iPhone introduction part 3

Uploaded by AppleFan72 on 12.08.2011

touch your music
scroll through your songs scroll through your playlists
wide-screen video like you've never seen before a portable device with hundred sixty three pixels
per inch
gorgeous screen quality
gorgeous album art
and colorful
the best ipod we've ever made
some screenshots
it`s unbelievable
here's an album art i just put up and see what it looks like
just no matter what you like it looks pretty doggone gorgeous
and of course
cover flow
and video
with on-screen controls
i was showing this to somebody
i was getting a demo to somebody uh... little while ago
who'd never seen this before inside apple
and i finished the demo i said what do you think
he told me this
you had me at scrolling
the iphone with the most amazing ipod ever
you can now touch your music
so that's the ipod
let's take a look
revolutionary phone
we want to reinvent the phone
what's the killer app
the killer app is making calls
it's amazing
it's amazing how hard it is to make calls on most phones, most people actually
dial them everytime
most people don't have very many numbers in their address book they use the
recent as their address book
how many of you do that,i bet more than a few
so we want to let you use contacts like never before
you can sync your iphone with your pc or mac
and bring down all your contacts
right in your phone so you got everybody's numbers with you at all times
we have something
it's going to revolutionize voicemail that we call it visual voicemail
wouldn't it be great if you didn't if you had six voicemails if you didnt have to listen
the five of them first before you wanted to listen to the sixth
wouldnt that be great if you had random access voicemail mail
well we've got it
just like email you can go directly to the voicemails that interest you
excellent audio quality
iphone is a quad band plus GSM phone
we have decided
we decided to go
with the most popular international standard which is GSM were on that
headed on that road map
and plan to make 3G phones and all sorts of other amazing things in
the future so...
Quad Band Pus GSM Plus Edge
and of course we have wifi and bluetooth 2.0 built in aswell
so this is what it looks like
when you get a call
this is what sounds like
this is one of our ringtones you can pic ofcourse
i want to show you four things
i wanna show you
the phone app
and sms messaging
the kind of things you would find on a typical phone
but in a very untiypical way
so let's go ahead
so let's go to our phone first
you see that icon in the lower left hand corner
right here
and boom
im in the phone
and i've got five buttons across the bottom
favorites recent contacts keypad and voicemail on in contacts right now again
had a when we were on my contacts
itis crawl through them
and so let's say i wanna make a call the johnnie i've
i'm just for sheer and i see johnnie eyes contacts
with always informations three phone numbers
his email
whatever else his address whatever also i've got
it's all in one place
and if i want to call johnny
all i do
is pushed his phone number i'll call was mobile number right now
and now we are calling john here
return on speaker phone like this but want to go
beijing on a handgun
well spent two-and-a-half years and i i can tell you
how thrilled i am to make the first public phone call
i remember when we first started working on this and it's just
unbelievable what what what is this i've got another call coming in johnnie
connect which on hold for a minute
so i put johnnie on hold on
how i felt
start bill as you can see it splits it's but johnnie on on phil i can just touch
johnnie in
bring john a decade johnnie there
ellison phil called the divine if i got conference in them
you can see the the buttons changed emerge calls right there in the middle
so i just push that right here
and now i've created a conference call
julliard there
so here we are
and i was so i gotta get back to my keynote so life i want to do that
but i'm not just touch this era right here
and uh... i'm gonna go ahead take johnnie private here
and uh... put phil on hold johnie
getting the sale the first phone call
it's not too shabby
you take care johnnie u
and i a m this call it bills on board taking off all bill thanks very much i
gotta get back to the keynote now
by popular bubye are
are writing
have also
dot awaited make a list of favorites here
from might most often called number so i just touch it once and i'll dial the
number and i might want to have somebody to favorite so if they want to add phil
schiller i just push that plus button in the upper right-hand corner
and apob my favorites and i can just go to uh...
guesses here and uh... there's phil so uh... phil schiller right there
and not all put so much that i want with pills work number
and it's added phil right there you can see favorites i can added favorites by
pushing edit but in the upper left-hand corner
and i can move fill up if i want to you know maybe the top
and uh...
let's say i'm not gonna you know it's hard
tonys changes number i gotta update this anyways i'm gonna get rid of that in
packages remove tony boom
the relief that's simple to edit these things
very very easy
i dot recent right here which is all my recent phone calls
if i want to see the ones i've missed which would read i could just go up in
touched a button at the top and
whom those are all the ones i've missed
and those are all
that i've placed or have done
if i want to dial the phone if i'm really last century
i could push keeping out here
and uh... i can't i'll call this week
called for sorry
wrong number
for our kids
masters something
on the formats the numbers
and uh... afaik want to i can i just keep done with city european number
numbers just keep getting smaller
real simple
very simple without a keypad now let me show you
visual voicemail this is so cool
this is a collaboration we've done
uh... which'll talk more about later and uh...
it allows us to
have land and access for isme go directly to the voicemails we want so as
an example i come to my voice mail out of this one by al gore
i wanna hear that my just push it
up here and that's a pretty people to get my flight show
but i want to play
congratulations on the iphone
unbelievable equal
good luck with preparing call me later
now about one o'clock now back right now i just wish that called that button
but what was the one from tim cho chi guy here so we lost the temporary the
got a little worked for
where the world
you don't worry career begin
and as often
and sulfide got voicemail how i wanna listen to it when i want to listen to it
any order i wanna listen to it
with visual voicemail
so that is acquit tour
of the phone and
now what i want to do he showed you pass a nest texting
so i just go to that s a mess icon the upper left-hand corner
and push it
and i don't know we have awsome s
but i have
multiple sessions
so i can be carrying on conversations with people and every time i get anew
message from them all be alerted to that might go check it out so
as an example here i've got a q and i think airing on a conversation with any
and i just have to assume
here's a conversation i've been carrying on right here
and if there's a new message into missus new message from phil
and uh... let's see the conversation was what hasty of hai
still on for dinner tonight absolutely your turn to pick tactics issue on how
about seven o'clock tonight