Biceps Best Bicep Workout Training for Big Arms with Victor Costa

Uploaded by vicsnatural on 08.10.2012

Hi Guys It's Vic I wanted to do a little bicep demonstrations today because
everybody wants to know about biceps and everybody wants them so
uh... let me go through this real simple quick fixes for bicep workout so
you can either use a straight bar or dumbbells but for this demonstration
let's do dumbbells
I'll do a barbell tutorial another time
so for now lets' keep our palms as if we are going to curl and face our palms
toward the ceiling so when you bring your palms up your plans are up toward
the ceiling
so what i like to do is i want to do a little bit of a mind game now the mind
is to think about pulling the weights up
before i actually start pulling them up
so i think about them pulling up with sort of kinda gets me in the headset of
engaging my biceps
then i want to gesture as if i'm going to pull them up so thinking about it and
then i'm gesturing a gesture is kind of like
in your way to doing something in advance but not necessarily going
through with it
so I'm just kinda think about it and start pulling up very gently
as if i'm going to move the weights up and then I'm going to find that spot it's a slight
gesture but I'm going to hold it there Now
my hands are really relaxed
i know these are a lot of subtleties guys but this is how i do my body
building this is how i did my training
and this is why i think it's really effective. So I'm thinking about it and
gesturing as if I'm going to pull them up in my hands a relaxed now one
more thing
I'm going to lean back slightly
so now i have my body sort of working away from the weight the weight
essentially is further away from my body if I lean back
Then I'm going to hold that position
so i'm not gonna sway to get the ways up I'm going to lean back and hold it now i'm going to
pull up really really slowly
right to about here, which is where I feel my biceps contract bicep contract
and then down
try it again. You think about the weights coming up. You gesture as if coming up you gesture as they have right
which means you're kind of moving as if you are but you're not really pulling it
up yet
you leaning back slightly holding it in a fixed position holding
leaning back and then start pulling up really slowly
this will make twenty feel like forties forties feel like eighties and you won't
be doing a lot of damage to your body you really going to feel this in your biceps a
lot of the exercise really takes place from here at the very bottom to about
now i want you to come up so you feel full contraction but guys this isn't
necessarily a full contraction. A lot of people squeeze of the top here what
they're really squeezing is they're squeezing their forearm
against their biceps so it's giving the sensation as if you're squeezing
something but it's not really contraction. So, don't confuse the two
i'll go through one more time
i know it's a little tedious but im very particular guy when it comes to this
stuff so uh...
get ahold of dumbbells and think about the weights coming up first make a
little bit of my muscle connection. I'm going to gesture as if I'm pulling up which is gesture as if i'm pulling up which is
automatically going to lock
my biceps... along with the weight
Then I'm going to lean back slightly, hands relaxed, and start pulling up really slowly
if you do about ten of these guys are really going to feel it. Listen thanks so much
for putting up with me. I know that I'm a little fastidious when it i'm a little left the city is when it
comes to these exercises but i want you to get the most out them, And i want
these videos to be valuable so
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and be well all the best in good health
peace love and muscles take care