Travis Kraft's Salo-Salo (Filipino instructional cooking video)

Uploaded by poolboyinla on 22.05.2009

This tastes awful.
My guests will hate it.
My party will be a disaster.
What's the problem?
Travis Kraft!
It's a good thing you're here.
I can't seem to get this right.
Try it.
That's no way to cook for a party, my friend.
Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
Thank goodness you're here, Travis.
I'll show you how to get the party rockin'
Come and join me
Let's all cook...
First, we have to boil water in a pot.
Add the meat
and a little salt.
Mix it together.
Leave it to boil for 30 minutes.
After 30 minutes
Chop the garlic into little pieces
and onions.
Take out the meat
Set aside the broth
Chop the pork into little pieces
Then add the garlic
and onions
and pork.
Add the vinegar
Boil for 10 minutes.
Now add the blood into the pot.
Add the broth that you set aside earlier.
Remember to mix it constantly so that the blood won't harden.
Lower the temperature of the stove.
Add a little fish sauce.
Drop in some chili.
Continue to mix and let simmer for five minutes
The dinuguan is ready!
Let's eat.
Let's eat together!
It's delicious.
Travis is such a great chef.
Don't forget the rice.
My party is a success!
I hope you were entertained
and you learned something from this video.
I did this video because I love Filipinos
and the food and the culture.
Thank you for watching.
Let's Eat Together