Real Estate Investing: Proof is in the numbers with the New Wealth Advisors Club

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Real Estate Investing: Proof is in the numbers with the New Wealth Advisors Club a day basel coming back to you guys again i'll go back at the office
and uh... you're watching part two
this video today to catch part one go back to kick up our one you can actually
see the house were on location earlier today
and uh... he has really cool we had long day of going out and just seeing
although different homes and and success stories and an actually
putting boots on the ground local market here is pretty pretty neat today but
i wanna stop for many have to go through the numbers because
this is a a phenomenal deal
one that uh...
you look at this end of this is there's more money
that uh... oscar becker making here then
likable make an entire year
and uh... so
Real Estate Investing: Proof is in the numbers with the New Wealth Advisors Club with that we're crunches the numbers and let's let's go back to those just to
recap for the first video
so i'm looking at the um...
at the
hide here
and looks to me like you
bought this house
for eighty four
the foreign was on
so eighty four thousand
and did tell me in this house was uh... the social itself
was charged on them build relations with the homeowner
negotiate with the bank and
that about eighty four thousand right and they owed how much against alright
about two sixty
so two sixty nine eighty four it's a pretty deep discount yeah um...
okay and when you thought this and number you one of the so we keep hearing
that in our office in our program
as we always want couples that size to look at deals when ever want to rely on
ourselves on my wife and i have closed kinds of rules the transactions that we
still have somebody else
on reviewer information when using other people's money
maybe you know the people's credit
you really only get one shop to make it right
and so we never wanted you take for granted even knowledge experience so we
have so
on one quarter ends offices on the roster bring in us
and saying hey you know let's let's really breakdown and the compare balls
and um...
so refresh my memory we thought we'd sell this thing for how much originally
came in at about one fifty 0:02:00.330,0:02:02.659Real Estate Investing: Proof is in the numbers with the New Wealth Advisors Club ten fifty p conservative uh...
then uh... molina
rebecca myself in a couple of photos and disciplined
went out with us to go off the property and then we walked the cops so somebody
else funded this that's who it was my money all cement none to my caches
involvements looked pretty
possums so then still conscious at one fifty really conservative
that was it was all the cops uh...
there was a little different so we're forget with one fifty
yet one fifty three five three eighty four
obviously needed to be fixes but first things that you guys do to fix those
look at that time
you know projected what you guys thought you were going to what kinds of things
in the u_s_ fix up again
whether they are at
yeltsin appears so long
kitchens bathrooms and did you do any of us
i think in this case
assault the minds of the dario this morning offered
i so what did you which originally think you're gonna
gonna spend on the repairs we we were read about the twenty thousand in it
so twenty eight thousand so
i think that eighty-four plus twenty-eight would put aside the
protective about roughly
but want will one twelve one thirteen
so one twelve one thirteen and what do come in that budget wise not just
slightly overtones itself
one exists
through the slightly over one ten 0:03:24.139,0:03:27.279Real Estate Investing: Proof is in the numbers with the New Wealth Advisors Club awesome surrender budget toss out so
from one fifty
and then uh...
is a great story we talked about
these guys are not closes thing there's a one fifty and uh... i'm sitting there
looking at the closing statement
uh... scheduled a close eye on the twenty nine
couple days from now
that couple days from now
hundred seven nine thousand man turned forty bucks
silk or not a bad day at the office of
so we're breaking down a number of their current romero etc
this for real syrup
your profits going to be an excess of fifty rent uh...
fifty grand
right told you
these guys are talking about making twenty a twenty five thousand dollars
there fifty thousand box
people work all year long they don't make fifty grant
this is awesome
they have to help out a homeowner
have to put this house richard engel vacant don't take your the neighborhood
uh... just so win win win so we always prior cells on your creating when when
when sp and uh... doing conservatively
making sure we don't lose anybody else's money making sure that 0:04:32.909,0:04:36.130Real Estate Investing: Proof is in the numbers with the New Wealth Advisors Club that we really do our door homework here's some really proud of you guys
units based on some i'm excited for you know that there when the so you have any
kind of this or clear
finance anna
uh... with that his if you watch this video this is part two
if you're serious about getting more than those same height
anchored you do this come check us out
any huge office huge staff bunch of people that are here doing these things
like that
tons and tons of deals herald in excess of a hundred deals
going on at any given time severe checking us out counties of favor the
window of opportunity is closing
in a real estate is not going to stay down where it is right now this is when
people make serious money fifty thousand dollars
my goodness that's a huge check i can't wait
don't get the check make sure you are kasama by you with the fact that alexa
banquet no money with the national 0:05:24.380,0:05:28.819Real Estate Investing: Proof is in the numbers with the New Wealth Advisors Club the alcohol things that they sell agree with that we look forward to a
to seeing you guys down havoc for doing more of these deals have and i think
that is not a great time housing hair