Waterloo Road - Series 6 Episode 11 - Part 2

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Shut it! What have you been doing to it?
- I think you should ask yourself that question. - I've never seen it so wound up.
Shut it! Or I'll give you such a kick.
Only way they know who's boss.
You either boss the dog or take care of it.
A bit like your son.
ANSWERPHONE: Hi, you're through to the Fisher household.
Please leave a message after the tone.
- HODGE: - 'Hi, Bex.
'I see you've not gone to school after all.
'I might pop round later for a coffee.
'Thought we could catch up. See ya later.'
Kyle! Just watch yourself!!
Right, you've got food tech first. Do you like cooking?
Do I look like a girl?
- Do you reckon Gordon Ramsay thinks that? - Who?
So what subjects do you like, then?
Girls. Fighting.
You enjoy being a moron, do you?
Working quietly. >
Now everything's been measured out so shouldn't be any mistakes.
Sorry to interrupt, Mrs Fry. Can I have a quick word?
I'd like to introduce you to our latest addition, this is Mr Kyle Stack.
What you looking at!?
Oi! Less of the lip.
Get inside.
I'm not going to lie, Ruby, he's a bit of a handful, so keep an eye on him.
- Right, like I haven't got enough to be getting on with. - If he is any trouble, just let me know.
Yeah, what are you going to do, Chris?
Scrap this ridiculous scheme?
Girls are more mature than boys.
Yep. Fine.
But could the boys not benefit from being around that maturity?
Anyone think of any more reasons why it may not be such a good idea to keep boys and girls apart?
- Yeah. - Boys need to learn from girls and we need to learn from boys.
Excellent. Exactly. Well done.
Good discussion, girls.
Think we covered some really good stuff, there.
Better than we would have done if we'd had them daft boys in to ruin it.
Excuse me.
Get your point across, did you?
Just encouraging some healthy, open debate.
- Which I haven't seen a lot of since I've been here. - Is that right?
Just go away! Leave me alone!
Oh, Jess.
Bex, come on, what you doing?
Sorry, I thought you were like a burglar or something.
What, one with their own keys?
Well, you could have had a screw-driver.
- What's going on, Bex? - Nothing!
So why are you here? What are you doing back?
- You weren't answering your phone. - I know, I've lost it.
- You had it this morning. - I know. It'll be somewhere.
OK, let's go and find it.
For God's sake, stop interfering!
Bex, you changed your mind about going into school because someone texts you.
And now you're pretending you've lost your phone. If it takes all day, I'm going to find it.
Oh, I've been a silly cow, I just...
I don't like being in this house on my own.
- I just wish I'd been to school, I am coming in after all. - Mum will be well pleased.
What you doing?
Checking the weather.
< Bex! You made it.
Well done, love.
Erm, yeah, Jess persuaded me.
What's she got that I don't have?
Mum, thing is...erm...
..I'm scared.
Of course you are, darling, you've been away a long time.
I'll go and get you registered.
- Mum? - I'll catch up with you later, OK?
Come on, we're late.
Whoa, Miss Fry.
I think this one's cooked.
- Just run your hand under the tap. - Look what he done!
Mate, I think you need some Parmesan on that.
< OK, just...
- Argh! - < Kyle!
Ah, look at the baby.
- Right, that is it, just calm it down. - Come on.
< OK, just simmer down, please, we haven't finished this lesson.
< Right, back to your chairs, please,
- I want some help cleaning this up. - BELL RINGS
Where do you think you're going? Put the aprons back on.
Right, excuse me, put those aprons back on now!
COME HERE! You're all rubbish.
- Finn? - Have you seen what he's done?
- Ah, mate! - Are you going to snog him an' all?
See him in his little pinny, you well suited it.
Oi, you two. You should be in your next class by now. Move it.
Well, go on!
Next time it'll be your face I smash.
- Not if I beat you to it. - Can't you see he's a psycho?
So you didn't get any say in this segregation scheme, whatsoever?
Think it'd be happening if I did?
Since when did Head of Pastoral Care get the deciding vote?
I don't, but I do have a say.
Not been very effective so far, have you?
Day one. Watch and enjoy.
