[STREET SQUAD - GALAXY NOTE] Inspiration at the Zoo

Uploaded by SAMSUNGmobile on 15.12.2011

Hi I'm Katy and I'm an animator.
I'm working on a short film project at the moment so I've come to the zoo
to see the animals and get some inspiration.
I've bought my GALAXY Note with me today because
it's the perfect tool for capturing my ideas while I'm on the go.
I've just been sketching the penguins over here.
In this video I'd like to show you how the GALAXY Note helps me be creative,
whether it's taking photos or editing and copying them or using the S Pen to draw.
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I've just been sketching up some ideas for a scene.
I've been doing the backdrop in an app called OmniSketch,
which you can get in the S Choice menu.
There’s loads of different customised apps for the Note in this menu.
OmniSketch is one of the drawing apps, which allows you to do
really elaborate and fun illustrations.
The pen options and colours and textures allow you to be really artistic.
I've been keeping this one quite simple just to try out a quick idea.
Right, so now I've got my backdrop I'm going to grab a quick photo of the flamingos.
The GALAXY Note has got an 8 mega pixel camera and a 5.3 inch screen
which makes the detail amazing.
Right, I want to crop this image now and add it to my background.
I'm going to open up my background illustration in S Memo
and then I'm going to pop my flamingo in there as well.
This ability to crop and mash images together is brilliant.
Now I'm in S Memo I can add to this even more… Like this!
Now he's looking pretty cool.
Hiya, I've just been checking out the monkeys,
I'm going to give the director of the film a call to let him know how it's going.
I'm going to do a video call.
-Hello? -Hi David, it's Katy.
- Hi, how's it going?
-Really, really good, yeah. I've found some really cool monkeys
that'll be great for the animation
-Perfect. While you’re there, try and get a sense of their personalities,
their behaviour, expressions. What gives them that cheeky character.
Katy: Yeah, cool. I’m just taking some notes.
Yeah, there's a few breeds here, there's one especially that I think will be perfect.
I'll just email you a photo of it now.
Should be with you any second now. I've done some illustrations of some penguins too.
-Fantastic. I've got the photograph, it's great. I’ll leave you to it, have fun!
Katy: Cool. Alright then, catch you later!
I'm glad he seems happy with that. That's one of the things I love about the Note,
it's really, really quick and easy to share things when I'm out of the studio.
Hey I've just been checking out the reptiles and I’ve been thinking of some new ideas for a scene.
I'm thinking a little quirky, Godzilla-type spoof.
What I want to show you is how the GALAXY Note helps me mock up an idea
and then I can go away later and develop it.
The video on the Note is 1080p HD, I've filmed a couple of lizards
so now I'm going to open up those clips in video editor
I can now move them around to get a feel for a rough structure.
I've also added a few notes so I can go and storyboard this out later in the studio.
In Video Editor you can even draw and write on top of the actual video itself,
which is pretty amazing. I'm even going to pop in a little dialogue bubble.
Already I can get a feel for an idea while I'm on the move.
Right, I'm going to go find a chameleon. I'll see you later!
I've just got an email from David, the director,
he's got a new story sequence he needs visualising.
I've got a description of the actions here so I'm going to work up some sketches
and help bring it to life.
Hopefully I'll get it ready in time for his meetings.
I'm going to use S Memo for these drawings and I’m going to show you the S Pen accessory.
Just goes in like that.
When using the S Pen you'll notice how responsive it is.
It's pressure sensitive so you'll get loads of control over what you're doing.
Right, let's get going.
Cool, I think I'm done. It's been a bit of a hurry but I think these should work.
I'm going to take these drawings and drop them into an email.
In the emails a hi-res screen is perfect.
You don't have to squint at any teeny, tiny writing.
A couple of clicks and it's ready to send.
Now I'm going to go off and have a cup of tea
Today's been a great day, I've been able to explore loads of ideas
to take back to the studio with me and I've got a heap of inspiration
right here on the Note in my pocket
So, thanks for watching, see you later.