Performing On A Greater Stage

Uploaded by InsideTodaysMilitary on 12.10.2012

My name is Carlos Puga. I am with the California Air National Guard, and I am an airman
first class.
My military job title is an aerial porter.
An aerial porter has many roles, actually.
Pretty much any function that you can find in an airport, we just about do.
um... other things that we do here specifically is uh... rigging parachutes
and preparing them for air drops.
I think one of the great things that you learn, even in training, is time
You learn a lot, to plan ahead, balancing civilian and military affairs.
In my spare time
I am involved in my church band. I am actually the musical director and
the lead guitarist.
As a music director, I ensure everything from what songs we play, to
the arrangements of the songs, how we play them, where's the bass, the piano,
when they come in,
when the singer sings, so it's really
a supervisor role.
I would say the biggest benefits I've had as far as the Air Guard and that really
drew me in was the the ability to
choose pretty much what base I would
work in. Pretty much the one that you sign up with that's where you're gonna be working
and for me that was a great benefit that I can, you know, still serve in the military
near home then and after work is done I can go with my parents, hang out with my friends. And
I'd tried other things but it seems like the Military has probably the the best way
to position you, even if you don't know what you want to do in life. At least you'll
have a solid foundation
that will
always make you stand out above
most of your peers.