Before long, Karen will realise that this new single sex scheme of hers is a big mistake.
You can't control them. I've just had to stand by while a roomful of mindless yobs
wreaked destruction on my class room.
I take it you've just experienced your first all-boys' class?
Yeah, and I'm not doing it again.
I don't think any of you have a choice. Miss Fisher's dead keen on this idea.
- Doesn't mean we have to sit back and do nothing though, does it? - What do you suggest?
I suggest you start by standing up for yourself and speaking to Karen.
And the rest of us should meet for a drink after work. See where we go from there.
My dream woman.
I'm going to knock him out next time I see him.
Leave it. Save us both getting our heads kicked in.
You don't need to get involved, he's not getting away with this.
- Ta. - All right.
Your dog's dead cool.
- Rottweiler, right? - Yeah.
- My uncle had one. Dead vicious. - Depends how you act with them.
Manic's only vicious when I tell him to be.
- You're not in our year? - Nah.
- This is my sister's locker. My year don't get 'em. - Does she mind?
- She got booted out. - What for? - Drugs.
- Yeah? - She said she never did it, but no-one believed her.
I should meet your sister. Get something going with her.
And my brother got put in prison.
- Prison, eh? What for? Stealing sweeties? - Murder.
- Get lost. - Honest.
He done over his girlfriend when she chucked him.
I'd do the exact same if any girl did that to me.
Usually takes the girls half-an-hour to set this lot up.
They can say what they like about us not being able to multi-task
but they can't knock us when it comes to stuff like this.
If our last class was anything to go by, all we seem to be good at is showing off.
It's all about the interests of the pupils, Jonah. I'm surprised you can't see that.
Well, no-one asked us in the first place.
Tell me...
why do you think people with money and privilege choose to educate their kids like this?
I have no idea.
All I know is that in this school it causes lads to mess about
and because rich kids don't need schools to make up for rubbish homes.
Perhaps you should focus that razor-sharp analysis on this experiment for now.
Sorry to interrupt, Mr Budgen, these arrived at reception for a Bex Fisher?
Don't mind me. At the back.
In the middle.
- Hi ya, I'm Janeece. You must be Mrs Fisher's other daughter? - Yeah.
< What was it like going missing?
- Bet it was dead dramatic, weren't it? - Not now!
I was just asking.
Go on, open the card, let's see who it's from.
Who sent them?
- No name. - Was it Dad?
Yeah, yeah, probably, yeah.
- Let's have a look! - No! - Oi! Pack it in.
Ooh, look at her face. I bet they're from her boyfriend.
You! Cooler!
< Sir, she didn't mean it.
I don't care whose daughter you are, long-lost or otherwise,
you will abide by the same rules as everyone else. Follow me.
Well, I must admit, I thought you all would be a lot noisier without the girls.
I'm sorry.
Stay down there if you want.
Oh, is what happens when you've been deprived of female company for a couple of hours?
Right, let's take it from where we left off last term.
Kyle, did you do this at your last school?
- Habla Espanol? - What?
You're waiting your time trying to teach him Spanish, Miss, he hardly speaks English. He just grunts.
That's enough. Kyle, sit down!
Come on, you little tramp.
< All of you, get back to your seats.
< Come on, hit him! Fight, fight, fight!
< Come on, Finn.
- Tom! Tom, you have to come and help me. - What's wrong?
Get up!
Right, get out.
- Are you all right, Ms Montoya? - Thank you.
All right, everyone, back to your seats now. NOW!
What worries me is that I'm going to have to spend all my time dealing with boys' behavioural problems.
It's not exactly pastoral care.
You're going to have to trust me on this one.
You don't know the whole history of this school.
In. Full fist fight in Ms Montoya's class.
- He was slagging me off. - He hit me first!
- Shut up! - Knocking seven bells out of each other. - What do you have to say?
- Sorry, Miss. - Get stuffed.
Right, Mr Clarkson, take them both to the cooler till I decide what to do with them.
Lay off me.
I don't think we can afford to keep that boy if he's going to be so disruptive.
Or are you more concerned with disrupting your single sex experiment?
We can't disrupt the whole school for one pupil.
