm literally eating Ben and Jerry's in my room and you
want me to upload--
I have no boyfriend!
I decided to pretend my computer was my boyfriend.
What is her favorite type of sandwich?
Well, Meghan doesn't really like sandwiches 'cause she's
super high maintenance and [BEEP].
But if I had to choose, I'd probably say a grilled cheese.
I've just reached 150,000 subscribers.
So, yeah it's a lot of people.
It's so awesome that I feel like I'm really friends with
my subscribers.
And I've met some of my best friends on YouTube, which is
amazing to me.
I love pickles.
Whenever my family and I have road trips, we'll just get one
of those giant jugs of pickles and I'll be happy for hours.
Pickles are just so good.
You can put them on anything.
I would put pickles on frozen yogurt, if they made it.
I totally would, as gross as that is.
I'd put pickles on everything.
They're just so good.
I want to do this competition to see if I can do it.
I've never been a dancer, but I've been forced to dance.
And it's been good, it's been bad.
It's kind of been all over the place.
It's not my personal forte.
I think it's going to be really fun for my viewers to
see me struggle and try, and fail, and do this.
But I think it's going to be a super fun journey.
I hope my dance partner is fun.
I would probably get awkward if they're a cute boy.
What, Meghan?
Did you just lose all your brain cells?
And I'd be like, [GRUNTS].
Yeah, so.
I'm really bad with boys.
Like I kind of fail miserably.
My parents, as dorky as it is-- yes, I'm 19 and my
parents are still my best friends.
So I would definitely want to take my parents on a crazy,
insane trip, getting a chance to really show them how much I
love them and something like that.
I think that'd be really awesome.
I think people should vote for me because going into this,
probably the underdog.
I might not be the best.
I might even be the worst.
But if I'm entertaining, I hope that will get some votes.
So thank you guys so much for watching me.
If you have any questions about the show or anything
like that, make sure to comment them in the comment
place with all the comments.
And then don't forget to subscribe to this channel for
more awesome content and dancing.
Who doesn't love dancing?