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LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Mike Posner gets sexy in his new video,
Glee returns with a flash, and Daniel Radcliffe Irish jigs on
Saturday Night Live.
This is Just Dance for January 19, 2012.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Hey everyone.
I hope you had a great Martin Luther King weekend.
But I've got to know what you thought about Harry Potter,
AKA Daniel Radcliffe, hosting Saturday Night Live.
Now, he did a little musical number.
It's no Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga "Liquorville," but
still we got to see a little bit of his Irish jig.

LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Mike Posner's new music video hit YouTube
for his song "Looks Like Sex." And wouldn't you know it, it's
pretty sexy.
There's tons of beautiful dancers and steamy
choreography done by Casper Smart, who I think you know is
blowing up on the scene right now.
Well, I sat down with Casper for an exclusive interview, so
let's see he had to say.
How did you come to work with Mike Posner?
CASPER SMART: I did a show in London, and we actually met at
the after party at a club.
And we just hit it off from there.
We kept contact, and then we just kept running into each
other in LA.
And then finally his manager called and was like, hey, can
you come work with him for a couple days.
And we didn't need to loosen him up and whatnot.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: There you go.
CASPER SMART: There we went.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: So in Mike Posner's video, you have a
couple hot girls in it doing some great choreography.
How do you choreograph that?
CASPER SMART: Well, you know, I have to get
into my inner woman.
I don't know, you just know what's looks hot on a woman.
You just have to guide them and tell them what to do.
And I always bring a girl assistant with me.
And I have her come in and shave around my rough edges.
But I get on the floor, and I'll be doing all crazy stuff.
And I'll be like, I do it like this but sexy.
And don't look like me.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: That's amazing.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Glee has finally returned from its
holiday hiatus.
Thank god.
And there's so much that happens in this episode.
They get some inspiration from one of the best movies of all
time, Grease.
Will Schuester asks New Directions to help him propose
to the gorgeous Emma.
Sam has his shirt off because he's joined the synchronized
swim team, and he also has his shirt off.
But my favorite part of the entire episode is that NeNe
Leakes is guest starring as Coach Roz Washington.
I'm going to throw it over to funny girl Lisa Schwartz and
see what she thought about Glee's return.
LISA SCHWARTZ: Hey, you guys!
It's me, Lisa Schwartz, lisbug here on YouTube.
And I wanted to remind you that this week Glee is back,
after what seems like a very long winter break.
And I've got to say, I'm actually kind of
excited about it.
I think this show is finally getting its groove back, now
that the New Directions and the Troubletones have merged.
And I'm really looking forward to some of the mash-ups
they've been doing.
My favorite so far?
The Aretha and Beyonce.
So awesome.
But, I could do without some of the cheesy acting.
I think Mike and Santana should just keep dancing.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: I know I'm a little bit behind, but I
finally just caught up and saw Jessie J's psychedelic video
to "Domino." True story, for her X Factor performance, she
actually had plane trouble and couldn't make it in until
right before show time.
I was her body double all week, so I quickly showed her
every place she needed to go.
She rehearsed with the dancers one time and then was on stage
in front of millions of people.
Does not get much more professional than that.
I'm going to throw it over to David for his uncensored take
on the video.
DAVID SPATES: I can't believe it!
I finally get to see Jessie J's "Domino" video.
They don't let me out of my cell much.
The only woman that when her video comes on, it'll stop a
riot in the prison mess hall.
How can you listen to her music and not dance?
Even the background in her videos come alive.
At first, I thought somebody slipped something in my drink.
And then I realized, oh OK, I must be
watching a Jessie J video.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: I'm still so excited that Dance Moms is
back on Lifetime.
And I love that Cathy and her Candy Apples got some
much-needed screen time.
Well, just in case you missed it or if you want to relive
it, click here and watch Todrick Hall's recap.
Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and director-choreographer
Jamie King have been traveling through the Latin Americas
looking for the most raw talent they can find, whether
it be singers, musicians, dancers, any other kind of
great artist for their new show, Q'Viva, the Chosen.
What I think is going to be so great about this show is it's
less about being a competition and more about showcasing
great talent.
There were no auditions.
They were literally guided through their personal
networks, people they met along the way, and an
extremely powerful social media campaign
on YouTube and Facebook.
The season premiere is on Saturday,
January 28 on Univision.
And we will definitely be covering this along the way.
The revival of Gershwins' Porgy and Bess has opened on
Broadway for the first time in 35 years.
It stars Tony winner Audra McDonald, Norm Lewis, and
David Alan Grier.
Well, we were on the red carpet to catch all the
action, so let's see what went down.

LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA: I'm here to see Porgy and Bess.
Like any sane human, I'm a huge fan of this score.
And I've never seen a production.
CASEY NICHOLAW: Oh, I'm just so excited to see it.
I love the music so much, and I don't know it that well, so
I'm thrilled to see it.
KERRY BUTLER: I think this musical is timeless.
And I think that they have condensed it for the short
attention spanned audiences now.
DIANE PAULUS: Premiered in 1935 on Broadway, and as a
team we were asked to craft a version that would bring this
work out of the opera house back to a
musical theater stage.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: All right, everyone, well, that's all the
dance news I have for you this week.
I know I live in California, but surprisingly, it's
freezing today.
So I'm going to go bundle up.
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And I will see you next week.
Just trying to warm up.