So you send him back to his useless mum. Well, that's a life sentence if ever there was one.
- Thank you for your views. - I'm going to have a word with him.
- This is minging. - Yeah, cos you're here.
- Do you want your head kicked in? - Right, you, back to your class now.
- I'll deal with you later. - That's not fair.
What, give you another opportunity to fight?
- We not get separate coolers then as well? - Now sit down and keep your mouth shut.
- Can I go now? - You can go when your teacher tells ya.
- Please, sir, I need to see my mum. - Well, you'll see your mummy tonight when you go home.
- What did you do? - None of your business.
- I got done for fighting. - Yeah?
Worked that out.
It's the first day, two periods down, are you sure you're not over-reacting a tiny bit?
I have just had two hours teaching from hell. The thought of doing another hour?!
Well, we could look at getting in a teaching assistant, if you really can't cope.
- Well, if that's the best you can manage then that will just have to do. - In the short-term, obviously.
The budget will only stretch so far.
But I could do that.
Love a go in the classroom. Think I'd make a good teaching assistant.
You've got your work cut out here for you, haven't you?
- I can do that sleeping. I need a new challenge. - Oh, I just...
I can keep the boys in line if that's what you're worried about.
All the boys on my estate are scared of me. I have no problems.
Could I have a word with Kyle Stack?
Look, next time, instead of lashing out,
I want you to take your feelings out on this book.
What? Like tear it up?
No, just write it down.
- Is she having a laugh? - Hey, I used to be angry once too, you know.
I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for this book.
He's not used to being told what to do.
You look brainy. Do you want to help me write something clever?
Keep her off my back?
Just leave me alone.
Are you all right?
What are you doing? Get off me.
- What's going on? - He touched me.
- What you on about? I never. - Get me out of here now.
- What do you mean he touched you? - He touched me up. Do you want me to spell it out for ya? - She's lying.
Get me away from that pervert.
I never!
I wouldn't presume to take Janeece away from her duties to you, Karen.
But, somebody they can relate to, a calming influence, perhaps?
You know, for all of your fuss, Ruby, you only actually teach three boys' classes a week.
But factor in their natural lack of enthusiasm for the subject.
Look, don't blame me if I start phoning in sick on a Monday with my nerves shot to pieces.
I won't be the only one.
Oh, please, Karen. I'm counting staples out there.
Well, I'd hope that you're doing a little bit more than that, Janeece.
Yeah, of course. I need a new challenge, don't I?
I mean I'll work dead hard and if I don't pull my weight...
OK, OK...
Yes. But it's only temporary for one week till things settle down...
You won't regret it, I'll be proper mint, Miss.
..to assist and assist only.
Under no circumstances are you to be left with any kind of teaching or leading the class.
Absolutely not.
Well, that should be one problem headed off at the pass, then.
Do I detect a hint of desperation there?
Jonah, have you taken up your protest with the school council?
Look, there's no point, everybody seems to be liking it.
Well, I certainly don't. If I could take it up with the school council myself, I would.
- If you want me to, I will. - Thanks, Jonah, but I'd better fight my own battles.
- Don't let it get to you. - Yeah.
Miss Montoya... >
..are you all right now?
Actually, no, I'm not. I'm on my way to yet another all-boys' class.
Year Nine Spanish. Any suggestions on how to keep them interested?
Could we talk about this later... in private?
- What's going on? - This young lady has made a very serious allegation.
A sexual assault by Kyle Stack.
- This is my daughter, Adanna. - I don't care who she is, I'm convinced she's lying.
- I'm not, I'm telling the truth. - I was there, Karen.
Nothing happened and Kyle was not being aggressive towards her.
- You were with them the whole time? You saw everything? - No, but...
Can I have a word with you, please?
You do realise that was the very reason he was excluded from his last school?
That doesn't make him guilty here.
I think I'd like to talk to my daughter and find out what's going on.
Well, as her mother, I don't think you're in a position to be objective.
I think it's best that, um, Mr Mead talks to you and then to Kyle.
Oh, can I just not talk to you, Mum?
No, I'm afraid I can't, darling, I couldn't remain impartial.
