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Uploaded by tvstarsandgossip on 04.02.2011

Hello everyone and welcome back to Star TV and Gossip!
Let’s see what were the most interesting national and
international scoops of this week:
We’ll with our national gossip:
the rumors about Belen Rodriguez’s pregnancy have become more and
more insistent since Massimo Giletti, Domenica In anchorman,
said that the showgirl didn’t come to the press conference
of the Sanremo festival because she was pregnant.
No denial about it, nor by Corona, that spiced the story up,
telling Federica Panicucci that he asks every day the Argentinean beauty to give him a child,
nor by her sister, Cecilia Rodriguez that, host by Paola Perego,
joked about the alleged indiscretion.
Legal battle between actress Halle Berry and her former partner, model Gabriel Aubry.
The cause of the conflict is the two-yea-old daughter Nahla.
Both parents request sole custody of their daughter,
accusing each other of being absent and unavailable for the child.
In fact, rumors say that the friction between the two is due to the nth jealousy scene
that Berry would make in front of the ex-boyfriend his new girlfriend.
The scene was entirely groundless,
as the actress has been seeing Olivier Martinez for several months.
And finally, let's see the most beautiful women of 2010
according to the Spanish magazine DT that each year publishes
a ranking of 50 most attractive and sexy stars:
in the first place is Cristiano Ronaldo’s Russian girlfriend, Irina Shayk,
followed by Sara Carbonero, girlfriend of the Spanish goalkeeper Casillas,
in the third place for the Brazilian model Adriana Lima,
followed by Scarlett Johansson and Megan Fox.
Our Elisabetta Canalis took the twelfth place while Lady Gaga, alas, the last 50th.