Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - [Part 8 ~ The Grid 1/3] (English Subs)

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Sora: Ah! These clothes! Hey, that means this place is...!
Sora: Whoa! What's that!
Sora: Whoa! Awesome!
Programs: Who are you?
Programs: Show your ID
Sora: I dunno what you mean by ID but I'm Sora.
Program: ID: Sora. Verifying...
Sora: ID not found. Stray program confirmed.
Sora: Huh?
Program: Switching to retention mode.
Sora: Hey, wait a sec!
Kevin Flynn: So Tron is alive...
Quorra: The weapon that child is carrying, it's awfully mysterious.
Sam: Did you program that too, dad?
Kevin Flynn: Ah, Sam...
Kevin Flynn: No, I have never seen that weapon before.
Sora: What was all that?
Quorra: Hey, that weapon. Let me see it.
Quorra: As I thought, this child and his weapon are very interesting programs.
Sora: Program!? No, no.
Sora: This is a Keyblade and I'm Sora.
Sam: I'm Sam.
Sora: Isn't this the world where Tron was?
Kevin Flynn: You know about Tron?
Sora: Well, kinda...
Kevin Flynn: The thing you just faced is Tron.
Sora: That was Tron!?
Kevin Flynn: Tron used to be my friend. We made The Grid together.
Kevin Flynn: But at one point CLU erased his memories.
Kevin Flynn: I was banished...
Kevin Flynn: And I thought CLU had erased Tron but...
Kevin Flynn: It seems Tron has become a program named Rinzler.
Kevin Flynn: After all, he is a program.
Kevin Flynn: Just by messing with a little source code one can rewrite personalities and memories among other things.
Sora: That's so mean!
Sora: Hmm... I don't really understand though.
Sora: This place is really different from the Tron I know.
Sora: But if Tron really is in this world too, then I want to turn him back to normal.
Kevin Flynn: Yes, I would also like that.
Kevin Flynn: By some chance, CLU may be safekeeping Tron's source code.
Kevin Flynn: CLU is a program too, after all. He probably wants to keep a back-up.
Sora: Uh, if we get that "source code" stuff back from CLU Tron will return to normal right?
Kevin Flynn: That is correct.
Sora: Okay, got it! Thanks grandpa!
Kevin Flynn: Where are you going?
Sora: To where CLU is
Kevin Flynn: Do you know where he is?
Sora: Uh, no...
Quorra: You're pretty interesting; different from Kevin and Sam.
Quorra: You've piqued my interest Sora. I'll show you around.
Kevin Flynn: Quorra, we have to hurry.
Sam: Yeah. What are we going to do if we get attacked by Rinzler again?
Quorra: Even if we hurry we still have to do something about Rinzler.
Sora: Leave it to us!
Kevin Flynn: Yes. I will leave Tron to you and Sora.
Sam: But father!
Kevin Flynn: It's okay. For some reason I feel like I can trust Sora.
Kevin Flynn: Let us go ahead
Sam: Okay
Sam: Quorra, watch yourself.
Quorra: You too.
Quorra: Again, I'm Quorra. Nice to meet you.
Sora: Nice to meet you Quorra.
Quorra: CLU should be in his battleship "Rectifier" taking command of his army.
Quorra: Let's get to it using the Solar Sailer in the underground dock.
CLU: I see. It's called a "Keyblade".
Riku: My clothes have changed. Is this place special?
Riku: Dream Eaters?
Riku: No…
Riku: I should check this out
Program: A stray program
Sam: They got you too?
Riku: Looks like it
Sam: Name’s Sam
Riku: I’m Riku.
Riku: What is this place?
Sam: This is The Grid.
??: Congratulations
CLU: I shall give you permission to participate in the light cycle battle.
Riku: How do I work this thing?
CLU: Like this.
Riku: I see
Riku: I don’t really need to do this anymore
Sam: Riku!
Sam: Good you got out of the game
Riku: Yup
Sam: I’m gonna get out of The Grid, with you.
Riku: No, I’m fine. But do you have a plan?
Sam: I’m going towards the portal.
Riku: Portal?
Sam: A gate that opened when I came to this world
Sam: I’m going to return to the real world and erase CLU
Sam: If I do that, my father should be able to come back home
Riku: What happened to him?
Sam: 20 years ago. My father went missing, then I found him here in The Grid.
Sam: He doesn’t want CLU to steal his disk
Sam: So now he’s shut in his hideout
Sam: I have to do something.
Riku: I see. Well, is okay if I go with you to the portal?
Sam: Sure. I could use an ally
Sam: First, we’ll to the city to meet with the information supplier. Let’s go.
Kevin Flynn: I wanted to return to where you were but…
Kevin Flynn: I couldn’t get to the portal
Kevin Flynn: When a certain time passes the gate will close
Kevin Flynn: And it can only be opened from the outside
Kevin Flynn: We can’t open it from here
Kevin Flynn: The portal has closed
Kevin Flynn: So we can’t return home
Sam: The portal activated when I entered it.
Sam: So now it’s open
Kevin Flynn: But in one milicycle, eight hours, it will close again.
Sam: Then let’s get out of here! Let’s go home!
Sam: We can escape if we go now!
Kevin Flynn: Sam, don’t be so hasty.
Sam: I have all the right to! The portal’s gonna close right?
Kevin Flynn: My disk is also called the Master Key. It’s our only ticket out of here.
Kevin Flynn: But anyone can use it.
Sam: What do you mean?
Kevin Flynn: The two world are tied.
Kevin Flynn: If I can get in here…
Sam: CLU can get out.
Kevin Flynn: That is a possibility if he uses my disk.
Sam: And if that happens?
Kevin Flynn: Game Over…
Kevin Flynn: CLU wants perfection. He will destroy reality because it is imperfect.
Kevin Flynn: I can’t let that happen. No matter what it takes.
Sam: Is that why you’re hiding, without doing a thing…?
Kevin Flynn: There are times when doing nothing is best
Kevin Flynn: It seems that CLU is planning something.
Kevin Flynn: It’s his game.
Kevin Flynn: The only way to win is not to play
Sam: So that validates this way you live your life?
Kevin Flynn: It’s the only way to live
Kevin Flynn: I can’t live for myself anymore.
Sam: Oh really? Keep telling yourself that!
Kevin Flynn: Good night, Sam