Bex, do you want to come with me?
- Do you know why she would do this? - Can you stop assuming that my daughter is lying?
So, um...
Where did Kyle put his hand exactly?
grabbed my leg.
Tried to get it up my skirt.
Right in front of Ms Lawal?
That seems a bit strange.
She wasn't even in the room, and if she says she was, she's a liar.
You're doing a lot of accusing today, Bex. First Kyle. Now Ms Lawal.
I'm not accusing. I'm telling you the truth.
Why would I lie?
I've never even met the guy.
- And you're sure that you didn't encourage him in any way? - No, of course not.
OK, I'm sorry, I have to ask, I want to get things clear.
I didn't want anything to do with him and he wouldn't get the message. Is that not clear enough!?
No-one should have to put up with that crap.
Yeah, well, with the way things are going you won't have to for much longer.
- Girl's talking out of her bum. - Ey, we are not going to get anywhere if you keep sounding off.
Just tell me exactly what happened.
- Did you touch her? - I told you...no.
Well, I went to touch her face.
- So you did touch her? - Yeah, but not in that way, she was crying.
- Had you upset her? - No!
Kyle, it says in your records that this happened at your last school.
- That was a lie an' all. - So everyone's lying except you?
Have you got anything else to say?
What's the point?
OK, well, I have no choice but to send you back to your class
but this isn't the end of it. Now go on.
- I thought I told you to stay out of my way. - We thought you'd been chucked out. No such luck this time.
- You want to sort this out now? - When I've only got one good hand?
All right, after school, with dogs.
I've spoken to them both and it's two very different stories.
But given Kyle's track record, I'd say it's pretty certain that Bex is telling the truth.
'Good afternoon.'
Janeece, can you get Mrs Stack on the phone, please?
That was a quick decision. Bit of a kangaroo court, don't you think?
Well, we have to go on the balance of probabilities.
You'd already made up your mind before you even started asking the questions.
We gave this boy a chance and he's thrown it back in our faces.
- We should at least do better than half a day. - It's not your daughter who's been sexually assaulted.
So she claims.
Do you know, I think I made a mistake with our new Head of Pastoral.
Mrs Stack?
Hello, it's Karen Fisher from Waterloo Road.
I'm afraid you're going to have to come and escort your son from the school.
It's probably all talk. I bet he won't even show up.
Behave, Josh. You said it yourself. He's a psycho.
- You not having those? - Help yourself, mate.
- So, go on then, which girl's dumped you this time? - What?
- Got a right face on you. - Kyle wants to fight him after school with dogs.
- Finn's bricking it. - Cheers, mate.
- Nice one. - Well, looks like today's your lucky day.
- How do you work that out? - I happen to know a man with a dog. A big one! I can get him for you if you want.
- Yeah? - Yeah? Just let me finish these and we can get off.
- You're sorted, mate. - Nice one.
I brought you Dad's flowers.
Is that something else you're hiding?
..I'm a loser.
I'm just causing trouble for everyone.
Don't talk so stupid, OK?
Everyone wants you back because they love you.
I love you.
Why do you think Dad sent these?
He's never done anything like that before.
- Don't even touch them. - Bex, please, just...
What's going on?
Nothing. Nothing is going on.
Why can't everyone just leave me the hell alone?!
No way, no, you are not running away again.
Bex, please, whatever you've done, you've just got to face up to it.
Don't talk to me like that, you silly cow, I won't listen to it.
You can't let it get to you, this is what they might say. Come on.
Don't talk to me like that because I'm going to have you out this class room
quicker than you can blink, mister.
They're never going to listen to that, you need to speak to them in their own language.
"Wind your neck in, gooner!" "Who you cheeking with that face?"
Um, I don't think that's the sort of language I'm going to get away with, Janeece.
Oh, don't worry, I'm always here if you want me to step in.
Not that I want to cause any trouble or nothing.
Ah, an Alsatian, brilliant!
What's his name then?
It's not about the name though, is it? It's about the dog.
- Is he soft or what? - Na, he's tough, believe me.
Just needs a bit of...training.
Have you got any better ideas?
Give me the dog, man.
Who calls a dog Timmy?
The good news is his mother's coming to collect him.
What does that mean?
Well, he won't be coming back here.
Or any other school for that matter with his record.
It's a bit harsh, isn't it?
Bex, the boy sexually assaulted you.
It wasn't that bad.
You may not think so but you don't know what that can lead to.
Mum, I'm not an innocent little girl!
I think you'd better go home.
- No. - Do you know, I'm just done, I need to go. I just need to go home.
Right, well, I'll come with you, then.
Oh, for God's sake.
We need to do more than just be there for her now, Mum. Something's not right.
MUSIC: "Superfast Jellyfish" by GORILLAZ
What's he going to do, man? Lick Kyle to death?
I can't take him with me, he'll get torn to pieces.
And if you go on your own, you'll get torn to pieces.
Bex, wait. I'm not going to let you go on your own.
Jess, just leave me. Please.
- Whose is that car? - How am I supposed to know?
- Oh, my God, no! How's he found me here? - Bex, what are you on about?
There's nobody there!
What is going on? Why are you acting so weird?
Jess, I have messed up, big style.
I was just sick of guys trying to take advantage and perving on me all the time.
That lad...he never touched me, I lied.
Come here. Come here.
- Not too bad this lot, are they? - Yeah, well, not really that much of a problem with the Year Eights.
- BOYS LAUGH - Oi, you two!
If you want to have a laugh, have it in your own time, not mine.
- Ey! Stop it! - Didn't do anything wrong.
I have got eyes. Who you cheeking with that face?
(See, Miss, boys will be boys.)
(Whatever their age.)
(They'd be a whole lot worse if I weren't here to check up on them.)
So, as you can appreciate, under these circumstances,
we have no option but to exclude Kyle from the school.
I'll kill him, the little pervert, beat him black and blue.
I think that's the last thing your son needs.
I don't see why I'm punished for what he does. Maybe this time the authorities will take him.
- Probably the best thing that could happen to him. - You what?
Ms Lawal will escort you to pick up Kyle.
You! Get your stuff. You've been expelled.
You know I didn't do it.
Here, there's your "Feelings".
- Did you bring Manic? - Course I have.
- Mum, I really need to speak to you. - Can it wait?
I'm really up to my neck in it, here.
No, not really.
It's about Bex and Kyle.
What about them?
Bex lied. Kyle didn't try it on with her.
Well, why would she do that?
I'm not sure, Mum, but she was acting really weird before.
- Saying she's sick of guys perving on her and stuff. - What did she mean? - I don't know, Mum.
- But you need to find out. - Jess!
Your sister left home for nearly two years.
When she's ready, she'll tell me why she did it and what happened to her.
You're scared she's going to leave again. Aren't you?
That's why you won't ask her anything.
I'm just giving her the space she needs.
Well, you tell me, how are we going to eat now?
I told you, Mum, it weren't me.
Just you wait till I get you home.
Come here!
Oh, mate, he's back with the dog already, what am I going to do?
Couldn't you hack it in the end, then?
- You just need to know when you're beaten, mate. - Oh, yeah?
- Whoa, whoa, steady on, mate. Hang on. - What you doing?
Stay the hell away from me, the lot of ya. I've had enough of this.
Off to scare some more girls, are you?
- What?! - It's all over the school, mate.
Everyone knows what a pathetic little perv you are. You loser.
- Who's been saying that? Was it Bex? - Everyone, mate. Everyone.
Come back. I'm not coming after you. Kyle!
There you are...liar! Go get her, boy.
Oh, my God!
Come on, Jonah, you know this is a girls' class.
But all last year me and Vic did our course work together.
It worked really well for both of us.
- And now school's splitting us up? - Well, take it up with Mrs Fisher.
She can come down here and drag me out.
Bex! Kyle!
You won't tell any lies about me, will ya?
What ya doing, you psycho?!
What's going on, girls? All right, everyone out.
- Kyle! - Kyle!
- Tell 'em. Tell 'em I didn't touch you. - Kyle! - Kyle!
- Tell them I didn't do it! - You didn't do it, OK, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Oi, back off lad, you've lost it.
- Come on, this way. Out! - Argh! No!
Out, out, out. Come on, come on, quick, quick.
Get him away from me. Get him away.
No way, Kyle! Stay there.
You're OK, you're safe.
'I hope you're not still intending'
to expel Kyle.
None of this would have happened if he hadn't been wrongly accused.
For God's sake, he just set his dog on a pupil and a member of staff's been injured.
He's a boy with wonky wiring. Why? Because his mum made him that way.
So, we either try and give him an education here, or we chuck him back at his mum.
Believe me, that's where his problems lie.
OK, after a week's exclusion, I will give him another chance.
But I'm going to be watching him like a hawk.
As for you, Bex, you can look forward to spending your lunchtimes in detention next week.
Serious accusations have serious consequences.
You should apologise to him and be very thankful he's not taking it any further.
Sorry, Mum.
You OK, Miss? Everything all right?
Yeah, looks like I'll live.
All a bit embarrassing, really.
I must have looked like a right state.
See, that's impossible.
It could never happen.
Well, thank you. You really were quite the hero.
Algo para una hermosa doncella.
Just bear that in mind next time you're marking my essays, yeah?
No! No way! You can't do this!
It's not his fault. You can't...
- What's going on? - They're trying to put him down for being a dangerous dog.
Kyle, this is what happens if you abuse an animal and treat it like a weapon.
You know what's sad?
I think you love this dog.
I do!
And anyone can see it loves you.
They've got no right to destroy him.
It's you who's destroyed this dog,
and I'm afraid you're going to have to live with it.
He won't...
feel anything, will he?
No, course not.
You've every right to be the angry young man that you are, Kyle.
- Your mum treats you no better than that dog. - She's had a crap life.
But that doesn't mean you turn your aggression on the rest of the world.
Come on, lad, time to go.
Keep at it.
Cheeky little Tequila to start?
God, I needed that.
Here we go.
Check out Ruby, the party girl.
Whoa, everybody should start the day with two of those.
A lot of Mexicans DO do that.
Excuse my pronunciation, what is it?
- "Tequila cruda". - Good accent!
So you've been to Meh-i-co?
Yeah, I had my... second wedding there.
- Second? - Yeah?
Seems like a nice place to get married, Mexico.
Nice isn't how I'd describe my wedding.
We were there during El Dia de los Muertos.
You got married on the Day of the Dead?
A sign of how our marriage would go. Another round, please.
I take it you're happily single now?
Yeah...after I did it again,
I realised that marriage really wasn't for me.
Thrice married, steer well clear.
- It's a powder keg waiting to explode. - I already gathered that.
I've never been married. I've always been scared that I'll make a mistake.
Oh, God, we all learn from our mistakes, don't we?
Least I did after making three.
No, from now on...no more husbands.
For this relief, much thanks.
Anyway, that's enough about me...
- Cheers, everyone. - Cheers!
- All right? - Oh, hello, Chris, there's one here for you as well.
Oh, thanks. But before I do...
You might want to say it now.
- What? - "I told you so."
Well, somebody needs to.
No-one can accuse you of holding back, can they?
Look, if it's a yes-person you're wanting, you're not looking at her.
Please tell me it's not going to be "no", though?
Only if I don't get my own way.
I know things have been difficult for you, Bex, since you got back.
But it doesn't give you the right to lie to me and...cause trouble for me like you did.
Maybe we need to think again if you're ready to go back to school?
Maybe school isn't ready for me yet.
You can tell me anything, you know?
I can help.
But you've got to let me.
Mum, if I told you...
..you'd never want to see me again.
There's a case of child theft needs looked into.
- Child theft. - Billie Taylor's mum is trying to steal her baby off her.
Got any more games upstairs?
- The baby's Billie's, no-one's disputing that. - And her mum's dead set on nicking that baby.
If you don't know that, you shouldn't be in your job.
Say that you didn't see anything.
But I did.
Please, I can't lose my baby.
I never saw no assault.
She's lying... Look at her!
I thought classes were only once a week.
If you want to learn how to speak fluently then you'll just have to keep going at it.
I can't find Billie anywhere, she's took the baby with her.
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